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School Backpacks for Kids

Vans Backpack - Old Skool Grom - Black w. Flames Vans Backpack - Old Skool Grom - Black w. Flames 28,14 €
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School backpacks for kids

A school backpack is essential to all school kids. At Kids-world you find a vast selection of smashing and nice-looking school backpacks for kids - boys and girls.

We have school backpacks in all the colours of the rainbow - plain-coloured, patterned and with prints. Stars and floral prints and cool ninjagos.

Kids of different ages have different needs and it is therefore also important to change the backpack during the time your kid is going to school. The older kids will typically need to bring a computer or laptop in their backpack. 

We recommend that you take a look at our selection to see if you find something which could be the perfect new backpack for your boy or girl.

If you can't find the right backpack in this category, we suggest that you check out the category ?Backpacks', where you'll find even more nice backpacks.

School backpacks of superb quality for kids

We have school backpacks of all price ranges; however, we guarantee you that they are of great quality.

We stock popular brands such as LEGOŽ, CeLaVi, Liewood, Converse, Ticket to Heaven and Hoptimist. We have school backpacks that have one big room and school backpacks with many rooms.

We stock school backpacks for big and small kids and from many brands, so please browse Kids-world and find your kid's next school backpack here.

You can also get a so-called school backpack kits; a school backpack with matching gym sack and pencil case.

Popular brands


Remember the school backpack for your kid's first day of school

First day of school is a big event for every boy and girl. Most kids have looked very much forward to starting school.

However, it is also a very big day for the parents as well; realising that your kid now is a big kid and ready to move on to the next chapter in life and start his or her school life.

Your little boy or girl is suddenly not that small anymore. But even though it can be hard for the parents to understand, a lot of exciting experiences, challenges and friends are awaiting the kid at school.

No first day of school without a school backpack

Don't go to school on the first day without bringing a school backpack. When the big day approaches, your kid will love to carry a smashingly cool school backpack on his or her back.

If you purchase the school backpack well in advance you and your kid will have plenty of time to getting used to the thought of starting school and all of you can become familiar with the new way of life that awaits your family; before-and-after-school-care, new friends, new surroundings, and quite likely, new interests as well.

Some kids will find it very overwhelming with all the new changes and choices.

If you want your kid to take part in choosing the new backpack, it's a good idea to pick out a few which you think your kid would like, and then make the kid pick one from this smaller amount rather than having them choose between 40-50 different backpacks. 

Perhaps you have kids who already go to school. A school backpack is not for life, so often you have to replace their school backpacks.

At some point the school backpack that was big enough for preschool is not big enough anymore and you need to get a bigger one for primary school.

A spacious school backpack for kids is the Alpha and Omega

When your kid has been a school kid for 3-4 years it is usually necessary to replace school backpacks.

As the kid moves up in the school system, it is natural to need a bigger school backpack that is more spacious, because the homework increases, and your kids need to have more books in his or her school backpack.

In some schools, kids are also expected to bring a computer or a tablet for school.

Perhaps your older kid prefers to get a new school backpack that suits her age, i.e. a cross-over school backpack or a school backpack with a strap.

In every single case, one thing is for sure; your kids will need to change their school backpacks more than once during his or her time in school.

School backpacks for kids in various sizes

When it is time to purchase a new school backpack, you can sit down in front of the computer together with your kid so he or she can get a say in which school backpack he or she prefers to be his or hers for school.

It is important that the school backpack your kid gets, is a school backpack that he or she likes.

When browsing for a new school backpack for your kid, the size of the school backpack is important. It mustn't be too big or too small for your kid.

The school backpack has to fit the back size of your kid and have room enough for all the things that are needed for school every day.

The school backpack has to be on the back of your kid and not below the bottom. It has to be close to the back and rest on the loin.

The school backpack can weigh 15 % of the kid's weight

The rule of thumb for a school backpack is that it mustn't weigh more than 15 % of the kid's own weight.

The school backpack has to be suited for summer when your kid wears a T-shirt or a blouse most of the time and it has to be suited for winter when your kid wears a thick winter jacket.

Even in preschool, a kid sometimes has to carry many books between school and home.

Therefore, it is also important that the design of the school backpack is ergonomically designed in way that will not stress the back.

Broad, padded shoulder straps help release the pressure on the shoulders. The shoulder straps are adjustable, so the school backpack gets in a proper position on his or her back.

Some school backpacks even have a chest clasp, so the shoulder straps remain where they are supposed to, and if there is a hip clasp to tighten round the hips or the belly, this will provide extra support when carrying a heavy school backpack.

Do you fancy a new backpack set? 

Do you want everything to match, or do you just want it to be nice and easy to be school supplies for your child, then you should consider a nice backpack set. With the backpack set your kid will not only get a backpack, but also other indispensable bags.

