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Dolls & Accessories for Kids

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Dolls and accessories

Here at Kids-world you will find a huge selection of dolls for kids in all shapes and sizes. We have both small dolls for dollhouse and large dolls for kids of all ages.

Besides bringing lots of fun and joy, there are also countless benefits for kids by playing with dolls. Taking care of a baby doll helps your child develop empathy and social skills, and others types of dolls are great for letting your child have super fun with role play. They can imagine everything with dolls - possibly that they have to go to school, to the doctor, to rejse or go shopping.

Dolls for all ages

At Kids-world you will find large and small dolls for kids of all ages. We have soft and large dolls for the youngest kids up to 1 year, baby dolls for toddlers, princess dolls, realistic dolls, fashionable dolls with realistic designs and lots of fun accessories, and much more. See our huge range and use our search filter to find the perfect doll for your child.

Regardless of your kid's age and personality, we have lots of dolls that your kids will love. We have action figures for all kids who love superheroes, beautiful princess dolls for little princesses, trendy dolls for kids with a sense of fashion, baby dolls, animal dolls, Disney dolls and everything in between. Dolls are fantastic toys for kids, enabling them to play their roles and use their imagination. Many of our dolls are themed; some are, for example, vets, pilots, or princesses, so kids will have numerous opportunities to play and try the different roles.

Besides dolls, we have a lot of different doll accessories, so your kid can enjoy the role play with his/her dolls to the fullest. For example, we have a versatile selection of doll strollers, doll beds and doll baskets in different materials and designs. We also have many different sets for dolls with different themes, which can enrich the play experience further with dolls your kids already have. There are endless possibilities for using the dolls, and with the right accessories, everything from a picnic to bowling is made possible.

Dolls: A world of imagination and creative play

Dolls are a timeless toys that has been set of children's play for many generations. They come in different shapes, sizes and styles and aim to give kids the opportunity to use their imagination and creativity. There is a doll for everyone and they are popular with kids of all ages and genders.

The history of dolls

Dolls have been around for thousands of years and have been used by various cultures for ceremonial, religious and entertainment purposes. The first dolls were made of stone, wood, Clay and others materials that were available. They were used to depict deities, humans, animals and fantasy creatures. Over time, dolls became more sophisticated and were used as toys for kids.

In Europe, dolls became popular in the 16th century and were often made of porcelain and dressed in fine clothes. In the 20th century, dolls became more common and were made from different materials such as plastic and fabric. The Dolls became more versatile and were made to look like different ethnicities, genders and ages.

Dolls in different sizes

Dolls come in different sizes and each size has its own use. The smallest dolls, known as miniature dolls, can be as small as a fingertip and are popular with collectors. The larger dolls, about 18 inches tall, are popular with kids and are often made to look like babies or small kids. The largest dolls, which can be up to 3 meters high, are often used for exhibitions and commercial purposes.

Dolls with various types of accessories

Dolls can have various types of accessories that can enhance their usefulness and allow kids to use their imagination and creativity. Accessories can include clothes, shoe, jewelry, hats, bag, kitchen items and even furniture. In addition to this, dolls can also have interactive functions such as speech, movement or sensory functions that make the play more engaging and realistic. Regardless of the type of accessories the dolls have, they allow kids to develop their imagination and creativity while building social and emotional skills through role-play and interaction with others kids. Dolls will continue to be an important set of children's play for many years to come and will continue to inspire imaginative fairy tale and creative stories.

Lots of doll strollers and doll beds

Speaking of strollers and beds for dolls, on this page you will be able to find lots of different models. For example, we have classic dolls' strollers made of wood and wicker as well as dolls' strollers and dolls' beds similar to the modern designed strollers and beds in which kids themselves lie/sleep in.

The doll strollers are available in different sizes, so you can find a doll stroller that fits the toddler who has more or less just learned to walk, as well as a doll stroller that is a small copy of the real strollers. The second one mentioned fits perfectly for the slightly older child.

The same goes for the doll beds. Kids often find it funny if their dolls have the same things as they do. It is super cool for kids to have dolls that they can 'take care of' and get attached to. It also teaches them about responsibility from the young age, and it will surely provide many hours of fun and quality play with their dolls. 

Dolls for girls and boys

It is beneficial for both girls and boys to play with dolls. Play in the form of role-playing games stimulates the imagination, and no matter what types of dolls your child is into, you will find something here with us. We have both cool and cool dolls, as well as cute and fun dolls that both girls and boys can get a lot of pleasure from in all shapes and designs.

