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Prewalkers for Kids

Shoe Size
Woden Prewalker - Tristan - Canyon Rose Woden Prewalker - Tristan - Canyon Rose 37,52 €
Originally:  53,60 €  
Woden Prewalker - Tristan - Blue Skies Woden Prewalker - Tristan - Blue Skies 37,52 €
Originally:  53,60 €  
Pom Pom Prewalker - Starters - Cherry Pom Pom Prewalker - Starters - Cherry 46,90 €
Originally:  67,00 €  
Pom Pom Prewalker - Starters - Dusty Lavender Pom Pom Prewalker - Starters - Dusty Lavender 46,90 €
Originally:  67,00 €  
Pom Pom Prewalker - Walkers - Ladybird Pom Pom Prewalker - Walkers - Ladybird 42,21 €
Originally:  60,30 €  
Pom Pom Prewalker - Walkers - Navy Pom Pom Prewalker - Walkers - Navy 42,21 €
Originally:  60,30 €  
Superfit Shoe - Rush - Blue/Light Green Superfit Shoe - Rush - Blue/Light Green 56,28 €
Originally:  80,40 €  

Prewalkers for toddlers

Get a pair of cute and colourful prewalkers for your little one. Our pre-walking shoes will protect tiny toes as your boy or girl starts to explore their surroundings.

All our prewalker shoes are adjustable both in width and instep using either laces or velcro. This helps ensure the appropriate level of support and comfort for your kid without compromising.

Prior to a kid's first shoes, little babies usually walk around in bare feet and non-slip slippers, as shoes initially can be more of a nuisance than a benefit to them. Here at Kids-world you will find a large selection of beginner shoes and prewalkers for babies, boys and girls.

A good rule of thumb is that a prewalker should be 1-1.5 cm longer inside, to ensure that your baby's feet are allowed to grow a little before they need to move up to larger size prewalkers.

On this page, we have a large selection of different kinds of beginner shoes and prewalkers, so we sincerely hope that there's something for you and your kid. Please feel free to explore our selection or use the various filters at the top of the page.

When should my kid start wearing shoes?

Your kid can start wearing shoes once your kid is walking. Prewalkers are perfect for the first pair of shoes. They have a flexible sole so that follows with the little foot's natural movements. The shoes also have a solid heel cap that helps provide good support.

Your baby's feet are growing all the time, so it's important to keep an eye on when a pair of larger shoes are required. With us, it is always easy to find the right size. We recommend that you be aware of whether your kid properly fits the shoes, making certain that they don't pinch or press on their toes.

If the fit is at all uncomfortable, there's the possible risk that a kid's feet and toes can have permanent damage, but that is a worst case scenario.

How long should my kid use prewalker?

Prewalker for boys and girls are used as a starting point from the kid taking the first steps until the little ones are around 2-3 years old.

However, it is important to keep in mind that age can vary significantly from kids to kids. Same with the little soft baby feet.

It is therefore a good rule of thumb that when the kid is both walking and running stably, he is also ready to try his hand at a pair of real shoe instead of a pair of good prewalker shoes. Here, however, it is still important to keep in mind that the shoes fit snugly around the feet and have a sole that is easy to bend.

Beginner shoes and prewalkers in different sizes

In our selection of beginner shoes and prewalkers, you will find varieties from several different brands which are well known for producing fabulous, comfortable prewalkers for babies. In terms of size, we normally have beginner shoes and prewalkers in stock in sizes 18, size 19, size 20, size 21, size 22, size 23, size 24, size 25, size 26, size 27, size 28, size 29 and size 30.

It's of the utmost importance that your kid's shoes fit properly, especially when they're the shoes they must learn to walk in. We know it can be a challenge to bring the kids with you when shopping for shoes, so that's why we've made things easy. At Kids-world, you can purchase beginner shoes and prewalkers online, and have them delivered directly to your doorstep.

To make it even easier, we have measured the inside length of all our beginner shoes and prewalkers. That way, the only thing you need to do is measure the length of your kid's feet to find the shoe size that fits them perfectly.

We measure all beginner shoes and prewalkers on the inside, to ensure you already know in advance that the shoes will fit your kid's feet. We always measure with a professional shoe gauge, to make certain that our calculations are as accurate as possible. All shoes are measured according to the same method and with the same tool. With this in mind, you can easily compare sizes between different shoes.

