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Duvets for kids


Duvets for baby and kids

Sleep and comfort are essential for all people, especially for the little ones. The baby grows while sleeping. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that your kid both lies well and feels comfortable when sleeping.

A deliciously soft, warm and temperature-regulating duvet is an unusually good investment to give your kid a comfortable and wonderful night's sleep.

Duvets can also be used for something other than keeping the baby warm when sleeping. Duvets are also fabulous when the kid has grown up and when caves are to be built, or have fun in the very best style out in the garden, for example in the hammock or on the trampoline.

Is there anything more amazing than lying on a nice soft duvet on the trampoline and looking up at the night sky and finding constellations and looking for shooting stars? It is a wonderful way to create childhood memories with your child. Enjoy your kid's bed with goodnight stories and a warm and comfortable duvet, and a good night's sleep is guaranteed.

A good night's sleep is absolutely essential for kids' development, as it affects their energy level the following day, and their ability to learn new things and concentrate.

As a parent, you should create good bed routines and decorate your kid's bed and room so that it becomes a quiet, safe and comfortable place for them to sleep. Soft comfortable fabrics and duvets are essential, and whatever you need, we have a large selection here at Kids-world.

Amazing selection of duvet for kids and baby 

If you are looking for great and comfortable duvets for your baby or kid then you have found the right place. In our webshop at Kids-world, you will find our selection of the most comfortable duvets for the most precious people in your life, your kids. 

Sleep and comfort are two essentials for all people and especially for the little ones. It is during the sleep that a kid develops and can process the activities from the day and be ready for the next day. Therefore, it is important that your kid is comfortable during the night. 

A soft and warm duvet that can regulate the temperature is a great investment for your child's sleep and also your sleep, since your kid will be comfortable in their own bed. 

Other uses for the duvets

Duvets can be used for other things besides warming the kid while he or she sleeps. The duvets are amazing to use when a kid wants to build caves. The duvets are also great if you want to get cozy in the backyard or on the trampoline. 

Maybe you have the opportunity to watch a movie in the backyard while having the duvet wrapped around you and your child. Is there anything better than lying on the trampoline while being cozy with the duvet? 

Maybe you and your kid wish to lie on the trampoline to watch the stars and see if you can see any constellations that you recognize. This creates a break from everyday life and it will create wonderful and unforgettable childhood memories. 

Duvet in all different sizes 

Here at Kids-world you will find our large selection of duvets for baby, junior, and duvets in standard sizes. Even if you are looking for a duvet for the summer or a duvet for the whole year you will be able to find it here at Kids-world. We offer among other options some Danish produced duvets for baby, junior, and standard sizes. 

In our webshop at Kids-world you will find duvets in different price options. We have some duvets from quality brands and the duvets are of the best quality. A duvet for babies is 70 x 100 cm, a duvet for juniors is 100 x 140 cm, and a standard size duvet is 140 x 200 cm. 

In addition to the duvet, we also offer a large assortment of pillows and mattresses. You can find everything you need for your kid or baby. Please look in our other categories to find what you need in order to make sure that your kid gets the best sleep. 

Selecting the right material in the duvet 

Our duvets are made from materials such as cotton, kapok, silk, satin, and wool. The organic and natural filling of kapok is allergy friendly, since no bacteria or dust mites can live in it. 

The kapok filling is self ventilating and regulates the temperature for your kid so that the kid does not freeze or sweat. This will give your kid a better sleep during the night. 

The duvets can be refreshed by running it in the dryer. A trip in the dryer will remove dust mites and bacteria which can settle on the outside of the fabric. The duvets can also be washed in the washing machines with extra hot water and with an enzyme-free detergent.

Kids can not regulate their body temperature themselves, and can often get it too hot. Duvets in wool, kapok and cotton are really good for temperature control, so small kids can lie comfortably without sweating.

Duvets made from 100% natural and organic kapok fibers 

We carry duvets which are made of 100% natural and organic kapok fibers. Kapok fibers have an insulation effect which is practical during the winter when the kid is sleeping in the stroller during the day. 

If you are out walking you can be sure that your baby is comfortable in the stroller and will not freeze or be too cold. In addition to duvets with kapok filling, we also offer duvets with the more common filling like duck down and goose down. 

All the duvets which we offer have the NOMITE certification. NOMITE certification guarantees that the duvets are made in such a way that no dust mites can penetrate the fabric and get to the filling. 

Duvet for the summer months for kids and babies 

As you know there are some locations where the temperature during the night is very different depending on the season. It is important to have a duvet during the winter that will keep the kid warm and comfortable during the night. 

On the other hand, it is also just as important that the duvet during the summer does not make the kid too hot. This can wake the kid up and it might be hard to go back to sleep. 

Therefore, we have different duvets for the different seasons. The summer duvets can help regulate the temperature so that the kid is comfortable even during chilly and windy summer days. 

GOTS-certified duvets for kids

Within our range of duvets for kids, you will also find GOTS-certified duvets. The GOTS certification guarantees you a duvet made without the use of harmful chemicals, according to sustainable principles, where both working conditions during production as well as wastewater treatment are taken into consideration.

You can always read more about the individual products' certifications under the product description section. In this section, you can also learn more about the duvets' fabrics and materials and how you should maintain your new duvet.

Organic duvets for kids

If you are an eco-conscious consumer, then you have come to the right place. A large part of duvets for babies and kids on this page are made of organic materials. It can be both in the form of fillings and/or covers made of organic materials. For a duvet to be called organic, there are several requirements regarding the production of materials that should be fulfilled. 

Whether you choose an organic duvet for your little one or the not-organic one, you can always be sure to get a highest-quality duvet when shopping here at Kids-World. We select all our products with great care and only offer products that we can vouch for 100%.

Duvets for kids from well-known brands

Within our range, you will find duvets for kids from a number of reputable brands. These brands are all known for their high-quality products and exquisite materials. Typically, on our page, you will be able to find duvets for babies and kids from Wax, Nsleep, Cocoon Company and Müsli

If you are looking for a duvet from a particular brand, do not forget that you can always use the filter search available at the top of the page. With help of a filter search option, you can quickly and easily get an overview of our selection from exactly the brand that you are looking for. 

When you are in the process of finding a new duvet for your little one, you might also want to get a new duvet cover for it. Of course, that is also something you will find here at Kids-World, so feel free to explore our range.

Are you familiar with the popular Voksi duvets? 

You might have heard about the so-called Voksi duvet. We offer Voksi duvets in two different options. The first is the classic cotton duvet and the other one is a luxurious duvet in soft silk. 

These duvets are perfect during hot summer days when the wool in the classic Voksi duvet can be exchanged with a duvet which is lighter. The silk/satin lining of the Mulberry silk will insulate and remove the moisture from the kid to keep the kid comfortable during the summer nights.

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