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Floats - Float sprinklers, inflatable floats and mattresses

Recommended Age (Toys)
SunnyLife Sprinkler - 120x68 - Shark Tribe SunnyLife Sprinkler - 120x68 - Shark Tribe 22,75 €
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Floats not only let kids sit down, relax, and enjoy the view of the water, but they are also hugely fun and available in a myriad of designs. Here you will surely find a float for your kid. With a floats, every day on the beach or in the pool becomes even more fun for the whole family.Inflatable float animals are designed to give kids an extra wonderful experience when they are out swim. Most floats for kids are easy to inflate, either with the mouth or a pump, and also easy to empty again for easy storage.

At Kids-world you will find inflatable floats for kids of all ages, in a myriad of different designs and functions.

Floats can also be instructive for kids when they first need to have contact with water. Playing with water itself improves kid's motor skills, and the process can be made even more fun and valuable with floats of different varieties.

Floats for pool and bathtub

Floats are a hit with all kids. If you have a bathtub at home for the little ones, floats for bathtub can promote their development and be super entertaining. There are many different types of floats on the market for the little ones.

Floats also make it a little more fun to play in the pool every summer, and we have a large selection of floats for the pool here at Kids-world.

If your kid is not completely safe by water, a float can be very useful and many smaller kids attach themselves very much to them. They also make a day by the pool both more fun and more relaxing as most kids can spend many hours with their floats.

Many kinds of funny floats

Fortunately, nowadays there are more different kinds of floats than ever before. There are many fun and crazy designs, and certainly something for every taste and need.

Bathing noodles are a lot of fun for kids to tumble around with, and many float animals can be helpful if a kid is not yet able to swim. Floats in the form are good for the little ones, and floats are ideal for large kids. You can certainly also find a float that appeals to your kid.

With a giant unicorn SunnyLife from Bestway or other floats, your pool will stand out as the most magical place in the neighborhood! In addition to looking enormously beautiful, the unicorn is practical and can carry 90-100 kg. So if you have two smaller kids, they do not have to fight over it.

We can also recommend a swan SunnyLife or a float animal from Bestway. We have several models in different sizes that are suitable for both kids and adults. The flat back makes the swan swimsuit comfortable to sit on and will ensure many hours of fun in the pool or on the beach. The inflatable swans are easy to inflate via a valve.

Large and small floats

Here at Kids-world you will find a selection of both large and small floats. In others words, we have floats in all shapes and sizes.

Large floats can carry several kids at the same time, or possibly an adult, and small floats are ideal for playing in the pool. We also have small floats for the little ones when they need to get used to being in and playing with water. Floats are also a big hit in the bathtub at home with the youngest kids.

In addition, we have various floats sprinklers for the garden - they are easy to inflate and you just connect the garden hose using an adapter - so many hours of fun and cooling at home in the summer are doomed.

Finally, check out our giant unicorn floats. We have several models from different brands with good seating, which can carry from 90-100 kg. They have a flat back which is very comfortable to sit on, and is easy to inflate using a valve with a pump.

Floats from different brands

The bathing animals from SunnyLife are incredibly popular and for good reason. They are produced in PVC without phthalates, and are available in many smart and stylish designs. SunnyLife offers bathing animals in the form of sprinklers for the garden, floats, inflatable floats, bathing animals, and lots of other accessories for water games for kids.

Another popular brand is Liewood, and the bathing animals from Liewood follow the same Nordic design trends as the rest of the brand's products. The popular floats Cody is available in many cute designs in soft colours, including A cat, panda, and dinosaur that young kids will love to spend many hours with.

Buy floats at Kids-world

If you are looking for floats for your kid, then take a look at our large selection of floats for kids of all ages. Whether you are looking for floats for the bath, the beach, pool or the garden, you will find what you are looking for at Kids-world.

An floats for kids can be used season after season, and if you bring it to the beach, many hours of entertainment are guaranteed under your supervision. If your kid is a real water dog, floats in the summer are simply a must!

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