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Ball Tracks for kids


Ball lanes

Bowling alleys are a well-known toys that is much loved all over the world. Many ball courts can be built in countless different ways, so the balls will trille in different directions depending on the construction.

When your kid plays with bowling alleys, they learn important skills such as spatial reasoning and problem solving. Purely sensory, it is also pure pleasure for kids of all ages to see the balls move exactly according to plan. It gives a feeling of having achieved one's goal, and bowling alleys are in every way a very interactive way of playing for kids.

Ball courts with traditional glass balls are not safe for babies and very young kids, as the balls are very small and can get stuck in their throats if they put them in their mouths when they get curious.

Ball track toys with glass balls can be used by kids aged 3 and up, but still only under adult supervision. If your kid is younger than 3 years, luckily there are also ball courts with large balls that do not pose a choking risk for them.

We have a selection of them in the shop, so take a look at our range. At Kids-world, you will find both in wood ball courts and plastic ball courts, so you can choose the perfect track for your family.

When choosing the best ball track, one of the first things you need to consider is the material you want your ball track to be in. It is important that the material is non-toxic and safe for kids, and that the bowling alley does not have sharp edges, which kids can be harmed by. It is also important that the track is sturdy enough that kids can play with it a little hard and maybe frame it by accident without it falling over.

Large selection of ball courts

Bowling alleys are a fantastic toys for both young and old. They are educational and teach your kid about physics, as well as helping them develop a lot of useful skills. They get better hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, colour and shape recognition, patience and the ability to solve problems.

The cool ball courts are easy to assemble and disassemble again. Our large ball courts include all the accessories and instructions your kid needs so they can enjoy watching the balls roll quickly up and down the court.

Popular brands

Grim Tout Great Pretenders Papoose
Meri Meri Schleich Wild Republic
MaMaMeMo MODU Jellycat

in wood ball courts

If you are looking for a in wood ball track, you have come to the right place. in wood ball courts are more robust than plastic ones, they have a nice look - and they are more sustainable.

in wood ball courts are also usually easier for kids to assemble because the parts are easier to hold and put together. Nowadays, you'd be surprised how modern in wood bowling alleys have become. They are just as good in terms of quality as the plastic ones. They are natural, educational and super fun - so there are many good reasons to choose a in wood ball track.

Plastic ball courts

Most ball courts are made of plastic and for good reason. Ball courts for kids are produced from non-toxic plastic, which is easy to hold and put together.

Plastic ball courts inspire kid's curiosity and creativity. They learn to use their imagination to compose paths in new ways, to recognize different shapes and three-dimensional recognition. With a creative plastic ball track set, your kid can spend many hours building their own completely unique track.

With our selection of plastic ball courts, there are no fixed rules - kids can put together their ideal ball track themselves. Parents can of course participate and have fun with the kids.

Soft edges on the plastic parts mean that kids will not get scratches or scrapes on their fingers. Plastic ball courts are also relatively robust and can handle being pushed a bit.

Bowling alleys for kids of all ages

Regardless of your kid's age, you will find a ball track for them here at Kids-world. We have bowling alleys for kids aged 3 and up. They are produced in wood or non-toxic plastic, are of high quality and naturally comply with all international safety regulations. If your kid is a little older and needs a more challenging ball track, we also have bowling alleys for kids aged 5 and up with more complex and more parts.

Buy bowling alleys at Kids-world

With in wood or plastic ball courts, playing with your kids for hours has never been more fun. Boredom will disappear when your kid has to build their own unique ball track with their hands. It is an activity that is fun both alone and for the whole family when you need to spend quality time together. Buy a large ball track at Kids-world that your kid will love to play with and will be very grateful for.

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