You will find sets which come with a school backpack and a gymsack. Or we even have sets which come with a school backpack, a gymsack and a pencil case.

Some pencil cases even include contents so you don't have to worry about pencils, rulers or erasers. Last but not least, we also offer school backpack sets which come with a school backpack, a gymsack, a pencil case and a sports bag.

With a nice school backpack set you'll save time and money, and your kid will get a set where everything combines. 

School backpacks in a sea of colours 

There is a lot to consider when buying a new school backpack for your child. The backpack should fulfill all the needs of the kid and fit properly on the shoulders and the back.

However, the most important thing is that your kid loves his or her backpack from day 1, because this is going to be a backpack which will be used everyday for several years.

Here at Kids-World you will find school backpacks in a sea of colours, patterns and designs. Generally we have school backpacks in the colours blue, green, yellow, white, purple, rose, red and black. Many of the backpacks have nice motifs, patterns or logos.

If you are looking for a backpack for a girl or boy in a specific colour, then remember that you have the option to use the filter at the top of the page, which will give you a quick overview of the selection we have in any specific colour. You can also filter by price. 

School backpacks with LEGOŽ and Star Wars 

Is your kid a fan of LEGOŽ or Star Wars then don't worry! You will find lots of different school backpacks among our selection with the LEGOŽ Ninjago characters, Stormtroopers or Darth Vader.

We also have a selection of LEGOŽ Friends, with the friends Mia, Emma, Andrea, Stephanie and Olivia. The backpacks come in many different colours and styles, which make it possible to find something for all kinds of needs.

Many of the school backpacks from LEGOŽ come in the so-called school backpack sets, which typically includes a pencil case or a gymsack. 

Make yourself comfortable in front of the screen together with your child, and see if you can find a school backpack together which your girl or boy can't live without. 

School backpacks from well-known brands 

We offer school backpacks from Danish and international brands, which means that you always have something to choose from, both when it comes to colours, designs and price.

If you are looking for a school backpack in a specific brand or in a specific price range, then don't forget that you have the opportunity to use the filter at the top of the page.

No matter whether you choose an expensive or cheap school backpack, we guarantee you that we never compromise with the quality.

Here at Kids-World you will only find products which we can vouch for and which we have chosen for our online shop.

From time to time you'll find school backpacks on sale, and this will make it possible to save a little extra. 

Ergonomic school backpacks for kids

An ergonomic school backpack is preferable. Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to this when purchasing a school backpack for your kid. It is also pivotal that the school backpack suits your kid, so it's important that the school backpack has the right size.

If the school backpack is too big, it doesn't fit properly on the back of your kid, therefore, your kid will experience pains in the shoulders, the back and the neck when carrying a heavy school backpack every day.

Padded pockets and reflector tags

Other details that are practical on a school backpack are lots of reflector tags which makes the kids more visible in traffic. Some school backpacks also have a padded pocket for the computer or tablet.

Several rooms and pockets are convenient because they make keeping order; he or she will know where the pencil case is, where the lunch box is etc.

Which school backpack is your favourite?

However, not only size and shape matter. To your kid it is equally important that the school backpack looks great and smashing - this is important because kids like to have things that reflect who they are, so prints, patterns and colours are very important for them as well.

At Kids-world you find a vast selection of school backpacks in all the colours of the rainbow. For boys and girls. Plain-coloured and loud coloured. School backpacks with various prints.

We stock school backpacks from many brands, so please browse our page and find the next school backpack for your kid.

Customer service is ready to serve you

Sometimes, finding your way round the huge selection of school backpacks can be quite a challenge; so many designs, colours, prints, brands and materials.

Should you not have been able to find the right school backpack for your kid, please do not hesitate with browsing other school backpack categories.

Perhaps a different type of school backpack is more suited for your kid's needs. Perhaps your kid has seen a specific school backpack that he or she wants, and you just need a few more details about the bag before purchasing it.

In this case, feel free to contact our customer service who will be more than happy to help you and answer your questions.

School backpack offers

Are you looking for a school backpack for kids from collections that are discontinued, or are you looking for a good offer on school backpacks, then you have come to the right place. In our sales category you will find products that we are currently selling at a favorable price.

Find a good school backpack offer by searching in the sale or outlet category, so that you and your child can already get a handle on that set of the school equipment day.

Should there be anything that falls into you and your child?s taste, do not despair. You can sign up for our newsletter so you are always notified of current school backpack offers from Kids-world.

At Kids-world you will find a large selection of school backpacks for both boys and girls. Whatever your child wants it to be Ninjago- toy figurine, stars or galaxy themes that adorn the school backpack, you will find it right here.

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