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Baby Gyms

Recommended Age (Toys)
Cam Cam Play Gym - Classic+ Stripes Blue Cam Cam Play Gym - Classic+ Stripes Blue 80,50 €


Cam Cam Play Gym - Lierre Cam Cam Play Gym - Lierre 80,50 €


Cam Cam Play Gym - Butterfly Cam Cam Play Gym - Butterfly 80,50 €


Cam Cam Play Gym - Pressed Leaves Rose Cam Cam Play Gym - Pressed Leaves Rose 80,50 €


Playgro Activity Play Mat - 5-I-1 - Safari Playgro Activity Play Mat - 5-I-1 - Safari 80,40 €


Playgro Activity Play Mat rug - Penguin Playgro Activity Play Mat rug - Penguin 146,30 €


Liewood Activity Play Mat rug - Glenn - Dog/Oat Mix Liewood Activity Play Mat rug - Glenn - Dog/Oat Mix 113,90 €


Lamaze Activity Play Mat - Spin & Exlopre - Captain Lamaze Activity Play Mat - Spin & Exlopre - Captain 83,20 €


Filibabba Multimadras - Loui - Warm Blue Filibabba Multimadras - Loui - Warm Blue 127,90 €


Done By Deer Play Gym w. Baby Mobile - Lalee Sand Done By Deer Play Gym w. Baby Mobile - Lalee Sand 107,40 €


Kids Concept Activity Play Mat - Beige Kids Concept Activity Play Mat - Beige 121,10 €


Bright Starts Activity Play Mat - 4-in-1 - Dollhouse Bright Starts Activity Play Mat - 4-in-1 - Dollhouse 113,90 €


Filibabba UV- Cover - UV50+ - Doeskin
Filibabba UV- Cover - UV50+ - Doeskin 22,15 €
Originally: 44,30 €


Filibabba UV- Cover - UV50+ - Stone Grey Filibabba UV- Cover - UV50+ - Stone Grey 44,30 €


Liewood Play Gym Stand - Golden Caramel Multi Mix Liewood Play Gym Stand - Golden Caramel Multi Mix 121,10 €


PlanToys Play Gym Stand - Orchard Collection - Wood PlanToys Play Gym Stand - Orchard Collection - Wood 80,50 €


HABA Play Gym - Wood HABA Play Gym - Wood 68,40 €


Done By Deer Activity Blanket - Sea Friends - Blue Done By Deer Activity Blanket - Sea Friends - Blue 147,60 €


Playgro Baby Gym - Clip Clop Playgro Baby Gym - Clip Clop 80,50 €


Done By Deer Activity Play Mat - Quilted - Petrol Done By Deer Activity Play Mat - Quilted - Petrol 127,50 €


Done By Deer Activity Play Mat - Quilted - Dark Rose Done By Deer Activity Play Mat - Quilted - Dark Rose 120,80 €


Done By Deer Activity Play Mat - Quilted - Grey Done By Deer Activity Play Mat - Quilted - Grey 121,10 €


Activity stand and baby gyms

In general, activity stands are well-known for their ability to stimulate the kids’ senses while being entertained.

Often, you use an activity stand for a long time, and therefore, there is no need to be alarmed about the height of the activity stand, because your kid grows rapidly, and before you know it, the activity stand is too small. As soon as this happens, your kid would want to play with other toys.

Naturally, we have other activity toys of this kind; baby gyms. Baby gyms are incredibly soft because it’s important that your baby is as comfortable as possible.

How to find the best activity play mat for your kid

What is the best activity play mat for your kid depends first and foremost on the kid's age and developmental stage. Do you practice lying on your stomach, back or reaching for things? Consider what materials and features the activity play mat should have, as well as the shape and size.

At Kids-world, you will find activity play mat blankets with and without stimulating sensory toys - either as a pendant on the included play gym stand or built into the blanket.

Here, 4-6 toys for the activity stand will usually be enough to stimulate the kid's senses, curiosity and motor skills.

In this connection, it is an advantage to choose an play gym stand that can be adjusted in height, so that your little gold nugget can grab, touch and look at the various pendant with mirrors, sounds and fun surface materials.

In addition, there are also activity play mat with an edge, so you avoid the little one rolling off the blanket.

Remember extra activity toys

Usually, baby gyms are delivered with activity toys which jingle and tinkle. Done By Deer baby gyms are delivered with jingling balls, a touchy crackling crocodile. These qualities help catching the baby’s attention and stimulating the baby’s senses.

Do you want other applications, these are easily replaced with other applications depending on the baby’s needs. All you need to do is to hook them on the elastics and you can place the applications in the manner you find appropriate.

