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Nail Polish for Kids


Nail Polish for kids

If your kid loves to spend time getting ready and dressing up, then she probably also loves nail polish. On this page, you will find a large selection of nail polish for kids. We have many different colours and topcoats from various brands, so there is a wide selection.

All nail polishes are designed especially for kids since they do not contain harmful substances and chemicals. Therefore, you can easily let your kid play with nail polish with nothing to worry about.

Check out the page and see if there is not a nail polish or two that fits your kid perfectly.

Nail Polish for kids in beautiful colours

Some kids prefer the classic red or pink nails, while others are more into shiny and wild colours. Here you will find a wide selection of many different colours. Most common nail polish colours are certainly blue, brown, green, yellow, white, purple, metallic, orange, rose, red, black and turquoise. 

In short, there is something for everyone - whether it should be classic or extravagant.

Popular brands

YumboxFan PalmFaber-Castell
Carl OscarSistemaRosajou

Glitter Nail Polish for kids

Of course, we also have nail polish for kids with glitter and shimmer. These nail polishes can be used either independently or in combination with other nail polishes, giving an extra touch to your kid's favourite colour. These nail polishes are also perfect for birthdays and other festive occasions.

Buy nail polish sets in different colours

If you are planning to buy more than one nail polish, then it might be a good idea to buy a set containing several different colours of nail polish. When purchasing a multi-colour package, you will often save money. Besides, you will get beautiful colours that typically fit well together. You can find different nail polish sets from various brands such as Snails, Nailmatic and Rosajou.

Nail Polishes for both everyday and parties

In our large selection of nail polish for kids, you will find both nail polish for every day and parties. It means that we have lots of nail polishes in neutral colours as well as nail polishes with glitter and shimmer. If the nail polish needs to match the clothes - do not panic. We have nail polish in lots of different colours.

So if your little girl or boy needs a beautiful nail polish for a special occasion, check out our selection and see if you can find the perfect nail polish.

Non-toxic nail polishes made especially for kids

Nail polishes are known to have a strong odour and contain lots of chemicals. On this page, however, you will find nail polishes which are made exclusively for kids. That means that they are easy to remove and that they are free of substances. Many of the nail polishes are:

- 100% free of chemicals

- Environmentally friendly

- Water-based

- Odorless

- Do NOT contain toluene, formaldehyde, parabens, camphor, perfume, the preservative MI or the endocrine disruptor DBP.

Also, many nail polishes available on this page contain natural ingredients only - such as water, acrylic plastic and non-toxic paint. That means that you can easily let your kid use the nail polish without worrying about your kid's health and safety.

Last but not least, most of the nail polishes available on this page are also easy to remove from clothes and furniture in case of accidental stains.

Nail Polishes that are safe to use while pregnant

Besides being child-friendly, many of the nail polishes are also safe to use during pregnancy. That is because, as stated before, they are free from harmful chemicals and perfume. So in case you are missing your polished nails during the pregnancy, those nail polishes might be a fine alternative.

In case you are going to a baby shower or know a pregnant woman who likes nail polish, these nail polishes are a perfect gift. They even come in lovely bottles that both adults and kids will appreciate.

Always remember to check the descriptions under each nail polish to see if it is pregnancy-friendly.

Nail Polishes that are easy to remove

Most nail polishes on this page can be removed without the use of acetone or nail polish remover. Instead, they can either be removed with soap and lukewarm water or easily by peeling them off the nail.

This feature is super smart because it will prevent the kids from dealing with acetone and nail polish remover. Besides, it also makes trying out several different colours easy. If your kid wants to change the colour of their nails, you only have to wash their hands in lukewarm water and soap or simply peel off the nail polish.

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