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Balls for Babies and Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)
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Balls for babies and kids

You are never too old to play with balls and a ball is often a kid's favorite toy. The better your kid gets with the ball, first by grabbing and throwing, and then using his or her feet, the more fun there is to be had.

Big and small balls. Soft and hard balls. Balls with sound and without sound. Only the imagination is the limit of play with our vast range of balls.

Many different types of balls

Are you on the lookout for fun and awesome balls for your baby or your kid? Sit back, you have come to the right place. In our shop we have a great and comprehensive selection of balls for kids and babies that offer many hours of play for the little ones as well as the parents. 

In our selection of balls you will find activity balls in fabric and plastic, beach balls, bouncy balls, foam balls, throw and grab balls in many different shapes, and as a result you can look forward to many fun hours together.

All our balls are of course made of non-toxic materials.

Ball play and motor development

Nowadays we often hear reports on how a lot of kids entertain themselves through overly passive and sedentary games. This is a development that can turn unhealthy, not least for the sake of kids. Stimulating kids and babies motor skills are crucial for kids' development.

Being able to grab and throw a ball is important in relation to eye-hand coordination and at the same time helps to develop and strengthen the muscles of the fingers and hands. All this is something that the kid will benefit from for the rest of his life.

We prioritize the motor development of babies and kids hence our selection of balls in many different colours, shapes and materials.

Soft balls, grip and activity balls

We have nice and soft fabric balls, which kids can kick on and throw. Your kid can play with the balls on the floor or in the play corner. You will also find wonderfully designed plastic balls with holes, and thanks to the holes, the ball is easy to grab for small hands.

Activity balls are fantastic, and we have them available in many designs. The balls are so much more than just a ball. Not only do the many different activity balls challenge and stimulate the motor skills of young kids, these activity balls also help to stimulate their minds, hearing, sensation, and vision.

Ideal for hours of fun play

Kids of all ages love to play with balls and therefore we sell balls for every age and every occasion. When your baby starts grabbing for things, she instinctively puts the item in her mouth to find out what it is.

And therefore, we have specially designed fabric balls in fine soft cotton fabric, as well as stylish crochetballs in a selection of colours. Several of these balls for the littlest ones are made with different parts, which emit sound when the ball moves and/or rolls.

A trip on the beach will also be more fun if you bring a beach ball with you. Beach balls invite fun and play in the water and on the beach. 

Fill the ball pit with balls

For older kids we also have colourful balls that fit perfectly in ball pits, where the kids can play and dive under the balls, throw the balls or yes, just play for hours.

We also have gift boxes, which include a blanket, a pair of slippers and an activity ball. All in lovely and soft baby-friendly materials. 

Balls in different materials

We also have the nice foam balls, which match the specially designed foam furniture, and these are available in gorgeous colours; pink marble, blue marble, green marble, multicoloured pink or green, and more.

You will also find practical soft plastic balls that are easy to inflate and can be used for hours for play and mischief. The ball has a small raw surface that makes it easier to grab for small hands. It is also easy to empty it of air. 

Finally, we have balls made from 100% natural rubber, which means that the ball is totally harmless for the kid to play with and even taste.

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