You can also remove the activity stand and use the baby gym on its own. Baby gyms and activity stands fit perfectly together with the playpen or on the floor in the playroom.

Check out our selection and see if you can find the perfect activity mat for your little girl or boy.

Many shapes, figurines and colours

Within this category, you’ll find many varieties regarding colours, shapes and figurines. Brands such as Done By Deer, Sebra, PlanToys, Kids Concept and many more - plus a broad price range. Should you fancy an expensive activity stand, Loullou is a great choice.

The Loullou activity stands are made from softwood. Should you prefer something at lower prices, it’s easy to find activity stands and baby gyms from brands such as Done By Deer and Krea.

A wide range of toys for babygyms

We also have a wide range of toys to hook on the activity stands; funny looking animals in many shapes and sizes. You’ll find most animals that you see at the zoo; i.e. penguins, giraffes and pandas.

We have activity mirrors with various applications and textures. The activity mirrors have soft, plush polyester edgings. Nice to the touch. The mirrors have handles and can be brought along in the pram, or be put in the playpen, the pushchair and buggies.

Finally, we have hook-rings on which you can hook the wonderful hook-animals. The rings can be put together and be within reach of the kid. The hook-rings can function as teething rings and funny rattles.

We also have play gyms in different shapes. For instance, we have the classic play gym with two legs and a stick between, which keeps it stable and at the same time, it does not take up too much space.

You can also choose a play gym with one or two arches from which you can hang different clip toys.

You can find play gyms with or without clip toys. Among those that come with clip toys, you will find cute plush toy animals and soft toys, balls, planets and mirrors. Of course, you also have the option to buy additional clip toys or use the links from the pram chain.

Activity play mat with sound or music

Activity play mat blankets are not just sensory to the eyes, many of them are also designed with sensory toys that can both make sounds or play music.

At Kids-world you will find a wide selection of activity play mat with sound or music in the form of small rattles and bells or toys that can play cute songs.

In addition, you will also find activity play mat from i.a. Done By Deer, which has bells and crackling parts integrated into the blanket itself.

When the kid touches, presses and squeezes the various toy figurine and forms on the surface of the rug, or the pendants on the activity stand, its sense of hearing also develops. Activity play mat with sound are therefore not surprisingly quite popular with the little ones.

Play gym made out of wood

If you are looking for an play gym in wood, we have various offers for a beautiful and simple play gym in wood, which not only looks good in the living room, but which is also extremely stable and durable for long term use.

At Kids-world you will find activity racks in wood from, among others, Liewood, HABA and PlanToys.

But what is an activity stand excactly?

In short, an activity stand is a solid and robust stand on which you hook toys of various kinds for your baby to play with.

Within the assortment, you’ll find activity stands, hook-toys for the activity stand and baby gyms. Please, do not hesitate to look at this category. We are convinced that you will find toys that suit your furnishing.

Usually, an activity stand and baby gym are stored in a corner of the flat, the sitting room - easy to take out and put up when needed.

When can a baby use an activity play mat?

In the first weeks of your baby's liv, the most important body and eye contact is from mother and father, but then the baby can start using the blanket as a safe and soft surface where you can practice lying on your stomach or back.

To avoid too many sensory impressions that can lead to overstimulation, it is recommended that you initially choose a classic and simple activity play mat blanket that first and foremost ensures a high level of comfort and has a few toys hanging. Then you can change it when the little one is ready to play on a more stimulating activity play mat.

You can advantageously choose a blanket that comes with an play gym stand that can be removed and put on again when your little gold nugget of gold begins to develop curiosity and its hand-eye coordination.

That way, the activity play mat blanket can grow with the kid. You can gradually add more toys to the activity stand in different colours and shapes.

How long can you use an activity play mat?

Activity play mat are perfect for kids from 0-1 years. The Activity play mat is designed with a focus on your little kid's development and learning.

For the first pair months, the kid will simply lie down and look at the toys on the activity stand. From the time it is about 3 months, the small, curious baby fingers will begin to reach for the toy, as the kid's motor skills, curiosity and coordination ability are seriously stimulated and developed.

Strengthen the kid’s development; get an activity stand or a baby gym

Every kid must be able to move about in order to develop his or her senses, muscles and strength. Every kid is instinctively curious. Curiosity and playfulness are basic to the humankind.

Therefore, it is very important to stimulate these instincts. Often, you read articles about childhood being key to the kid’s ability to be creative and

the impact on future innovation skills of the kid. This only shows the importance of providing toys that encourage these skills.

