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Trinket Box

DAY ET Trinket Box - Heroes Jewelry Box - Cobblestone DAY ET Trinket Box - Heroes Jewelry Box - Cobblestone 22,91 €
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DAY ET Trinket Box - Wilderness - Aquifer DAY ET Trinket Box - Wilderness - Aquifer 27,00 €
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Trinket box

Most kids love jewelry, whether they make their own bracelet from beads or have nice necklaces and plastic rings, it is important to keep things together so they don't pool mattress on the floor and you can step on them - which is painful both for your feet and jewelry.

There are many beautiful trinket box with various decorations that your child will love to have in the room and rummage around in when they want to put on jewelry.

They are also available in many different sizes and storage, so you can choose a trinket box that is ideal for your child's jewelery collection.

When you have to buy a trinket box, make sure you choose one that is age-appropriate for your child. For little girls, a trinket box is a magical place while also being practical for storage. If necessary, choose a trinket box in soft colours with a music component for small kids. When they open the jewelery box, a lovely melody is played. In some trinket box, you have to pull up the figure and the music yourself via a key on the side for the music to play.

For slightly older kids, we also have a selection of trinket box which look a bit more sophisticated, without very detailed designs on them. There are many different models of trinket box that can be used to take good care of your child's jewelry regardless of the kid's age and needs.

Trinket box for kids

A trinket box in attractive colours with beautiful decorations can become one of your child's dearest possessions. Many of them are beautifully decorated both outside and inside, with dancing ballerina shoes and animal, which will make it even more special every time your child opens their trinket box to look at their hidden treasures.

Having a unique place in the form of a trinket box to storage jewelry, ensure that things do not get lost or broken when they are lying and messing around others. Thus, trinket box for kids are not just functional, but also serve as a beautiful decoration in their room. They can be found in countless designs, colours and sizes with different functions depending on what you are looking for for your child. Here at Kids-world you can certainly find the perfect trinket box for your little princess or prince.

A trinket box is also often used by kids for others things, such as storage small items that are of large importance to them. Some examples can be small messages on paper notes, beautiful stones, dried flowers, crystals, or small toy figurine. It can protect all kinds of little things that your child appreciates.

Trinket box for earrings

Many kids are happy with cute earrings in different varieties, and they are especially exciting if your child has only recently had their ears pierced. But earrings are small and fine and come in set, so it's not uncommon to lose one (or both for that matter). A trinket box is the solution to the problem.

If your child mainly has jewelry in the form of earrings, it may be a really good idea to buy a trinket box with small compartments or drawers, so that your child can easily find the right set of earrings and put them away when they have finished wearing them them. In this way, you keep your child's collection of different earrings together and fine organized in a perfect way, so that they neither lose their earrings nor have to rummage through a box for a long time to find a matching pair. You will find a large selection of trinket box in all kinds of shapes and sizes in our range here at Kids-world.

Travel jewelery box

rejse with jewelry can be a real mess - you probably know that yourself. You throw all the jewelery into a little wallet or bag and hope for the best, and when you arrive at your destination it's all tangled up. Unfortunately, the same also applies to children's jewelry.

If your child is particularly dressed to decorate himself with fine jewelry, and you are going to a holiday home or on a weekend trip, why not buy a travel jewelry box to keep things perfectly organized? We have a selection of different jewelery boxes from Markberg, which are easy to take on a trip. They come in a cylinder shape with a zipper and many small pockets inside, which keep the jewelery protected and perfectly separated. Then there is no mess in the jewelery on the journey!

Trinket box with music

There is only one thing better than a beautifully decorated trinket box, and that is a beautiful trinket box that plays music when your child opens it. Of course, you know the classic trinket box with rotating ballerina shoes from your own childhood, and they are still available in different models.

But these days there are many others cute and fun designs - see for example our range of trinket box with music from Djeco, which include both rotating cute animal, various different ballerina shoes and princesses, as well as wonderful melodies that will delight your child every time they open the box to find their favorite bracelet.

Jewelry boxes

Jewelry boxes have become hugely popular in the last pair years, especially because they offer a unique way to transport jewelry when rejse or on a trip. If your child is very fond of jewelry and would like to take it with them when you go out, you can check out our range of jewelery boxes from Markberg.

They come in several different sizes in a cylinder shape, which have small practical pockets inside for your child's rings, earrings, bracelet, necklaces, hair clips, rubber bands, etc. You can also take these out of the jewelery box, so that it becomes a spacious cylinder can put everything in. Markberg's jewelery boxes can be zipped up so everything is kept in place, and they come with a practical pendant which makes them even easier to rejse with.

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