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Towels for Kids

Konges Sløjd Towel Poncho - Terry - Desert Taupe Konges Sløjd Towel Poncho - Terry - Desert Taupe 46,90 €
Originally:  67,00 €  
Konges Sløjd Towel Poncho - Terry - Smoke Gray Konges Sløjd Towel Poncho - Terry - Smoke Gray 46,90 €
Originally:  67,00 €  

Towels and hooded towels for babies and kids

A towel is a must-have for the youngest ones (in fact for all of us) - no matter what time of the year it is. At Kids-world you'll find towels and hooded towels for babies and kids from many different brands. 

Hooded towels for babies and kids differ from regular towels, as they usually come with a hood. This will make it easier for the kid to keep the towel around the body while mom or dad is helping you to get dry.

You can find towels and hooded towels in many different colours and from different brands. We hope you'll find a towel or a hooded towel, which would be perfect for your child. Have a look around the online shop and get inspired, or use the different filters at the top of the page to get a quick and easy overview if you are looking for a specific towel. 

Towels, hooded towels and towel ponchos 

In addition to regular towels and hooded towels for the youngest ones, you'll also find towel ponchos for kids. A towel poncho is characterized by having a hood and it covers the kid completely on the front at back. 

Some towel ponchos are even equipped with a small pocket on the front which makes it possible for the kid to warm up the hands after a shower at home, a swim in the pool during the summer or after a dip in the sea. 

Towels for the older kids

When the kid gets older, a hooded towel may not be what they feel like using after a nice and warm shower. There comes a time when the small ones want to do like the older kids and/or the adults. 

Then it's time to bring out the regular towels. At Kids-world we offer nice, delicious and soft towels made of cotton terry in a lovely quality. 

Towels in beautiful colours

We have a sea of colours, shades and beautiful prints (e.g. a surfer) to choose from. We offer towels, hooded towels and towel ponchos in blue, grey, white, rose, green, red brownish and many more. We furthermore have a nice selection of towels in atypical shapes; how about wrapping your kid in a towel shaped as a pineapple or a rainbow? 

Several hooded towels for the smallest ones come with nice hoods which are shaped like cute animals or imaginary creatures, such as a unicorn. The kids will love them! 

Towels and hooded towels in lovely materials 

The towels, hooded towels and towel ponchos are made of lovely and soft materials such as cotton terry, including organic cotton. 

Several products available at Kids-World are labelled with the so-called GOTS certification which means that they have been produced responsibly in several areas. As an example, the certification guarantees the fulfilment of specific requirements for working conditions and waste water management. With the GOTS certification you are ensured that the product has been produced without the use of/don't contain harmful chemicals as well as a socially responsible production. 

This means that you can easily, and with a clear conscience wrap a towel in cotton terry around your kid after a shower. 

The right care 

A little tip before you use the towels for the first time; let the towel soak in cold water for 24 hours, as this will make the fibers open up and thereby improve the water absorption. You can also try to add a bit of vinegar to the water, which will help to keep the colours better.

It is recommended that the towels are washed at 60 degrees. It is advisable not to use fabric softener when washing towels and (dish towels), as this will decrease the water absorption of the towel. 

Towels and hooded towels with cute details

In our selection you'll find lots of towels and hooded towels with cute details. This could for instance be cute animal faces with eyes, ears and a nose on the hood, or small embroidered teddy bears.

You will of course also be able to find towels and hooded towels for the older kids, and these include dots, logos, jellyfish, dogs, and many more motifs and patterns. In short, we have a great amount of products to choose from. So why choose a boring and normal towel for your child, when you have the option to choose a towel or a hooded towel which reflects your child's personality? 

Large selection of towels from different brands 

When you are scrolling through our selection of towels and hooded towels for kids you'll notice that we have a large selection from many different brands. And this is no coincidence. We strive to give our clients something to choose from. Some are looking for an expensive towel from a cool brand, while others are looking for a good bargain. No matter which category you fit into, we hope that you'll find a hooded towel or towel which your kid would love to wear. 

Among the brands we offer in our online shop, you'll find towels and hooded towels for kids from brands such as Funkita, Fila, Cam Cam, Müsli, Liewood, Done By Deer, Leander, SunnyLife, Sebra, Nørgaard Madsens and Joha.

If you are looking for a towel or a hooded towel from a specific brand and wish to get an overview of the products we have available from that specific brand, then try to use the filter at the top of the page.

A towel for the beach, the pool or to use at home 

A lovely towel can be used for many different occasions. Your kid can take it to the beach, use it by the pool, in the indoor swimming pool or simply use it at home after a nice shower. It is extra nice to wrap a lovely and soft towel around your kid if he or she easily feels cold after taking a shower or a dip in the pool.

Maybe your kid doesn't like water at all, and in this case, a soft, cute and delicious towel may be a way to get them to feel more comfortable about getting in the water. 

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