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Construction Toys for Kids


Construction toys for many hours of creative play

Creative toys that allow kids to build all kinds of constructions are a big hit with kids of all ages. In addition, construction toys contribute to kid's positive development - it helps with both fine motor skills, imagination and logical thinking - and then of course there is the large joy and reward of seeing the finished, functional construction when it has been built.

There are countless types of construction toys, from building blocks to ball tracks, to magnetic toys that connect together and can create complicated structures that require a long time and an eye for detail to build.

Construction toys for kids encourage them to really concentrate and use their brains. They have to select the correct parts and imagine the construction in their head before they physically start putting it together.

Many construction toys contain step-by-step instructions for building a specific construction, but most can also be used to create kid's very own constructions. They can thus use their imagination and create their very own designs.

There are many different types of construction toys for kids of all ages - from 1 year and up - and the more complicated set will be a big hit for the whole family to gather around.

Popular brands

MODU 4M Yookidoo
Jellycat Oli & Carol Disney Princess
Vileda Junior Sky Dancers Green Rubber Toys

in wood construction toys

in wood construction toys are particularly popular and good for smaller kids. You can start developing their creativity and building skills already from the age of 1 with a set in wood building blocks. They are usually sanded completely soft or painted over, so they are safe for even the smallest kid's hands to touch, build with and throw around.

If you have a smaller kid who loves to manipulate things with their hands and touch everything, in wood construction toys are worth considering. Kids can practice their fine motor skills and build various fun constructions with in wood building blocks and other construction toys.

Building blocks and other construction toys in wood will last for years, are more sustainable than toys made of plastic and can therefore be passed on or passed down.

You can also find bowling alleys, train tracks and many other in wood construction toys for kids. See, for example, the delicious products from brands such as Hape, HABA, Grimms Wooden toy, Le Toy Van or Djeco.

in wood construction toys are also available in more advanced versions that are perfect for older kids. So if you're into sustainability and intuitive, versatile play, you should consider in wood construction toys for your kid regardless of their age. You can use our search filter to find the right product for your family.

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