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Roleplay for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)


On this page, you will find all the toys suitable for a roleplay - regardless of whether your boy or girl wants to play a doctor, nurse, carpenter, cook, waiter, etc. Get inspired and find beautiful toys for your kid's next role play. Kids love role-playing games when they get to imitate their parents and other adults.

It is both developing and educational for big as well as small kids. It becomes even more exciting and fun when we as adults join along in a role play.

Take a look at our selection to get inspired or simply use one of the filters at the top of the page for a quick and precise search.

Toys for a roleplay

At Kids-world, you will find an abundance of toys that are based on or suitable for role play. Whether your kid dreams of becoming the next big cupcake baker, carpenter, nurse, trader, chef or a grill master, there is a great chance that you will find the exact toy that will turn your kid's dream into a playful reality.

Often enough, kids just want to do stuff that mom or dad do, so they will think it's cool to have their own ironing board, their own vacuum cleaner, lawn trimmer, even their very own kitchen. Best of all, we have exactly the toys we need for the kid to copy the most important adults in his or her life. Mostly the parents.

Let your kid help with cleaning, ironing, laundry, etc. It helps to give the kid the feeling of being an important and equal part of the community and, of course, confidence that they can easily find out things themselves too. Who knows, your kid might surprise you volunteering to help with cooking or cleaning at home after playing fun games with their toys.

Development and motivation through a roleplay 

Roleplay is an important part of the development of the young child, as it is a part of making the kids aware of the life itself and the world around them. Playing a role-play helps to shape the small kid and helps to make him or her aware of how things are functioning in the real, adult's world.

The good news is that today, gender roles are in rapid development - there is not much 'bothering' about the way we look at the various jobs. Both boys and girls can dream freely of becoming carpenters, nurses, doctors, chefs, gardeners or something completely different.

Here in this category, you will find play kitchens, so you can be absolutely sure of being involved in making the most delicious gourmet dinner that your daughter or son has prepared for you. Of course, a well-covered table with nice service is also included. Nothing is left to a chance.

In the summertime, there is nothing better than a lovely, cosy picnic in the garden - your kid will just love to set up his fine picnic set on a rug in the garden. If it is too cold, it can also be arranged at home in the living room.

Quality and robustness

Toys for kids are meant to be unique. They must be high-quality and durable in order to withstand to be played with - even fiercely sometimes. That is why both high-quality and robustness are one of the main qualities which a fine toy should have - in order to withstand a bit of everything. At the same time, the toys used for role-playing games must also look like real things.

Therefore, on this page you will find, for example, toys that are the same or similar to the things and appliances that we parents use when we are in the kitchen, in the workshop, in the laundry room and/or in the garden. So go on and find a vacuum cleaner, washing machine, grass trimmer, a play kitchen or a grill for your kid.

Many different tools for a fun roleplay

Other toys that you can find on this page are, for example, a large selection of appliances for the kitchen - a baking set, coffee machine, microwave, aprons, potholders, mixer, toaster, waffle iron, etc.

Besides, we also have a large selection of play food such as fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs and bread. These are available in both plastic, wood and fabric, some even with velcro attached so you can cut the sausage, bread or fruit into slices.

For the workshop, we have a fine selection of tool belts/tool bench/toolboxes/stroller with tool table filled with good quality toy tools like hammer, screwdriver, pliers, wrench, oil, drill and other tools like screws and bolts.

Also, in this category, you can find safety helmets, hearing protection, goggles, gloves and circular saws.

We have outdoor tools for roleplay

If your kid would like to help out in the garden, we have the finest grass trimmer and chainsaw. Or how about a cosy barbecue on the terrace? At Kids-World, you will also find the well-known kettle grills with various accessories.

During the holidays, we all love to stop by a fine ice cream parlour for delicious ice cream or a nice cup of coffee with cake. Why not let the kid have their own little ice cream parlour or cake shop from which he or she can sell treats?

Merchant games are also fun and educational. We have shopping carts, shopping nets, fruit boxes, vegetables, fruit, meat, cold cuts and much more.

Roleplay toys in beautiful colours

Some kids prefer roleplay toys in realistic colours and designs, while others are more into imaginative ones. On this page, fortunately, we have a bit of both, so there is plenty to choose from. You can easily find drills, kitchens sets, and many types of toolboxes in both realistic and imaginative colours. In that way, there are toys for every kind of play and hopefully also for every kid's taste.

Usually, we have roleplay toys in blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, metallic, orange, pink, red, black and turquoise shades. If you are looking for some toys for your youngest one(s) in a specific colour, remember that you can always use the filter at the top of the page.

Find the perfect gift

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a kid you know, then you may want to consider some roleplay toys. Whether it is a Christmas gift, a birthday gift, an Advent gift or maybe just an everyday gift, we have plenty to choose from.

You can find both large and expensive gifts, such as our play kitchens, tool benches or ice cream parlours, but you can also find small and simple gifts such as play food and other accessories for the play kitchen, play tools and play money.

Roleplay toys are really good gifts because they encourage kids to use their imagination and allow them to imitate their parents and other important adults in their life.

Turn your kid's fantasy into reality with beautiful toys

Kids are known for having a wild and inexhaustible imagination, so why not unleash it with some cool roleplay toys? With toys from Kids-World, your kid can become a doctor, nurse, chef, waiter, baker, confectioner, housewife or father, carpenter, craftsman, barista, cleaning lady, trader, hairdresser, stylist or something else

 It is only your kid's imagination that sets the limits, and we are sure that they will probably come up with lots of fun, new ideas..

Toys from many famous bands

On this page, you will find roleplay toys from over 30 different Danish and foreign brands. Therefore, you will always have many different types, styles, colours and price ranges to choose from when buying roleplay toys for your boy or girl.

We believe that there is something for everyone. You can find roleplay toys from well-known and adored brands such as Bloomingville, Brio, Cam Cam, Dantoy, Haba, Liewood and Sebra.

Besides, you will also find toys from brands that also make adult versions such as Bosch mini, Braun, John Deere, Miele and Weber mini. In that way, your kid can have a toy version which is similar to the real thing that mom and dad are using. Your kid will surely love it!

Popular brands

BritainsCiao Srl.Wild Republic
VilacDen Goda FenSouza

Toys for the youngest ones

If you are looking for toys for the youngest ones, you will also find a fine selection on this page. For example, we have baby walkers looking like a tool bench and play food. Just remember to look at the product description if in doubt about whether your kid is too small to play with a specific toy.

Toys with many small parts are typically not recommended for the youngest kids, as they can easily swallow some tiny parts which can get stuck in their throat.

Nordic Ecolabelled and FSC-labeled toys. 

Sometimes it can be hard to find out what different kinds of toys are made of. If this is something that you pay attention to, then you can look out for different brands and certifications.

On this page, you will find toys from Dantoy, which is Nordic Ecolabelled. The Nordic Ecolabel ensures that the environment and nature are taken into account during production.

In addition, you can also find wooden toys that have the FSC mark. When a product has the FSC mark, it means, among other things, that in the production of the wood, the rights of the worker, the rights of indigenous peoples and the environment have been taken into account, regardless of where the wood comes from.

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