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Games for Kids

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Games for baby and kids 

We try to offer the best toys and games for kids and their families. We have a large selection of all types of fun activities as well as educational games for kids of all ages. 

As a parent you might need a quiet moment or a moment where your kid is occupied which is when a puzzle might be handy to have. Or maybe you are looking for some quality time while playing a game. We have a lot of different types of games which will interest both you and your child. 

We also offer educational games for the kids who are approaching school age. These games will teach the kid numbers, letters, or words which rhyme.

We also offer a lot of strategic games and trivia games, which many of the older kids and adults enjoy to play. Adults are often confident that they know more, but what happens when it comes to the categories ?celebrities' or ?new pop songs'?

With our huge selection, it is guaranteed that you will find something which gives ample opportunity for you and your kid to learn something new, while having fun.

Browse our selection and see if you come across the perfect game for your family. 

Stimulation and educational games 

A lot of the games which we have are created according to pedagogical principles which promotes logical thinking, fine motor skills, and memory. 

Games are not only fun and play, but also a great way to train and practice certain competencies of kids. For the youngest ones, focus is often on motor skills, plain logic and memory

For the baby and the smaller kids we have a lot of beautiful wooden puzzles with trays where the young kid can take the puzzle pieces and place them in the right spot on the trays.

Games for the older kids often help to train more complex capacities and at one point the parents may find that the kid becomes better at certain games than themselves. No matter who wins, playing games is a fun way to spend time together. 

Popular brands


Harder puzzles 

As the kid gets older the difficulty of the puzzle needs to increase which is why we offer a large selection of puzzles in various degrees of difficulty. We also have puzzles with different themes to entice your kid.

Maybe your kid likes different cities, animals, or fine works of art. We offer something for everyone. 

Puzzle games are great for developing the different capabilities of kids. They can help to train the kids's fine motor skills as they have to collect the different pieces and put them into the right places.

They are also great for training their patience, since the larger puzzles can end up taking a very long time to collect. At last, it is also a great way to train their abilities to see the bigger picture and pattern. 

Since the harder puzzles might take more time, we have a puzzle mat in our webshop. The puzzle mat is a great solution where the kid can start the puzzle on the mat. 

When it is time for a break you can easily roll the mat with the puzzle on it in order to save the puzzle. This way your kid does not need to start over next time he or she wants to play with the puzzle. 

Puzzle box and glue for puzzle 

In addition to the puzzle mat, we also have so-called puzzle boxes. These smart and practical boxes can help the kid separate the pieces and keep it organized. 

There might also be that favorite puzzle or a puzzle which has a lot of memories like a motive of a city which you visited during a family vacation. Maybe you and your kid want to keep the puzzle and save it as artwork. 

We have a special puzzle glue so that you can glue the pieces together and preserve the puzzle as artwork. 

Large selection of card games and board games 

We have a large selection of traditional card games and some classic card games. In addition to these, we also have some custom made card games for some fun times. No matter which card game you and your kids select you will have a fun and entertaining time together as a family. 

We also offer a large selection of board games. We have a lot of different memory games where the kids can practice their memory while playing the games. 

Most parents and grandparents know that young kids have a special ability to remember where the matching pair is hiding. Memory games are great to play with grandparents since it is an easy game to understand. 

Activity games for kids of all ages 

Other fun games for kids and adults are the so-called activity games. These games require more movement to play. It can for example be different throwing games with balls or rings, or games where you have to stack blocks. We also have some bowling games and labyrinth games and much more. 

You can find games in our webshop for hours of entertaining game time for the whole family. 

Find fun games for family game nights

Some families enjoy candy and movies on Friday nights, while others enjoy to play games. If you want a break from the screen, a game night could be a great alternative and nice activity which the entire family can join.

You will find a large selection of games which are perfect for game night. We have games which can be played by 2 persons, but also games which can be played by 4 or more persons. This could be Monopoly, Jenga Tower, Risk, Trivial Pursuit or Cluedo. If you are looking for games which are easy to bring with you when you go on a holiday or go to the holiday home, then check out our travel games such as travel bingo, mikado, card games, tic-tac-toe and Yatzy.

When you are about to choose a new game for your game nights, then it's a good idea to have your kids' age in mind. It's not that much fun to play a game which is either too easy or too difficult. It is also a great idea to get new games from time to time in order to ensure that they follow the development of your kids. 

Games from well-known brands

Different brands specialize in different kinds of games. Some make amazing puzzle games, while others make strategy games or memory games. This is why we have ensured to offer games from a wide range of brands here at Kids-World.

In fact, we have games from more than 20 different Danish and international brands, to make sure that you always have something to choose from. You will find games from Danspil, Djeco, Brio, Haba, Hasbro, PlanToys, Sebra and many others. 

If you are looking for a game from a specific brand, then use the filter at the top of the page to see the entire selection.

Classic games for hours of fun

You will find a lot of classic games which have been a hit among kids and adults for decades. These games have long ago passed the test and are still popular in many homes. In our selection of classic games you'll find games like Kalaha, Yatzy, Ludo, Connect Four, Chess and Mikado. 

All of these games are super fun and instructive. They challenge the strategic understanding, luck and motor skills of adults and kids alike. So if you think that you are missing one of the classic games at home, then look no further. You are almost guaranteed to find the game you are missing here at Kids-World. 

Bring a game with you on holiday or to the holiday home

Playing games is often equal with holidays and relaxation. You often have more quality family time during the holidays, so why not spend this time playing cards, board games or something else. Here at Kids-World you will find lots of games for the entire family, which are super easy to pack for your holidays or when going to the holiday home. 

This could be card games or the so-called travel games, which are smaller versions of the classic games. These can easily be packed in the backpack and thereby be played in the train or on the campsite, when you want to try to just pass the time.

Fun, serious, and play 

Playing games with your kids can be a difficult balancing act for parents. Some kids might get really sad or angry if they do not win every single game. But it is important for kids to learn that you can not win every single time. 

It is also important as a parent to teach the kid that it is okay to lose and to show the kid that you as a parent wants to play again even if you just lost. This will teach the kid how to be a good loser and a good winner. 

The kid will feel a sense of security from the parent even if the parent won. A good loser and a good winner makes the whole experience better for everyone.

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