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School and school equipment for kids

When it's the time of year when kids starts school again in a new class, most people need new school equipment to get ready to enter the new school year in style. It is usually necessary to buy a pair school folders and notebooks, but there is a lot of other school equipment that can be beneficial to make your child's school year extra productive.

Finding the right school accessories for your child can be stressful and time consuming - at Kids-world it's super easy to find just the products your child needs. See our large selection of products for school use, from many popular brands and in countless designs.

Huge selection of things for school

Every year is a new school year with new subjects and challenges, and it is always important that kids have the right equipment to be able to do the best they can. School equipment is a very personal thing and it is very different what kids prefer. We have a wide selection of writing articles designed especially for kids, with cute, cool and colorful designs that will make your child happy and excited when they use it for learning and fun at school.

It is very different what your child needs depending on their grade level and we have a huge selection of school accessories for kids and teenagers of all ages. Whether you are looking for colouring pencils for the kindergarten class, a new school backpack, ergonomic stationery or notebooks, you will find what you need at Kids-world.

School accessories from popular brands

If you are looking for new school accessories for your child, then you will surely find exactly what you are missing here at Kids-world. We have a huge selection of school accessories from all the most popular brands. We have the popular school backpacks from Jeva, Eastpak, LEGO® and Ergobag in all sorts of colours, sizes and designs. We also have many incredibly cute and colorful writing articles for high quality for kids, from brands such as Ooly, Stabilo and Tigertribe.

You must have it in your school backpack

The school days are long and can sometimes be tough, so it is important that your child is well equipped with all the right school supplies to be able to have the best possible day at school. Here we have made an overview of the most common school items so you can prepare your child for a new school year!

Pencil case

For all students, it is convenient to have all their writing articles gathered in one place. A good pencil case can hold everything they need - from pencils to highlighters and erasers. A pencil case must be large enough to hold all the things your child needs in class, but also compact enough to easily fit in the school backpack.

Notebooks/notebooks and folders

Your child usually reaches through several notebooks and notebooks each school year. If the school does not hand them out, your child will need a notebook for each subject in order to take practical notes and keep track of things. Folders are also needed to storage papers that your child will be given in class.

Stationery and accessories

One can not get around how important it is to have good writing articles ready for a long school day! Your child will need a good sharpener, pencils, pens, an eraser, a ruler, and fits. It can also be a good idea to bring highlighter markers to mark particularly important things in the kid's notes.

Lunchbox and water bottle

Unless the school has a lunch arrangement, your child needs a lunchbox so you can pack a healthy and delicious lunch for them from home on weekdays. Of course, a water bottle is also important, so make sure your child drinks enough water during the school day.


When it's time for sports or swimming at school, a gymsack bag is ingenious for holding sportswear, shoe, swimwear, towel, shampoo and soap. A gymsack is usually made of water and dirt resistant material, so wet and dirty clothes can be taken home safely after use.

Shop things for school at Kids-world

With our large selection of school accessories, you can definitely find something that your child needs or ville be able to enjoy in our range. It is always a good idea to make sure your child has plenty of school supplies before school starts - and we have made this super easy to do at Kids-world.

Under our category? Accessories? can you choose? school? and thus get an overview of all the products we offer for the school. Using our handy search filter, you can also easily view specific school items if there are any specific school accessories you are looking for. We have school accessories that cover all subjects in the school - from passers-by and rulers as well as calculators to the math class, to sports bags and paint for the creative lessons.

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