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Beads for kids

Recommended Age (Toys)

Beads for jewelry or pegboards for kids

Do you remember cozy moments when you were playing with beads? There are so many moments and experiences that we as parents had when we were kids and we want to create new memories with our kids. Playing with beads and creating something together is definitely one of them.

In our webshop you will find the popular Hama beads and pegboards for beads in a lot of different colours and in three different sizes. The different sizes are great for kids who are still practicing the fine motor skills to the kids who have mastered the skills.

We have Hama beads and pegboards in these three sizes: Maxi, which are great for kids from 3 years of age, Midi (0.5cm) which are for kids 5 years or older, and Mini (2.5mm) which are for kids from the age of 10. Most kids like to play with beads and pegboards as this is an early stage of creations and imaginative play. Maybe you have a future crafter in your family.

Of course, we also provide wooden, glass and plastic beads in different shapes and colours, which can be used to make bracelets, necklaces, keychains and other jewelry. Feel free to go exploring in our selection and discover items that fit your creative requirements.

Good reasons to play with beads

There are a lot of reasons why it is important to play with beads. First of all it is quality time together with your kid where you can have a nice and quiet time together.

It also increases the kid's ability to concentrate. They have to found the right colour in the mix of beads and then place it on the right spot on the pegboard.

The things that you create together can also be used as decoration or even be given away as a gift. A homemade present from a grandkid is hard to bet for any grandparent.

Release the creativity with beads

There are no doubt that kids love colours and they are happier when they have a choice of different colours. Therefore, we offer pearls in all colours and shades of the rainbow like brown, red, black, blue, pink, white, yellow, grey, purple, green, beige.

We also have beads in pastel colour and also beads with different muted patterns. Some kids prefer to have an option of the intensity of the colour for the beads. They might want to create a soccer ball which looks more real with the muted colours.

In addition we also have a large selection of sparkling beads which gives more life to the colour. Not just that, we also have neon coloured beads which are a great hit for kids. As if that would have been enough but it is not, we also offer transparent beads.

Popular brands

BeadyCrazy CreationsPearl N Fun
Kinetic SandCernitHama

The only limit is the imagination when playing with beads

Since we have so many different colours, shades, and effects to choose from, it is easy to get started with beads and pegboards. Only your imagination is the limit of what you can create with playing with beads. There are many fabulous and cute arrangements which you or your kid can make.

It is also an opportunity to get your kid to sit by themselves and play independently with the beads. This gives you a nice and quiet time and the kid gets to practice patience and concentration while playing.

There is also nothing better than seeing your kid's joy when they create something that they are proud over. They will bring it to you and ask you to save it for them. After you iron the beads you can hand them their creation. It might be perfect as a gift to grandma or grandpa or someone else.

Large selection of bead pegboards

As previously mentioned we have beads and pegboards from Hama. We also have pegboards in other figures such as geometric figures like hexagon, squares, circles and also shapes like hearts and stars.

In addition to these we also have pegboards in the shapes of all different animals such as parrot, cat, rhino, mouse, dinosaur, cow, chicken, hippopotamus, crocodile, dolphin, penguin, squirrel, monkey, seahorse, pig, frog, pony, giraffe, camel, lion, elephant, and some fantasy animals like unicorn and dragon.

Bead pegboards with holiday themes and starter sets

We also have some seasonal pegboards like for Christmas we have Santa Claus and other options. We also offer pegboards with the following designs: maid, farmhand, rocking horse, house, flowers, princesses, trucks, and also letters and numbers.

If your kid likes to play with beads and pegboards it might be a smart idea to buy some of our bead sets. The sets contain two, three, or four different pegboards in one package. We also have some pegboards for maxi size beads.

We are very excited that we finally can offer the Hama Midi starter set. These have one set of beads and pegboards which are great if this is the first time you are buying beads for your kid. It will not overwhelm you or your kid as you are trying to create your first pegboard.

Options for bead boxes

We also have a large selection of beads to choose from like bags with solid beads or beads with patterns. We also have large boxes of beads in a mix of colours. The amount of beads in the bag or the box are indicated in the product description.

Are you looking for a box with 7,000 beads in all different colours with 2 pegboards and some ironing paper? We have these boxes in our webshop in a lot of different options like multicoloured beads, pastel coloured beads, and mixed maxi beads.

If your kid loves to play with beads then we would recommend that you order a bead box with 6,000 or 12,000 beads. These boxes contain three pegboards. We also have a box with 10,000 sparkling or multicoloured beads.

