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Wristwatch for Kids


Wristwatches for kids

Let your kids learn the time in a fun way with imaginative wristwatches for kids, which are very easy to put on and use right away. All the wristwatches are made of solid quality and are easily waterproof and adjustable. With our decorative children's wristwatches, you are guaranteed that your kids will learn the time in an easy and fun way.

We offer wristwatches in a sea of color combinations and beautiful patterns, so there is always plenty to choose from and something for every taste. All our wristwatches are analogue and have both a stor og lille minute hand, as well as a corresponding second hand. The dial has 12 numbers and is available with many different fun and smart effects, such as glow-in-the-dark minute hands, so you can still see the time in the dark. The decorative patterns and different themes, such as animal or superhero themes, on our wristwatches make it easy to maintain interest so that your kids quickly learn the watch by heart. You can also choose the smart clasp strap, which makes it even easier for your child to put the watch on and off.

As several of our wristwatches are slightly waterproof, there is room for your child to forget to take the watch off, e.g. during a water fight in the garden, without it stopping working.

Batteries are of course included with all our wristwatches, so your kids can immediately put the watch on and start learning the time.

Wristwatches for girls and boys

We have both for girls and boys' wristwatches with many different themes, colours and patterns, so you can always find just the right wristwatch that your kids will love. From underwater to superhero themed, you can be sure to find wristwatches that your kids will love wearing. Try e.g. a dial with an animal theme where the dial looks like an animal with eyes, such as a cute little mouse or a handsome tiger, which makes it fun to keep track of what time it is.

You can find wristwatches in all kinds of color combinations, from pink/purple, turquoise/mint green, purple/orange/white, black/green, with a single color theme or in multi colours. The straps on our wristwatches are always decorated with beautiful dots and graphic patterns, which also make them extremely fashionable.

We have wristwatches suitable for both genders, which are adjustable with many holes in the strap, so there is room for your kids to grow and still fit the wristwatch.

This is how you get good deals on wristwatches for kids

At Kids-world you can get even more advantageous offers and news about wristwatches for kids by signing up for our newsletter. In this way, you can get lots of relevant news, so you will always be the first to get news about new brands and accessories, so that you are at the forefront of the good offers and can find exactly what you need for your child.

You can also check out our sales page at any time, which you can easily find in the menu. Here you can sort by brands, colours and prices, so that you quickly and easily find what you want. In this way, you can ensure that you find relevant results at very favorable prices.

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