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Hair Accessories for Kids


Hair accessories for babies and kids

Kids, as well as adults, like to look nice and the hair is an important part of creating a look. At Kids-world you will find a wide range of hair accessories for kids (and adults) in all different colour shades. 

Whether you have long or short hair, your hair can be spruced up with accessories, such as hair bands, alice bands, scrunchies, hair bobbles, hair clips, bows and much more. 

Hair accessories for kids of all ages 

In our shop you can find our wide range of hair accessories for babies, kids, and adults. We offer a very wide range of hair accessories from many different and well-known brands. We also have hair accessories suitable for various occasions, such as everyday sports activities, day to day life and festive events. 

We sell pretty alice bands in many different styles. Some are covered in fabric with patterns like stripes, dotts, flowers, or one coloured. There are also alice bands that are a little plainer and narrower with beautiful bows, lace, fabric flowers and much more. We also sell hair clips in different sizes.

You can also find beautiful, fine, and soft hair bands in many different materials such as cotton, velour, or wool. We also offer different packages where you can buy three, four, or more hair bands or hair clips at the same time. 

Hair accessories for everyday life and parties

From day to day it is usually easiest to use a hair band to create a quick high or low ponytail, a braid, or a small knot by the neck or on top of the head. 

If your kid prefers to wear her or his hair down, a hard alice band or a hairband can be the perfect solution to keep hair away from the face. 

An alice band can also be the perfect choice for festive occasions.

Pretty alice bands, hair clips, and hair bobbles

We have an extensive range of alice bands, hair clips, hair clips with beads and glitter hair clips, soft scrunchies with or without bows, hair bobbles, elastic hair bands, as well as hair bobbles in plastic, knitted, with lace, with fabric, with pom poms, with beads and much more.

We also sell hair bobbles in different colours and materials. Many of the hair bobbles are so pretty that they can easily be worn on the wrist and be used as a bracelet if they are not in the hair. 

We have hair bobbles that are knitted with plastic or glitter beads or pom poms. We sell hair bobbles that are soft and elastic, some with pretty bows with or without glitter, as well as scrunchies in a variety of different colours and patterns. 

You will no doubt find a hair bobble that suits your and/or your kids taste and style.

Hairbands never go out of fashion, and they are typically a great solution if your kid tends to get his or her hair in the face or sweat during the summer.

It only takes a few seconds to put on the hairband, and we offer hairbands with details such as flowers and bows. Some are more decorated than others, while other models are very simple, which means we have something for everyday life as well as festivities.

Hair clips in many pretty designs and colours 

We also have the most beautiful hair clips with fine patterns such as turtles, hair clips with beads of all colours; champagne, pastel blue, pastel pink, pale pink, white, copper and many more. 

You will also find a wide range of hair clips with bows in many different fabrics and countless colour combinations. 

When it comes to the hair clips colours, there are almost no limits. We have clips in all colours from blue, light blue, navy blue, black, white, pale pink, pink, dark pink, green, burgundy, red, yellow, mustard yellow, brown, purple, lavender, and many, many more. We also have hair clips in different metallic colours. 

If your kid doesn't like to wear hair ties, then you should try to make a quick and nice hairstyle with some of our cute hair clips. We have hair clips that combine with all kinds of clothing, and they will for sure make your kid look adorable.

Hair clips are fantastic because they are super easy to use and they make sure that your kid isn't bothered by getting hair in the face. There are hair clips with pearls and bows, which can be used for all kids's hair, no matter the age.

They will ensure that the hair looks nice all day and another plus is that they don't pull the hair.

Let the hair grow and use hair accessories

Letting hair grow out can offer a variety of possibilities for styling your hair. You can put your hair up in a beautiful, elegant, relaxed, cool, or stylish style. Not only that, long hair is also grateful and timesaving. You are probably thinking that, that does not make sense. 

Long hair takes a long time to care for and often tangle. There are probably many other reasons why you think long hair is time consuming, but trust us - on the market today, you can find a wide range of different hair products that make it easier to look after long hair. For example, there are leave-in oil products or conditioners.

When long hair is well cared for with products like these, it is easy to care for the hair and brush it through with a brush suitable for long hair and/or wet hair (please take a look at our range of hairbrushes). 

Let the hair air dry and style with hair accessories

You do not need to spend much time drying your hair unless it must be styled in a specific way for a special occasion. Blow-drying is harsh on the hair and the hair feels healthier when dried well with a towel and left to air dry. 

If your kid wants nice curls, this can be easily achieved without a curling iron. You can braid the hair into one or more braids or make a knot or two and then let the hair air dry. 

When the hair is dry, you can easily remove the hair bobble and the hair will have nice waves or curls without having to expose the hair to stress with a curling iron

Lots of bow hair clips for kids

Bow hair clips are classic pieces of hair ornaments for kids - they create a super cute look, and are especially popular among the youngest ones. They are also great if you are looking to add a little glamour, and they are great for special occasions or when the kids are having their photos taken.

We have bow hair clips in many different types of textile and they can be found in all the colours of the rainbow. We also offer nice flower hair clips with jewelleries in the middle, for those occasions where you want your kid to look extra nice.

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