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Markers and colours for kids

Recommended Age (Toys)

High quality Markers and colours for creative kids

Here at Kids-world you will find a huge selection of various color tools for kids. We have markers from all the most well-known brands such as Stabilo, Faber-Castell, Artline, Staedtler, Zig, Posca and many more. We have markers in all thicknesses so you can find some that fit colouring books with small details, as well as larger markers as needed.

We also have permanent markers, possibly with a metallic finish, which can be used for various projects. If your kid needs new highlighter markers for school, why not try some with fragrance from Ooly? In our large selection you will find markers in all the colours of the rainbow - even with neon- and pastel colours.

Markers and colours for drawing

Drawing is hugely relaxing and fun for all kids, and one of the best ways to unleash your imagination. It is a way for kids to learn to express themselves creatively, and that playing with colours and shapes can get everyone in a good mood.

There are different types of colouring books for kids of all ages, and depending on how detailed they are, it may be a good idea to buy markers in different thicknesses to make it easy to color perfectly for the kids.

Colouring pencils are another great creative tool that many kids prefer. They give a different effect and make it possible to? Blend? colours together in a very beautiful way as one develops sine artistic abilities. We have colouring pencils in both thin and thicker formats, so that small kids can also find colouring pencils that are easy for them to hold on to and draw with.

We also have a selection of watercolour and crayons, as well as colouring books in many designs.

Popular brands

Foam AliveCrazy AaronsSpirograph
Crocodile CreekKinetic SandMe&My BOX

Drawing and coloring is healthy for kids

Drawing is a hugely healthy and relaxing occupation for both kids and adults. Taking and coloring trains kids's brains to be able to focus, and helps to develop their fine motor skills. It is also a wonderful activity to sit and draw at home when it is cold and dark outside.

Young kids learn about different shapes, colours, perspectives, and patterns as they begin to color. They will feel proud and develop confidence when they complete a creative project.

Markers and colours at good prices

No matter if you need to buy the first markers for a small child, or need a wealth of colouring pencils in countless colours, we have markers and colours in good quality for all needs and at good prices. Feel free to see our large selection of markers and colours from classic brands such as Stabilo and Staedtler, which have collections at prices that everyone can participate in.

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