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Bags for Kids


Bags for kids

Do you need both a smart and a practical bag for your kid? Maybe a bag for kindergarten? A handy, small suitcase for toys and other items when going for weekend trips or excursions?

Maybe your kid is missing a nice purse or even a pencil case? Do not worry! You have come to the right place.

On this page, we have a large selection of different bags for kids from various different brands, in many lovely colours. Take a look at our huge assortment and see if there is anything that suits your and your kid's needs and preferences.

Large selection of bags for kids

We have more than 1.000 different bags in several models and variants such as shoulder bags, bum bags, gym sacks, toiletry bags, shoppers, backpacks, changing bags, preschool backpacks, and school backpacks.

All our bags for kids are gathered together in this category. Since there are so many types of bags to choose from, we recommend you to use our filter in order to find the right colour and type.

We have bags for both big and small kids - for example, if you need a bag for your child, which has several different compartments, it should be available right here.

Shoulder bags for kids in beautiful designs

We have a large and beautiful selection of shoulder bags for kids in various styles, colours and designs. The shoulder bags are made of different materials such as leather, imitation leather, polyester, polyurethane and more.

We have shoulder bags that come with different patterns and prints, but we also have bags with plain, classic and very simple designs. The shoulder bags have, for example, a magnetic closure or button closure at the front, or a zipper.

Of course, most of the shoulder bags are spacious so there will be enough room for all your necessities since the majority of shoulder bag models come with few compartments. For example a compartment or a pocket designed specifically for a mobile phone, so it's safe from scratches and other damages. 

Most of the models also have an adjustable strap so it can be adjusted according to the kid's height. There should definitely be something for everyone!

Bumbags for kids - smart and practical

Bumbags have just had their renaissance. All of a sudden, they are trendy and modern again. Besides being trendy, bumbags are also incredibly practical when travelling and want to make sure that you have control of your money, cellphone, glasses, and all other important items.

As the word itself suggests it, a bumbag is a bag that should be worn as a belt. However, many also use a bumbag above the shoulder, so that it functions more like a small, light shoulder bag.

Bumbags at Kids-world are available in many beautiful designs, and you should be able to find one that fits your kid perfectly.

Practical suitcases and bags for kids

As a parent, you will find out quite quickly that there is always a need for extra luggage for your kids' things and clothes.

Thereby we have small, practical suitcases and nursery bags for the little ones, where you can store all their favourite toys, spare clothes, books or other things necessary when going on an excursion, a weekend trip to the grandparents, or something completely different.

The kindergarten bags are absolutely necessary for a kindergarten kid - they can of course also be used for the daycare.

In such bags, you can store spare clothes, pacifier, packed lunch and other important accessories which your kid might need throughout the day.

Besides, we also have cooler bags for kids which are perfect for your kid's breakfast, lunch, some fruit and a drink can. A cooler bag is especially practical when the kid is going on an excursion with kindergarten or school.

Finally, we have toiletry bags for kids. Kids love when they have their own toiletry bag packed with their own toiletries - without having to share it with mom and dad!

Bags for kids in beautiful colours

Our kid's tastes and preferences are different. That is why we have bags for kids in many beautiful colours and materials. On our page, you will usually find bags for kids in blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, metallic, orange, pink, red, black and turquoise.

We have both solid-coloured bags and bags with cute patterns and motifs.

Should it be a bag with a flower print all over, a bag shaped like a monkey, a bag with turtles, a holographic bag, a bag with a logo or a bag with LEGO® figures?

We have shoulder bags, backpacks, bumbags, shoppers, sports bags and much more. Check out our wide selection and see if there is something suitable for your boy or girl.

Bags for kids from famous brands

On this page, we have bags for kids from more than 100 different Danish and foreign brands. That means you will have a lot to choose from.

Bags come in various expressions and styles, so there is something for both girls and boys, big or small.

For example, you can find cool backpacks from Herschel, fun gymsacks from LEGO® and smart sports bags from Adidas and Puma.

Besides, you can also find bags in different price ranges. If you are looking for a bag in a certain price range or from a certain brand, then we recommend you to use our filter at the top of the page.

By doing so, you will get an easy and precise overview of our range.

Popular brands

Purse Pets KAOS Jeune Premier
Baby Dreamer Jeva Beckmann

Bags for teens and big kids

If you are looking for a bag for a teenager, do not despair! We also have a large selection of bags for big kids. It could be that your kid needs a new school bag, a sports bag for training or a shoulder bag.

On this page you can find lots of latest models, so there should be something that a teenager will find cool and trendy. Among other things, we also have from famous brands with logos, bags with rivets and bags with glitter.

Besides, you can also find sleeves and computer bags so you can be safe that your kid's computer will always be well protected when on the go.

Bags for the youngest kids

Of course, we also have bags for the youngest ones. When choosing a bag for your toddler, it is important to choose a bag which is not too large so that the kid can easily have it around on their own without getting a sore back. Besides, the bag should also be fun and cute to look at.

We have lots of bags for small kids shaped like different animals or with motifs with well-known characters. The bags typically have enough room for a packed lunch, a water bottle and some toys or extra clothes.

Bags can be for daily trips to the nursery or kindergarten but also when going on a trip or visiting the grandparents.

Gymsacks and sports bags for kids

If your kid needs a bag for leisure activities, you will also find it on this page. We have gym bags, nets and sports bags for kids. The bags can easily be used for sports activities, but can also be used for other leisure activities such as going to music lessons or classes of drawing and painting.

It is quite smart to have a special bag for all your leisure activities. When it comes to sports activities, it is a good idea to have a proper sports bag, because sweaty sportswear and damp towels may well have an odour that you do not want in all your kid's bags.

Besides, by purchasing a proper sports bag, your kid will not have to empty and pack the bag every single time they have training. It can just be packed and ready to take on the go.

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