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Blocks and Bricks for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)

Blocks, stack-blocks and bricks

Has your kid just turned 1? Blocks and stack-blocks are definitely toys that will bring many hours of fun and playing for you and your kid. For kids aged 1 to 2 years of age, we have a vast range of blocks and stack-blocks.

The blocks can be decorated with motives of many kinds of animals and plants, or with pictures of people, letters and numbers. You have many options to choose from, many combinations of colours and motives, therefore, we recommend that you take your time when deciding which blocks and stack-blocks you want to get for your kid.

Here, you will find blocks and stack-blocks from brands such as Sebra, Design Letters, Sophie la Girafe, Smallstuff, Janod and Kids Concept.

Blocks for shape sorters

Kids Concept produce a very decorative and pretty shape sorter that has a body functions as a shape sorter with removable lid. Delivery includes six beautifully coloured blocks in different shapes. Your kid will have much fun sorting the blocks.

Purchasing blocks is a great idea; kids tend to spend many hours stacking blocks and often you can find fun videos of kids who play with stacking blocks and putting them in a shape sorter. The look in their eyes will surely convince you that blocks are wonderful toys!

Stacking blocks in wood, plastic and fabric

On this page, you will find stacking blocks in wood, plastic, cardboard and fabric. There are always plenty of different materials to choose from no matter what you prefer. We carry blocks in fabric with fine designs and mirrors from Sebra as well as beautiful white wooden blocks with letters from Design Letters. There are also colourful wooden blocks from Filibabba or what about the fun stacking blocks in cardboard from Janod, which come in different pictures and numbers?

Please feel free to explore our selection. We guarantee that you can find something that will suit your tastes here at Kids-world.

Find a large selection of Plus Plus

If you're looking for Plus Plus building blocks for your boy or girl, then you will also find them on our site. Plus Plus works almost like LEGOŽ bricks in that they can be put together in countless ways. Therefore, they are super good at stimulating your kid's imagination and ability to construct and be inventive. With Plus Plus blocks, your kid can easily spend many hours building and assembling.

You can find both Plus Plus Big, which are extra large bricks that are well suited for kids from one year and ordinary Plus Plus blocks, which are typically suitable for kids from three years or five years. However, it's always a good idea to look at what the age recommendations are in the product description.

You can find packages with mixed Plus Plus blocks as well as packages with Plus Plus blocks that can be assembled into specific things such as a shark, horse carriage, fire truck, castle or dinosaur.

Popular brands

YookidooJellycatB. toys
Disney PrincessMudpuppySky Dancers
Tender LeafToy2CoComelon

Blocks in wonderful colours

Sometimes the colour of the toy is almost as important as the toy itself. Therefore, you will find blocks in many different, fine colours. On our site, you can usually find bricks and blocks in the colours blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, rose, red, black and turquoise. Many of the blocks come with letters, numbers or designs and are, therefore, perfect to help your kid learn to count or recognize letters and animals.

You can also find completely traditional solid-coloured building blocks, which continue to be a big hit among many kids.

If you're looking for building blocks, stacking blocks, Plus Plus or other types of blocks in a particular colour, please remember that you can use the filter at the top of the page to easily and quickly get an overview of our product range in a specific colour.

Stacking blocks and construction play sets for kids of all ages

Stacking blocks, construction play sets and bricks in general are popular with kids of all ages. Stacking blocks and building blocks are popular with younger kids as they are fun to balance on top of each other. These toys allow your kid to practice both their motor skills and dexterity.

Among slightly older kids, Plus Plus blocks and other building kits are a definite hit. These challenge both a kid's brain and hands, and in addition, they provide many opportunities to unfold creativity.

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