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Jewelry for Kids and teenagers

Name It Trinket Box - NmfShell - Oxford Tan Name It Trinket Box - NmfShell - Oxford Tan 4,69 €
Originally:  6,70 €  
Name It Trinket Box - NmfShell - Parfait Pink Name It Trinket Box - NmfShell - Parfait Pink 4,69 €
Originally:  6,70 €  

Kid's jewelry and jewelery for kids

Do you have a kid at home who looks far for mom's jewelry and maybe even tries them on every time the opportunity arises? Then maybe it's time for the kid to Sheep sine very own kid's jewelry.

Whether it is for party use, everyday fun and games, or as an accessory for the costume, we have a colorful, festive and fine jewelery for your kid.

You will also find fun and creative jewelery for kids with lots of accessories, which offer hours of entertainment and creative play, where only the imagination sets limits to what jewelry the kid can immerse themselves in making and wearing afterwards.

Many of the jewelery sets for kids come with instructions on how to make the jewelry shown, but you can of course also invent new and beautiful jewelry yourself, regardless of whether you want to make kid's earrings or others kid's jewelery.

Set color to everyday life with classic jewelery pieces, multicoloured and glittering beads, which will unleash the creativity and joy in your kid, which can make kid's jewelery that Sheep the little one look just as beautiful as his mother.

Kid's earrings and necklaces for kids

A nice necklace or a pair of kid's earrings can be the finishing touch to any outfit. At Kids-world you will find kid's earrings and necklaces for kids in different colours and shapes. As a huge plus, you will find many of them with chains and ear studs that are both nickel and lead free, so you can safely let your kid wear jewelry.

On the page, in addition to kid's earrings, you will also find necklaces for kids, such as fine friend necklaces, which are a perfect addition to the outfit for e.g. Shrove Tuesday or everyday play.

Whatever your kid wants to make the necklace themselves, or find one that already has a nice pendant, you will find it right here.

Jewelery for kids: Low your own kid's jewelry

Is there anything finer than jewelry for kids and teens? It should then just be low even jewelry for kids that your kid has created himself - with his very own style.

With a jewelery for kids, your kid can experiment with all the fun, multicoloured and sparkling parts and create their very own kid's jewelery - yes, their very own jewelery collection.

If your creativity runs out, or if your kid would rather follow a particular jewelry design, then many of the low self jewelry for kids include a guide on how to assemble the parts of the jewelry set.

The various jewelery with low cost jewelry for kids come from brands such as SES Creative, Djeco and Me & My Box, giving your kid the opportunity to make kid's earrings, necklaces, bracelet and whatever else the imagination can come up with with a complete jewelery for kids, which contains beads, pendant, elastics and locks from all over the world. It is without a doubt the perfect gift for a creative soul who wants to put a unique stamp on sine kid's jewelry.

In addition, play with do-it-yourself jewelery not only helps to strengthen the kid's creativity, it also develops fine motor skills in a fun and exciting way. At Kids-world you will find exciting jewelery for both kids and teenagers.

Trinket box and accessories for kid's jewelry

At Kids-world, in addition to kid's jewelery, you will also find accessories and storage solutions that protect the kid's jewelry in the finest way. It can be a really good idea to buy a trinket box for the kid's jewelry so that they do not oxidize. In addition, it is also a good way to keep track of the many small parts, which can otherwise quickly disappear in the amount of things and cases in the kid's room.

You will find trinket box in various shapes and materials. The choice of the perfect trinket box for your kid's earrings and others kid's jewelry depends on taste and liking and perhaps also the age of the kid's.

We have trinket box from Markberg and Day ET in stylish designs. When the box is opens, you will find compartments with grooves where the rings can be attached, as well as space to keep track of necklaces, kid's earrings and others jewelry for kids.

Is the kid for it a little more colorful and whimsical? Then a mussel-shaped trinket box from Me & My Box or a pattern in wood trinket box with a music box from Djeco might be the right choice.

Kid's jewelry on offer

You will find both new collections of kid's jewelery and jewelery for kids on this page. In addition, you will also find jewelry for kids on sale. You can find them both here on the page or on our sales page.

Should you not find anything on the sales page this time, we recommend that you sign up for our newsletter by entering your e-mail address in the field at the bottom of the page. That way, you are always up to date on the current offers at Kids-world - including jewelry for kids on sale.

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