We have both boys 'dolls and girls' dolls in different styles with a wealth of accessories available. Regardless of your child's wishes and personality, you can find the perfect doll for just them here.

Famous brands that make dolls

There are many well-known brands that make dolls, and each of them has its own style and following. Barbie is one of the most famous dolls in the world and has been made by Mattel since 1959. She has been a source of inspiration for girls for many decades and is known for her long blonde hair and fashionable clothes.

In addition, you will find dolls from a large number of well-known brands here in our category for dolls. You can use our filter to display all our dolls from a specific brand if you use our filter to sort by.

Popular brands

BarbieGötzTiny Treasures
Gabby's DollhouseLEGO®Playmobil

Dolls for dollhouse

Every dollhouse needs a family of little dolls, and we have a selection of perfect residents for your child's dollhouse. We have a selection of small dolls in the form of everything from babies to dogs and grandparents, and we also sell set with whole families. Let your child's dollhouse come to life with our selection of dolls for dollhouse.

Large and small dolls

Dolls come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Some are soft, simple and nice to cuddle, others are clever, interactive and have lots of accessories. At Kids-world, we have all kinds of dolls - both large dolls from, for example, Our Generation, and small dolls for, for example, play with dollhouses, or to easily take with you on travel and on the go.

Baby dolls: Dolls that look like babies

Dolls that look like babies are a huge hit with many young kids. They are especially suitable for kids aged 2-3 years, as this is the time when your child's social skills develop quickly and they will be happy to have a baby doll they can actively look after. Baby dolls that can be fed with a feeding bottle and have a nappy changed is a good choice, and even better is if you can easily change clothes on them. Some baby dolls are interactive - for example, they can cry or pee in the diaper, and it seems kids are hugely exciting and fun. Young kids love to develop new abilities and show independence, so feel free to choose a baby doll that is easy for your child to have around and possibly push around in a toy pram.

Disney Dolls: Disney Princess Dolls

Your child knows for sure the classic characters from Disney's many animated films. Disney's princesses in particular have been a hit with kids for many generations, and they are also available as dolls in many shapes and sizes. With Disney's enchanting world and a Disney princess doll, there is the opportunity to create new fairy tale and history, and endless fun. Your child gets a friend for life with an authentic Disney or Pixar doll.

Check out our collection of Disney dolls and find your child's favorite among, for example, Ariel, Jasmin, Rapunzel, Mulan, Belle, Sleeping Beauty and many more.

Dolls for kids of all ages

Letting kids, regardless of age, play with dolls is a good and easy way parents can help their child's creativity while developing social, emotional and even language skills. Starting to play with dolls early also helps kids develop empathy and nurturing abilities toward others so that they can even become caring adults (and good babysitters as they get a little older!).

We have a selection of dolls for the little ones - see our collection of dolls for 1-year-old and 2-year-old kids, which will be a good introduction to doll play and probably also become your child's new best friend.

Dolls with hair

After the classic baby dolls for the youngest kids, the natural next step is to buy a slightly larger doll with different options for changing clothes, as well as hair that can be brushed and styled (most kids love to give their dolls new hairstyles that suit their new doll clothes!).

The Dolls from Our Generation are a good offer for beautiful dolls with hair. They come with all the eye colors, skin tones and hair colors and you can surely find one that falls in your child's taste. Many of Our Generations dolls have long hair that your child can style in countless ways, and they are realistic and of very high quality.

Dolls with sound

Interactive dolls with sound are super fun and entertaining for especially smaller kids. See for example the Cry Babies dolls, which are super popular and for good reason. When you take the dummy out of your mouth, they start crying, and stop again when they get the dummy back. They also make sweet sucking noises when they ro down. An obvious opportunity for your child to play role-playing games with many hours of entertainment.

Most young kids love to spend time with a baby doll, and an interactive doll that responds to sine surroundings and treatment brings yet another fun element into the game. With an interactive doll with sound, kids learn to respond to many situations and how they can interact with others.

Dolls and accessories in various materials and designs

We have dolls and doll accessories from several different brands, in various designs and materials. Besides, we have dolls in several different price ranges, so we are sure that you can easily find one or more dolls that suit your kid but also your budget.

As for accessories for the dolls, we, of course, have a fine selection of doll clothes, both trousers, dresses and blouses as well as dummies, feeding bottles, shoes, bibs and much more. We also have various themed accessories, such as food, doll clothes in different themes, care kits for the dolls' pets and much more.

