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Beach Toys for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)

Sand toys, beach toys and toys for the sandbox 

Do you need sand toys, toys for the sandbox or beach toys for your next holidays? Here at Kids-World you'll find shovels, scrunch nets, cars, sand molds, silicone buckets which are perfect for the beach, frisbees, ring toss games, bath toys, beach balls, bucket set and much more.  

Beach toys and toys for playing in the sandbox

Playing in the sand, building things and having hours of fun - what can be better for a kid that loves spending time creating things and using his or her imagination as much as possible?

At Kids-world you'll find fine shovels, fishing nets, cars, sand moulds, silicone buckets (perfect for the beach), frisbees, ring games, beach toys, beach balls, bucket kits and much more. You can find everything here!

Games for outdoor play in water and on land

Are your kids crazy about playing in the water? Then bring the entire family and try different kinds of floating games, play beach ball games, catching games, relax in a float, pool mattress or on a bath toy in one of the many nice shapes. 

Do you like to play volleyball? With one of our floating volleyball nets, you can easily play it out in the water. 

Finally, we also have a large selection of sand toys and beach toys with shovels, buckets, sand molds, sand mills and much, much more. You can for instance try to build a moat around the sand castle, or dig large holes which you can lie in while you get covered by sand, and afterwards try to get out of the sandpit again 

Lots of cozy sand play and beach toys 

Do your kids love to play and build sand in the sand? Here you'll find a nice selection of different cars, excavators and other kinds of toys which the kids can easily spend hours playing with. 

When the sun is burning from a clear blue sky, it is important to protect the little child's sensitive skin as best as possible. It is a good idea that the kid has access to play in the shade, and we suggest bringing a shade tent where the kid can easily play with toys or sit in a pool without the risk of getting a sunburn. 

You could also relax by playing tic-tac-toe in an inflatable chair. Or what about throwing the frisbee to each other and let the kids practice to throw and catch. 

In short, you can easily get ready for a fun and instructive day at the beach or at home in the backyard on a warm summer day.

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