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Rocking Horses for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)

Rocking horses for kids

On our web page you can see our selection of smashing and cool rocking horses - a timeless classic, so to say.

Our collection of rocking horses does not only consist of classic rocking horses, but we also have rocking horses that have a modern look presented as i.e. rabbits and mammoths.

A rocking horse is a stable toy that has been built to last and to be played with. Several of our rocking horses in our collection come with a safety handle preventing your kid from falling off the rocking horse while playing.

Below the Ďsaddleí there is room for the kids to place their legs. This makes it easier for them to keep their balance while rocking.

Rocking horses from well-known brands

Our rocking horses are from well-known brands that have produced classic rocking horses for a long time. These brands have done their best in order to create wonderful rocking horses that fit very well with any decor, so you can have it standing freely in any room.

In short you get a very hard-wearing toy with safety handles and room for your kidís feet that looks great in your home as well.

The rocking horses are made with excellent materials to make sure that they can be played with in a rough manner as well.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about the rocking horse going to pieces as the manufacturers have done their utmost to make a solid and hard-wearing toy to be played with over and over. Safety is a top priority with these companies!

A rocking horse helps to train the childís sense of balance

Most parents probably still remember how nice it was to sit on a rocking horse as a child. Nowadays the rocking horse is better than ever, can be purchased in different types of animals, and is suitable for kids of many ages. 

A rocking horse is more than just a toy - it benefits the kid in several ways. It helps to train the kidsís leg muscles, and their sense of balance is also improved.

At the same time, it is very therapeutic and soothing to use a rocking horse. It will give the kid a period of reflection with time to get creative thoughts and to slow things down a bit in order to get energy for the rest of the day.

Things to look for when choosing a rocking horse

You should look for several things when looking for a rocking horse for your child. It is important that the rocking horse is stable, so that your kid can use it without fear of the rocking horse tipping over.

For this reason, the best rocking horses are usually made with wood, however, you can also find other great models in plastic. 

It is always important that your kid is safe when playing and having fun, and some rocking horses are safer to use than others. Some rocking horses for kids have padded seats, which makes them extra comfortable to sit on when your kid is using the rocking horse.

The rocking horse should be of a robust construction, and some models even have a seat belt. It is also extremely important that it has a handle which your kid can easily grip and hold on to keep balance.

Rocking horses for toddlers

A rocking horse is basically a necessity, if you have a little kid between 1 and 4 years old. Many rocking horses can be used indoors and outdoors in the garden, when the weather allows it.

We have a wide selection of rocking horses in cute designs and in different types of animals, which your kid will love. They will be able to find their new best friend in our assortment.

A lot of toddlers love to use their rocking horses while the music is playing. The kid will feel secure and it has a soothing effect when you put on some music or an audiobook when your kid is using the rocking horse. 

A rocking horse is a timeless toy

For many good reasons, the rocking horses have been used by many generations of kids. The rocking horse has soothed and inspired kidsís imagination throughout time, and it is an interactive product which is incredibly fun for kids to use. 

The forward and backward rocking movements help to train the kidsís upper body and it enables them to feel like a real cowboy on a nice horse. It can also be an advantage if the kid sits on the rocking horse before napping. A rocking horse can be just as nice for the kid to have as the real horse.

We have nice rocking horses in different price ranges, which makes it possible for you to find one which is within your exact price range.

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