Should you have any question regarding a product, or do you need some guidance, please feel free to contact customer service.

Play gym Toys

The activity racks come either with or without clip toy. The suspensions come in the form of sensory toys.

Some in wood activity racks have built-in holes for activity toy, while others have loops where the activity toys toys can be easily hooked on, typically with velcro, plastic rings or elastics so that they can be placed as desired.

Activity toy toys help to stimulate the baby's senses and curiosity, and at Kids-world you will find a sea of different options when it comes to toys for activity stands.

It can be small, cute stuffed animals or zero flaps in beautiful colours that crackle when you touch them, or balls that can make a nice, ringing sound, as well as small mirrors and pendant with different surface materials that are exciting for the little baby fingers to explore.

Buy activity pendants separately

You can buy separate activity pendants if you are looking to update your play gym or pram. Maybe you want to add a specific pendant or maybe you want to change a pendant.

On this site you will find separate activity pendants from Done By Deer and Fabelab. We have links in the shape of unicorn rings, balls, elephants, giraffes and rhinos.

For the most part you can easily mix activity pendants from different brands, as they are simply attached with links. This also means that even if you have bought or have been given a play gym or a play mat from a brand we don’t have at Kids-World, you can still easily combine them with products from our selection.

If your kid is especially fond of a specific pendant, you can easily attach it to the pram, so your little boy or girl can play with or look at its favourite pendant when you are on the go.

Use the activity pendant for the pram

If you find that your kid is restless or bored when it is sitting in the pram, it may be a good idea to pimp the pram with an activity toy or an activity spiral. This often happens when your kid is a little older, has become more curious and has got more control of its motor skills.

You can easily use the activity pendants which come with your play gym or play mat, but you can also buy them separately. If you want to find more equipment for the pram, take a look under the category “Pram chains”. These can also easily be used for the play gym.

Design the perfect play gym for your kid

Do you love to be creative? Then you can easily put together the perfect play gym for your kid. You may have a grandparent or an auntie who have crocheted a cute little teddy bear or a rattle, you would love to add to the play gym.

Or maybe you have seen that your kid is especially fond of a specific type of pendant or link such as mirrors, animals or balls. No matter what your kid likes, only the imagination sets the limits.

The pendants can usually be attached with links, as long as there is a place where to attach the links.

Play gyms with or without play mat

Here you will find play gyms with or without a play mat. We always recommend that your kid lies soft and comfortably when playing under the play gym. However, you may already have a separate play mat which you want to use under the play gym.

If your play gym comes without a play mat, you can easily use any other kind of mat, as long as you make sure that the play gym stands firm and safe.

Play mats and play gyms in wonderful colours

Tastes differ which is why we have play mats and play gyms in lots of different nice colours. Among others, you will find play gyms in black, petrol, grey, dark rose, greyish brown, deep red or wood coloured.

We therefore hope that you will be able to find a play gym with fits right into the design of your home. You may want it to fit in with the sofa, the rug or the overall colour-theme in your house. Or maybe you want it to be neutral and simple. In this case you can check out our play gyms in wood which have a nice and nordic look.

If you choose a play gym without a play mat, then take a look under our category “Play mats”, where you will find soft and nice mats in a sea of designs and colours, which your little girl or boy can lie on while they are being entertained by the play gym.

Play gyms in different materials

In addition to colours and designs, you will also find play gyms in many different materials. We have play gyms in plywood or beech wood, but also play gyms lined with textile which makes them extra fun to touch.

No material is better than others, but you may look for a play gym with a material which fits together with the rest of the interior design at home.

If you want to know more about the materials of the different play gyms og play mats, then you will find information under the product description.

A play gym develops your kid's senses

A play gym is really good to develop your kid's senses. Small kids need to be stimulated in order to develop their senses and for this reason a play gym or play mat can be a really good help in many ways.

First of all, there is a lot to look at on a play mat. Small kids must develop their visual sense and the many colours and shapes can be very helpful in this matter. Second of all, play gyms help to develop the kid's sense of touch and motor skills.

Play gyms often consist of things with many different textures which are fun and exciting for the kid to explore. Thirdly, the play gym also has functions which make sounds. This could be things that rattle, crackles or rings when you touch or shake them.

Entertain your kid and get time for yourself with a play gym

As a new parent you often feel like you need more arms and hours. Because when will you have time to cook, wash or even time for a cup of coffee?

If you can relate to that statement, then you are probably just the same as many others. A play gym will solve all your problems, but it can also help you to get a little break now and then.