Finally, at Kids-world you can also find furniture sets for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, doll wardrobes and dollhouses. All in all, you will find everything you need for the ultimate doll experience in your kid's room. Often, doll accessories and furniture sets are the things about dolls that kids think are the most fun, since they can dress the dolls themselves, play with their hair, and do other fun things that you also do in real life.

Our large selection of doll clothes and doll accessories will always enable your kids to update their doll's look so they can dress their dolls in exactly the clothes they like best and would wear themselves. That also further contributes to kids being able to relate to their dolls.

Dolls are perfect for roleplay

It can easily be said that there is no childhood without a role play. Roleplay is an important part of the kid's development and helps the young kid to understand the world and the life he or she is a part of. Kids love to imitate adults and do the same thing as mother or father who are, especially during this period, their greatest role models and heroes.

There are different types of dolls - for both babies, adolescents and adults. In that way, kids can relate them to their friends, family and life in general. That is why dolls can easily become a realistic toy that kids can use for their storytelling, scenarios, or situations that your kid is already familiar with.

Roleplay improves kids' empathy and sympathy for other people. You have probably noticed it yourself a couple of times when your kid has shown great compassion for his/her favourite doll. For example, when your kid's doll gets sick, you have probably seen your kid treating it and taking good care of her. Or when the doll gets sad or upset - your kid is probably the one comforting her. Or perhaps, when it gets an invitation to a tea party with other doll friends - then you have probably seen your kid enjoying, engaging in imaginative conversation and just spending some cosy, quality time. Roleplay promotes kids' imagination and creativity.

Finally, dressing dolls up in different outfits, dresses and shoes also develop and improve the fine motor skills of the little ones.

Dolls for kids of all ages

At Kids-world, we have many different dolls for kids of all ages. For the little ones, we have soft, cute and stuffed dolls made of fabric, as well as crocheted dolls that small kids will love to hug and sleep with.

These also go well with our doll beds, which makes it quite a cosy and fun experience for kids to put the doll to bed. With a doll stroller, it gets even more fun, and the heavier models of doll strollers can even help kids by supporting them as they learn to walk.                                                                                             

Crochet dolls

We have a fine selection of crochet dolls with different expressions, but always with a smile on their face, which are just perfect for the youngest kids. These lovely dolls can withstand the washing machine at 30 degrees.

Dolls like these are super fine and soft that they make great sleeping buddies for your little one. There is nothing hard or sharp on them that might bother a kid while sleeping.Crochet dolls are perfect for the youngest kids as they are quite comforting and cosy.

We also have the most beautiful baby dolls, which look like real babies and have very expressive eyes. Baby dolls give kids a fair opportunity to develop their very own cognitive abilities and fine motor skills. It is often easier for kids to practice, for example, taking clothes off and on a doll before they learn to dress themselves.

We all look different, and that is why at Kids-world, we have also decided to make a selection of dolls from different ethnicities as well. In this way, we ensure that kids, regardless of where they are from, can find dolls similar to themselves and others around them. On our page, you will always find a large selection of dolls in all sizes and with many different hair colours, eye colours and skin colours.

Quality as the first priority

When it comes to toys for kids, it is of utmost importance that the quality is top-notch. That is why our range of dolls for the little ones has been carefully selected so that you are assured that the doll(s) you choose for your kid is made in the best possible quality, made of the very best materials. Of course, the appearance of the dolls is incredibly important too, and that is why we always try to offer dolls where every detail has been lovingly taken care of, so that kids have a visually good experience as well.

We have dolls made of organic materials as well as products that are GOTS-certified. The GOTS certification is your guarantee that the products have been manufactured under conditions that ensure social responsibility and an environmentally friendly production. Dolls and doll sets with accessories that contain small parts should not be used by kids under 3 years. Remember that you can always filter your search by the kid's age at the top of the page.

How to get the best deals on dolls

If dolls are a hit with the kids at home, bargain hunting for dolls quickly becomes popular with the parents. We have made it easy for you to get the best deals on dolls.

There are several options on which you can you the best deals on dolls served. The first is by signing up for our newsletter. That way, you always get our current offers on both dolls and much more directly in your inbox.

You can also follow us via social media, where we are present on Facebook and Instagram, among other things. Here we share everything from new products to great deals on dolls and others items in our large assortment.

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