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Tumbling Toys for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)

Tumbling toys and tumbling animals

Tumbling toys and tumbling animals invite kids of all ages to be playing fun games where a mixture of lively imagination and the tumbling toys frame the game. Tumbling toys can be purchased in numerous shapes and colours, thus providing something for anyone's liking.

You might want to pamper your kids with stylish tumbling toys and tumbling furniture from bObles. bObles make tumbling toys and tumbling furniture in wonderful colours and of excellent quality.

We have tumbling toys and tumbling animals for kids in many different shapes and colours, so feel free to check out our vast selection and find out whether we have a tumbling toy that will fit perfectly in your kid's room, a play corner or any other part of your home. 

Tumbling toys and tumbling animals for many hours of playing

We do not doubt that your kids will enjoy many hours of fun playing with the tumbling toys. When your kids have several tumbling toys and tumbling animals to play with, it's possible to create a track (perhaps a track with obstacles) to play on.

Moreover, tumbling toys stimulate your kid to use his/her body, balance and motor skills while playing. If your kid is hyperactive, tumbling toys and furniture might be an obvious solution, as it allows your kid to burn off some extra energy and use his/her imagination at the same time.

It can often be quite a challenge finding new and creative ways to entertain active kids indoors, especially during the cold months. But tumbling toys and furniture are created exclusively for kids, and therefore, they are ideal for an indoor play, where all the extra energy should get released.

Tumbling toys from reputable brands

On this page you can find tumbling toys and tumble furniture from reputable brands. The tumbling toys are designed in a way that allows the kids to develop their motor skills, balance and of course their fantasy.

bObles? tumble furniture is danish design and made of solid EVA foam without hazardous substances and phthalates. The Furnitures is aesthetically pleasing to look at, and comes in a wealth of colours and shades. The tumbler furniture can be combined in a myriad of ways, so it may be obvious to acquire several different tumbler furniture, which can be used both together and separately.

Popular brands

Wild RepublicHapeLilliputiens
Ciao Srl.JAKKS PacificGrim Tout

Tumbling toys and tumblers for many hours of play

We have no doubt that your kids can spend many hours playing with the tumbling toys. If they have several different tumble furniture and tumble animals to play with, you can, for example, make a kind of track (perhaps an obstacle course) on which they can crawl and play.

In addition to the geometric shapes and toy figurine, we also have the whole alphabet from a to å, so you can possibly. buy the letters in your kid's name. In addition, we have tumble furniture, which is designed as real furniture, e.g. a chair.

Designed to develop motor skills and balance

In addition, you can also find the bObles boat, which can be used to practice balance, or to activity toy on with a good playmate. We also have the beautiful sense stones, which have different surfaces, and thus help to develop and stimulate the kid's sensory system.

Finally, we also have fine tumbling toys, which can be assembled as a kind of puzzle game in 3D.

In Card, there is tumble furniture and tumble toys for many hours of entertainment and fun play, where both body and brain are stimulated.

Tumbling furniture inspired by animals

Among our selection of tumbling furniture, you will find many pieces in fun shapes, inspired by various animals. For example, there are tumbling furniture in the shape of a crocodile, an elephant, different kinds of fish, a chicken, a shell, ducklings, horses, turtles, anteaters and hedgehogs. These tumbling furniture are not only perfect for playing with it or on it, but it will also work as a super nice decoration in your kid's room.

The tumbling furniture comes in many different colours and some even come in different sizes, so there is something for both big and small kids. Some pieces of tumbling furniture can be used both combined with each other and separately.

Tumbling toys and furniture in beautiful colours

Here on our page, you should be able to find tumbling toys and furniture in lots of different, lovely colours. The tumbling toys from bObles typically come in 2,3 or 4 different colours of the same shade, but of course, we also have single-coloured tumbling toys from other brands. Usually, you will find tumbling toys and furniture in the following colours: blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, rose, red and turquoise. If you are looking for a piece of tumbling furniture or a tumbling toy in a particular colour, then you can use the filter at the top of the page.

With a new tumbling toy or a piece of tumbling furniture, your kid's room will feel renewed and replenished again, and besides, your kid will have an alternative to jumping on the sofa.

Decorate your kid's room with a piece of durable furniture 

Here at Kids-World, you will find all the essentials for your kid's room. Since the kids' room is a place where your kid will spend most of his/her time playing, it is important to choose durable furniture and decor that can withstand all kids' games and mishaps. Here within our section of tumbling toys and furniture, you can be sure to find toys and furniture that can withstand being used every single day.

Besides, these products are designed for kids to explore them and use both their imagination and body while playing with it. Therefore, tumbling furniture and tumbling toys are also ideal for developing your kid's motor skills, balance and physical confidence.

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