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Light-up Shoes for Kids

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Light-up shoes for kids

Find your kid's next pair of light-up shoes right here at Kids-world. We have gathered a vast selection of light-up shoes and many other types of sneakers. You have every opportunity to find the perfect sneakers for your kid.

Kids love shoes with lights - running outside playing becomes much more fun when your shoes or sneakers light up with every step you take. Light-up shoes don't weigh much, which is why they are great for kids who play outside much.

Sneakers with lights and light-up shoes in different sizes

Kids of many different ages think that light-up shoes and sneakers with lights are fun and wonderful. That's why we have light-up shoes in many different sizes. You will typically find light-up shoes in sizes 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 and 35 in our selection.

Remember that we have measured the inside length of all our light-up shoes and sneakers with lights. All you have to do is just measure the length of your kid's feet and then find the shoe size that fits your kid.

We measure the shoes with a professional shoe gauge to ensure that our measurements are as accurate as possible. All shoes are measured according to the same method and with the same tool, which makes it easy to compare sizes between the different shoes.

We all know that it can be difficult to find the right shoes when your kid is unable try them on. Therefore, we give you all the information you need regarding the shoes before you buy them. You can find information about material, fit, and wear as well as a size guide under each individual product.

Sandals with lights for kids

Shoes with lights in them don't only come in the form of sneakers. You can also find sandals with blinkers or sandals with lights from both Geox and Skechers. With sandals with lights , your boy or girl can also enjoy the fun, blinking effects on hot summer days or on holidays.

The flashing sandals come in several different colours and all have smart velcro closures, ensuring a proper fit.

Light-up shoes for boys and girls

Light-up shoes, which are light shoe, have become a huge hit among girls as well as boys - and it's not so strange at all.

Light-up shoes for boys and girls are available in a multitude of cool colours and beautiful designs. All have in common that they blink and are shoe with light as soon as the kid walks, jumps or dancing.

Whether the little children's feet need to be pampered with a pair of cool sneakers or a pair of open summer sandals with light, you will find many different types of shoe with light for kids on this page.

Most children's feet enjoy being active, but a pair of flashing shoe can help give your boy or girls new, good ideas for games, where the cool light on the shoes can be law to flash.

Light-up shoes with wonderful colours and patterns

On our site, we have a wide selection of light-up shoes and sneakers with lights in many beautiful colours. Typically, you will be able to find light-up shoes in the colours blue, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, metallic, orange, rose, red and black in our wide selection.

Many of the shoes come with beautiful details such as stars, lightning or famous characters. We provide light-up shoes for the cool, the cute, and the feminine or for the kids who just love shoes that can light up when you run and walk.

Light-up shoes for from many brands

Sneakers are made in many great designs and colours. We think that a pair of light-up shoes will appeal to many kids.

In order to make it easy for you, we have a filter to help you define what sort of sneakers you are looking for in particular. This way, you only see the most relevant sneakers with lights.

Skechers light-up shoes

One of the leading brands in light-up shoes is without a doubt Skechers. Whether your child is missing a pair of sneakers that are good to play in, or a pair of summer sandals for the holidays, you can get Skechers light-up shoes to suit your needs.

One of the smart features of Skechers 's shoe with light is the little practical on and off button on the velcro strap. It allows the kid to choose when to turn on and off the flashing effect on the outside of sine Skechers light-up shoes, which are activated when the kid walks or runs. That way, the kid actually Sheep two shoe in one model.

Hummel light-up shoes

Hummel produces cool light-up shoes with flashing light in the midsole. When the kid pulls on the smart slip-on model and starts walking or jumping in sine Hummel light-up shoes, there will be LEDs in the heel that starts flashing.

A pair of Hummel light-up shoes can be used for everyday use by both boys and girls. When you buy Hummel shoe with light for kids, you can choose from several models in several different colours, so there is something for everyone.

These shoe with light are normal in width, but we always recommend adding 1-1.5 cm growth allowance. You can read a detailed size guide under the product descriptions.

Light-up shoes offers and sale

At Kids-world you will of course also find a large selection of both offers and sale items. We are constantly adding new products to the category. Light-up shoes offers are therefore not unthinkable.

If you are already missing a pair of light-up shoes for kids, but preferably on offer, take a look at our sale category. Here you can narrow down the search to light-up shoes deals so that you only see the options you are interested in seeing.

Should there be nothing to pick up in the category right now, do not despair. You can always sign up for our newsletter, so you are sure to be notified when we have sale and good light-up shoes offers.

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