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Play Mats for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)

Play mats and play rugs

Play mats are mats/quilts where your baby can play while lying on a comfortably soft surface. The play mats are excellent, especially during phases when senses and motor functions are developed through playing. A play mat is preferable to a cold floor if the kid often plays on the floor.

We have a wide range of play mats, rugs and quilts from various brands such as Done By Deer, Cam Cam, Sebra, Bloomingville and Fabelab. In this selection you can also find tumbling floors from bObles amongst others.

Play mats from Done By Deer are known for their puzzle-effect plus you can put the play mat together and create a racing track for teddies on wheels. It's easy to clean the play mats is easy because in most cases, all you need is a damp cloth.

Play mats and tumbling mats in all the colours of the rainbow

Our selection of play mats is made in many kinds of colours and designs, therefore, we hope that you succeed in finding a play mat that not only fits in your home, but also meet your requirements regarding designs and size.

The play mats are perfect for playing on the floor in the sitting room, the kitchen, the garden, in the play pen, and of course, in the nursery.

Some of the quilts function well as bedspread; you can find cotton quilts made with quilted and chequered patterns and structures.

Here at Kids-World you'll normally find play mats in the colours brown, blue, green, yellow, white, purple, orange, rose, red and black. You will find solid-coloured play mats as well as play mats with patterns such as flowers and stripes.

Popular brands

Infini FunLudiMatchstick Monkey
Bright StartsWe Might Be TinyOgobolli

Round and square play mats

We deliver! Whether you want a round or a square play mat, you can find one here. You have probably seen the round play mats being used under an activity stand or a baby gym. If you prefer play mats decorated in different motives and patterns; animals, zoos and roads.

We have the smashing Sebra felt Road which is perfect for playing with toy cars and trucks. There is so much fun awaiting when your kid has a play mat with roads on it.The play mat is not only for playing; it's also practical because it protects the floor against scratches from the car wheels. What can be better that sitting softly while playing and protecting the floor at the same time.

Foam play mat

We stock play mats that are made of foam. One of these designs are the multi-coloured play mat from Bloomingville. This play mat consists of 9 big jigsaw pieces easily put together just the way you like it.

Foam play mats are also made with letters of the alphabet and numbers that you can mix and match.

Putting a jigsaw puzzle together is not only fun and entertaining, it's highly educational as well. You can take out the letters and numbers of the jigsaw pieces and let the kid play with these separately. This teaches the kid about shapes while having fun.

Should your kid tumble and fall while playing on a foam play mat, you needn't worry about them getting hurt because the play mat absorbs and softens the fall. Finally, you avoid your kid being exposed to draught while playing on the wooden floor or kitchen tiles.

Soft play mats are ideal when the kid isn't playing anymore; wrap your kid in the warm, soft and cosy blanket.

The delivery includes a storage bag for all the jigsaw pieces making storage convenient.

GOTS-certified play mats

Some play mats are GOTS-certified. This means that the products are free from hazardous and harmful chemicals. The GOTS-label guarantees proper, environmental and socially responsible production.

Wonderful and imaginative play mats

When purchasing a play mat from us, we make sure that you'll receive your play mat soon after placing the order. Should have decided on a specific play mat, please feel free to browse for other items, you might need for your baby or kid.

Should you have any questions regarding our products, please don't hesitate with contacting customer service.

Play mats with funny shapes and patterns

You will find play mats in funny shapes and with nice patterns. We offer play mats which are circular or square, but also play mats shaped like a leaf, a lemon or a strawberry.

You will also find play mats with stripes, whales, circus, flowers, giraffes, cars, cities, cherries, rainbows, numbers and much, much more. In short, we have play mats for everyone and hopefully we also have one which suits your wants and needs.

Play mats in different price ranges

Whether or not you are looking to make a bargain, we have lots to choose from. We offer play mats at many different price levels.

All of the play mats are high quality products and the price difference is simply a question of design and extra properties. If you are looking for play mats within a certain price range then try to use the filter at the top of the page to narrow in your search.

Play mats to take on the go

A play mat can come in handy when you are on the go, as it may not always be possible to find a safe and warm place where the kid can play when you are visiting the grandparents and friends or if you are on a weekend trip.

We offer a wide variety of play mats which are easy to take with you on the go. You could for instance check out the play mats from Play&Go which can be tied in at the top which makes it easy to pack the child's toy inside the mat and take it with you.

You could also check out the play mats from Cam Cam which are easy to fold and put into your bag. Or you could have a look at the play mats from Fabelab as they have convenient handles.


Some of the play mats are GOTS-certified which means that the products are free from dangerous and harmful chemicals. The GOTS certification ensures a socially and environmentally responsible production.

In order for a product to get the certification, it must fulfill certain requirements such as waster water management and working conditions during the production.

If you read the product descriptions, you will be able to get more information about the different products, what they have been made of and whether or not they have the GOTS certification.

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