Books with bead patterns

On this site, you will discover many books with bead patterns. Books with beads patterns are really good for slightly older kids, who have mastered complete control of their fine motor skills. In these books, you will find patterns and ?recipes? on different kinds of bead patterns. Bead books provide many hours of fun, and they also work really well as inspiration for a kid's very own creations.

You can find books with different themes, such as various festivals, H.C. Andersen's fairy tales, animals in the north, fantasy animals and much, much more.

Explore our wide range of bead books and those that fit exactly with your kids' expectations.

Bead sets with familiar toy characters

Kids often like to imitate and recreate things that they're familiar with. On this site, you will find pegboards and beads in sets, which can easily be made into well-known and beloved toy characters. You will find bead sets with Anna and Elsa from Frozen, bead sets with Peppa Pig and bead sets with Hello Kitty.

You will also discover bead sets with themes such as pirates, mermaids, sea creatures, elves, flowers, frogs and much more. All bead sets come with beads, at least one pegboard, a motif sheet and ironing paper. A small, simple bead set can be a good beginner set for kids who have not tried to make bead patterns before, as it contains everything that's required in one package.

Bead sets are also super suitable as birthday or Christmas gifts. You can always read more about exactly what each individual bead set contains under each product.

Pegboard for Christmas decorations and door signs

One of the fun things about pegboards is that a small, fine work of art is created when a kid is done. Pegboards are perfect as decorations in a kid's room. You can also create Christmas decorations out of pegboards, which can be hung on the Christmas tree, in a window or other place around the home. Kids can also create Santa Claus, reindeer or Christmas hearts with beads.

In addition, you can also make door signs out of pegboards. Your kid can produce a special door sign for their room with their own name on it. It can also be a small sign for the toilet or a sign for the front door with all the family names included.

When it comes to beads and pegboards, it's only the imagination that sets the limits. If in need of inspiration, please keep in mind that we also have bead books with many fun patterns and designs.

Beads and pegboards for the cold months

When we begin to face colder times, it's really great to have some nice indoor activities. Beads and pegboards are exactly that kind of activity. Pegboards are something that kids can make together with others or all by themselves. It can be really nice to sit and make beads together while wind shakes the trees and the whips on the roof, and beads are also a nice activity if your kids need to be occupied while you are cooking dinner.

On this page, you will find many different types of beads and pegboards for cozy, creative moments at home.

Wooden beads for necklaces and bracelets

You will also find many other kinds of beads in our selection. Among other things, we offer beautiful wooden beads in many different colours and shapes. Wooden beads can be used to make simple bracelets and necklaces, where beads can be put together on a string and tied together at the ends.

Wooden beads can also be used for kids who want to learn to tie. It's not only very easy to pair keychains with beads, but also with fine bracelets. In addition to ordinary round wooden beads, we also have wooden beads with small faces, wooden beads shaped like butterflies, owls, rabbits and geometric shapes.

The fine bracelets, necklaces and keychains that your kid can create are the perfect gifts for mom, dad, aunt, sister or their best friend.

Glass beads in beautiful colours

In addition to wooden beads, we also have beautiful glass beads. Glass beads can, like wooden beads, be used to make fine jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and keychains. Glass beads come in buckets with many different shapes, and we have glass beads in several different colours such as purple, blue and rose. They can be cleverly combined with other kinds of beads and put on many different kinds of string.

Many varieties of bead sets for jewelry

Here at Kids-world, you can also find complete sets for making jewelry. The sets typically contain a selection of different kinds of beads in different shapes and colours as well as cords for making bracelets or necklaces. You can find bead sets for jewelry with star pearls, flower pearls, heart pearls, silver pearls and much more.

Some of the sets even include jewelry clasps so that bracelets or necklaces can be easily opened and closed. Bead sets for jewelry is a perfect gift for kids who love to make their own creations and proudly show them off.

Letter beads for homemade jewelry

If your kid really likes being creative and making name bracelets or name necklaces, we have the beads to ensure that they can do so all by themselves. With letter beads, your kid can easily write their own name in a necklace or perhaps make girlfriend bracelets. They can also make fine bracelets, where words are written like ?mother,? ?father? or ?grandfather? and given to each person as a gift.

Letter beads come with large holes which make it easy to attach to elastic cords. They can also be combined with other beads in beautiful, fun colours, to ensure they can easily be made in beautiful, personal jewelry.

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