The great thing about the play gym is that the kid can entertain itself when it is lying under the play gym. Of course this does not mean that you should leave your kid unsupervised under the play gym, but it leaves your hands free to drink a cup of coffee, fold the laundry or maybe even note down the groceries you need to buy later.

Generally it is very healthy to let the kid entertain itself, and it is something you will enjoy in the long run.

Some kids will enjoy lying under the play gym, while others tend to get overstimulated or frustrated more easily. No matter what your kid is like, a play gym will certainly help you to get a few small breaks throughout the day.

Play gym and activity play mat blanket sale

An play gym and activity play mat blanket are worth gold for both you and your baby for the first many months of the kid's liv. Baby Sheep the most comfortable frames to develop sine senses and motor abilities, while mom and dad can get their hands free for a while.

Are you looking for an play gym or activity play mat blanket offer, then you can easily find a lot of strong offers on this page. Alternatively, you can check out our sales category.

If you can not find a cheap play gym or activity play mat blanket day, do not despair. You can sign up for our newsletter and be notified regularly when there are new offers to pick up at Kids-world - including play gym stands and activity play mat blanket offers. Registration is easy and fast at the bottom of the page.

How to find the best activity play mat

Are you looking for the perfect activity play mat for your child? It can be overwhelming with all the options out there. That's why we're here to guide you through the process and help you find the best activity play mat for your child in 4 steps. Here are a pair things to keep in mind:

  1. Safety: This is the most important factor to consider. Always make sure to choose a blanket that is made from non-toxic materials and is free of harmful chemicals such as BPA, phthalates and PVC.
  2. Size: Play mats come in all shapes and sizes, so choose one that fits your child's needs. If you have a little space, a compact blanket is ideal. However, if you have a larger area, a larger blanket will give your child more space to play and move around. Measure the area and choose a blanket in a size that fits.
  3. Design: A fun and colorful design can stimulate your child's imagination and creativity. Consider your child's interests and choose a blanket with a design that appeals to the colours and patterns your child responds best to.
  4. Easy to clean: Let's face it: Kids make messes and messes. Look for a blanket that is easy to clean and maintain. A blanket that can be machine washed or wiped with a damp cloth is a good option.

Finding the perfect activity play mat for your child can be a fun and exciting process. If you remember these tips, you can choose a blanket that is safe, durable and fun for your child to play on. Have fun with your new activity play mat.

Activity play mat from many different brands

The selection of activity play mat and manufacturers is enormous, and it can be overwhelming to find just the blanket that suits both your child and your home. Kids-world's range covers some of the most popular brands, so you can always find a blanket of high quality and in accordance with your child's needs and preferences.

First of all, we have the Done by Deer activity play mat. This blanket is perfect for any playroom, children's room or even your living room. The quilted design adds a touch of sophistication to any room, while the soft and comfortable texture makes it perfect for playtime. And then it's big enough for the little ones to crawl, roll and play on it without worrying about them falling off.

Next we have Lamaze activity play mat. Lamaze rugs are designed to stimulate and entertain babies while helping them develop their senses and motor skills. Each blanket has a variety of interactive features that are perfect for keeping little ones engaged and curious.

The carpets consist of, among other things of curled structures and tags that your baby can grab and play with, which can help develop fine motor skills, as well as mirrors that your baby can use to explore themselves.

With lots of light colours, patterns and structures, a Lamaze activity play mat is perfect for stimulating and developing your child's senses, curiosity and joy of play.

If you are looking for an activity play mat that can grow with your child, a Playgro activity play mat might be just what you need. The blankets from Playgro provide a perfect mix of visual stimulation, tactile exploration and sensory development for your baby.

The Activity play mat has a soft and comfortable surface that your baby can lie on while the various toys and activities hanging from the rug's brightly colored arches are examined and explored.

The light colours and friendly toy figurine will keep your baby entertained while he or she strengthens sine or her neck and upper body muscles. With friendly toy figurine, bright colours and engaging activities, these blankets are sure to keep your baby happy and entertained for hours.

Last but not least, we have the Filibabba Soft Quilt activity play mat. This blanket is not only functional, it is also a stylish addition to any child's room. A Filibabba activity play mat has a soft, padded surface for play and a removable bow with hanging toys to keep your little entertained.

This activity play mat gives your baby a safe, comfortable and cozy place to play and relax. The Filibabba Soft Quilt is made from 100% organic cotton, which means it is gentle on your child's delicate skin. In addition, the blanket can be machine washed, so it is easy to clean.

No matter which activity play mat you choose, you can be sure that your child will enjoy hours of fun and stimulation. Start shopping today and give your child the gift of play.

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