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Pillows for kids

ferm Living Cushion - 60x40 cm - Harlequin - Multicolour ferm Living Cushion - 60x40 cm - Harlequin - Multicolour 63,00 €
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Sebra Cushion - 100 cm - Sleepy Croc - Blossom Pink Sebra Cushion - 100 cm - Sleepy Croc - Blossom Pink 35,40 €
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Pillows for babies and kids

If you are looking for a pillow for your kid, you have come to the right place. Here at Kids-world you will find a large selection of pillows for kids of all ages. 

A pillow is not just a pillow, and with that in mind, we have selected the best pillows for babies and kids, and you can find them here. 

We also sell duvets for cots and prams. All you need to do to find your way is to use our search bar and specify what you are looking for. In the bedding category we also have a large range of bedding for your new duvets and pillows. 

Comfort above all

For us at Kids-world, it is important that your kid has the best of the best, especially when it comes to sleep. It is important that the pillow is not too hard or too soft, or too high for your little one. 

And that is why we have done our best to find high-quality pillows, as well as duvets and other accessories, to help you find the right products to ensure your kid gets the best sleep in a safe environment. 

On a day off, there is not much that can beat sofa watching a good movie - and the movie gets even better when you can bring your duvet and favorite pillow with you. It cannot get any cozier.

The importance of kids' pillows

Sleep is especially important for kids - they need to recover from a long day in day nursery, the kindergarten or school, and their growth and development highly depend on a good night's sleep.

It is important for your kids's health that they get the right amount of sleep. First of all because it remedies physical fatigue, and second off all, the kids will be more susceptible to learning new things if they have had enough sleep.

The parents should therefore create an environment which ensures that the kid gets a good night's sleep - a comfortable, cosy and a breathable pillow will improve the child's sleep considerably.

How to choose the right pillow for your kid

It sounds like an easy task to choose a pillow for your child, however, there are several things to consider before you buy it. First of all, you need to ensure that the pillow is comfortable to use, and a pillow made of cotton and kapok or down filling will typically be your best choice.

In addition to this, the pillow should be safe to sleep on, which is why you should make sure to choose a hypoallergenic pillow if your kid is suffering from allergies - check out the pillows with kapok fibers, an innovative and hypoallergenic material.

The perfect pillow should also be durable - which depends on high quality materials, which makes it soft and comfortable to use. Ideally, the pillow can withstand being cleaned in the washing machine without getting flat, and washing- and drying instructions should be included.

Hypoallergenic pillows for babies and kids 

The pillows for babies and kids that you will find in our online shop are made of great and soft materials suitable for babies and kids suffering from allergies. These pillows have optimal protection against dust mites etc. 

The pillows that we sell are made in Denmark and made from the best materials, and neither additives nor chemicals have been used in production. We also sell cushions made from organic materials.

When we describe the pillows as hypoallergenic, what we mean is that the organic and natural kapok filling in the pillow helps with allergies, since bacteria or dust mites cannot live in the pillow. 

Smart pillows with zips

In addition to the hypoallergenic properties thanks to the pillows kapok filling, the filling also supports ventilation and temperature control, so that you can regulate your temperature comfortably.. 

Some of the pillows also have a zip on the side, which allows you to adjust the amount of filling in the pillow, to make your pillow as perfect for your kid as possible. 

The maintenance of the pillows is easy: The pillowcase can be removed and then both it and the pillow can be washed at 60 degrees with an enzyme-free detergent. After washing it is best to dry a pillow in the tumble dryer. 

You can also put the pillow in the tumble dryer when it is not needing to be washed. This removes dust mites and bacteria that can settle on the outside of the pillowcase. 

Kapok fibers - What is it?

We find that more and more kids (and adults for that matter) are gradually becoming allergic to dust mites, among other things. Fortunately, there is a good solution for this- Kapok fibers. 

Kapok fibers hold a lot of air between the fibers, which makes the pillow very breathable and temperature regulating. 

Kapok fibers are naturally resistant to dust mites, making them extremely hypoallergenic. Kapok fibers also contain an antibacterial bittersubstance, which makes it impossible for dust mites and bacteria to survive inside the Kapok pillow.

Pillows with standard filling 

Of course, we also sell pillows with classic fillings, such as duck down and duck feathers. Duck down helps to provide your kid with a higher comfort whilst sleeping. These also work well for some allergy sufferers because the pillows are manufactured without formaldehyde, dyes, and perfumes. 

These pillows are marked with NOMITE which ensures that dust mites cannot penetrate through the pillow cover and into the filling. These pillows are also ecologically certified. 

Pillows for baby, junior, and adult 

We have pillows in all different sizes, baby size, junior size, and adult size. 

The pillows for adults and juniors can help ensure a good night's sleep without dangerous substances thanks to the practical kapok filling. The filling is natural and organic, and as has been mentioned before, has insulating abilities. 

The cover around the pillow consists of organic cotton and is GOTS certified which means it is guaranteed that the product is environmentally friendly and that the pillows are made in a socially responsible way.

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