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Adapter and Cables

Design Letters Adapter - 12W - Gold/Hey Design Letters Adapter - 12W - Gold/Hey 48,30 €
Originally:  80,50 €  
Design Letters Adapter - 12W - Hey/Silver Design Letters Adapter - 12W - Hey/Silver 48,18 €
Originally:  80,30 €  

Adapters in beautiful designs

Adapters are always handy to have at home. They are extremely versatile and fit all USB charging cables. They can be used for countless modern electronic products as long as they have a USB plug that you can insert into the adapter.

Our fine adapters from Design Letters come in many beautiful colours and designs and are extremely useful for charging various types of electronics in the home. They also have a built-in?intelligent device detector, which ensures that everything you charge with them is charged under absolutely optimal conditions.

With a pair of smart adapters from Design Letters, you never have to worry, because if one charger in the home is busy, you can simply use another one.

Lightning charging cables for iPhones

Almost everyone in the family probably has a smartphone - with the exception of the very smallest kids. This means that there is also a need for more adapters and charging cables in the home, so that you can ensure that they do not run out of power when you least expect it.

With lightning charging cables, you can ensure that your and your child's smartphones can always be charged under optimal conditions and as quickly as possible.

The Lightning charging cables from Design Letters fit perfectly with the adapters from the same brand. They are also available in many smart designs that match your adapter and they are available at very good prices, so you can buy a pair. It is always good to have an extra charging cable lying around.

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