We know that it's not always easy to find the right shoes when you don't have the opportunity to try them on. That's why we have given you all the knowledge you need about the shoes before you purchase them. We offer information about materials, fit, and wear or in the form of a size guide. You can always read more about each individual pair of shoes under each product.

Beginner shoes and prewalkers for babies and kids

We have a large selection of beginner shoes and prewalkers from many brands. We sincerely believe that, with the assistance of our filter system, you can easily find the perfect pair of prewalkers. It's always great to know that, once you place an order, you'll receive your shipment in just a few days.

Good prewalker: How to choose prewalker for your baby

No two baby showers are alike. There are wide and narrow - and some grow faster than others. Good prewalker shoes should sit close to the ankle to prevent the foot from swinging up and down when the kid walks.

This is also why most models in the beginner shoe category go a little higher up around the ankle than a regular shoe, so the kid Sheep as much support and help as possible while still being a little unsure of the legs.

It can be tempting to buy a prewalker for boys or girls that is a little on the large side so they can last longer. Unfortunately, it is just not recommended, as too large shoe can definitely hinder the kid's gait.

A rule of thumb is that approx. 1-1.5 cm space from the tip of the kid's to the toe of the shoe. 1.5 cm is just big enough for the smallest, so here 1 cm will be enough. Another good tip is to choose a good prewalker with a thin sole so that the kid is stimulated more and can better feel the surface on which he or she is walking.

Prewalkers in beautiful colours for girls and boys

We know that tastes differ, so we at Kids-world offer beginner shoes and prewalkers in many different colours. Perhaps your kid's new prewalkers should be green to go along with their new snowsuit or maybe they should be metallic because kids often like shiny things. Whatever you and your kid prefer, we always have a great selection. You will normally be able to find prewalkers in the colours blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, metallic, rose, red and black in our product range.

You can either look through our selection to find inspiration or use the various filters at the top of the page to easily and quickly get an overview of the colours, price ranges or brands that you're looking for.

Beginner shoes and prewalkers in different materials

Just like other kids' shoes and baby shoes, beginner shoes and prewalkers also come in different materials. On our site, you will find beginner shoes and prewalkers in leather, patent leather, suede and textiles. The type of materials you choose is entirely up to you.

However, it's a good idea to be aware that beginner shoes and prewalkers in leather or skin can be a smart choice if the youngest in the family is learning to walk in wet, cold temperatures. This is because skins and leather can be conditioned and thereby made water-repellent, to ensure that your little boy or girl doesn't get their feet wet..

You can always read more about what materials individual shoes are made of under each individual product description.

Sandals or closed shoes?

Some prefer sneakers, while others like boots the best. Fortunately, we have a large selection of beginner shoes and prewalkers on this page, to ensure whether you are looking for sandals, boots, sneakers or slippers for your little boy or girl, you will find them here.

Most kids have more than one pair of prewalkers. Perhaps you need a pair of sandals for a holiday or hot summer days. It may also be that your kid needs a pair of prewalker slippers or prewalker shoes that can be worn on festive occasions.

We recommend that you explore our large selection to see if there's anything that suits your needs. Remember that, if you have questions about our products, you can always write to our customer service, who are always ready to be of assistance.

Laces or velcro?

In our large range of beginner shoes and prewalkers, you will find both shoes with laces and shoes with velcro.

Prewalkers with a velcro closure are a good solution for many kids, because they are quick to get on and off and easy to close. This means that mornings when you have to get out the door quickly become a little easier and that your kid starts to learn how to open and close their own shoes.

Prewalkers with laces are particularly suitable for kids with narrow feet, thin ankles or low ankles, as the laces make it possible to adjust the shoes better to ensure they fit snugly on their feet.

Beginner shoes and prewalkers from well known brands

On this page, you will find beginner shoes and prewalkers from a large selection of different Danish and international brands. You will find many different colourful beginner shoes from Angulus, fabulous slippers from Move By Melton, smart sneakers from Ecco, Hummel and Adidas as well as sandals from Bundgaard.

If you are looking for a particular brand, please feel free to use the filter at the top of the page, but otherwise you can always take time to browse around the page.

Popular brands

AsicsNew BalanceLiving Kitzbühel
Rubber DuckHickiesGeox

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