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Shoes for Kids

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Kidsí shoes and baby shoes

Kidsí shoes come in a wide range of types, styles and colours. At Kids-world, you find a huge range of kidsí shoes in a vast number of varieties. We sell shoes for, not only, boys and girls; we also have unisex shoes. You will find shoes suited for every occasion; birthday parties, for everyday use, gymnastics, sports, rainy days, trips to the beach or simply for daily use in the home.

The inner length of all shoes have been measured in order to make the correct choice of shoe size(s) easy for you: All you need to do, is to measure the length of your kidís foot - making it an easy task to find the next pair of shoes for your kid.

We have kid's shoes for both young and old, to ensure that you donít have to go out and find a new store every time your kid's feet grow. We normally have the following sizes; size 17, size 18, size 19, size 20, size 21, size 22, size 23, size 24, size 25, size 26, size 27, size 28, size 29, size 30, size 31, size 32, size 33, size 34, size 35, size 36, size 37, size 38, size 39, size 40, size 41, size 42, size 43, size 44 and size 45.

We have measured the shoes for you

Although itís always important to have a proper fit, it can be a challenge to go shopping for kidsí shoes. Thatís why weíve made it as easy for you as possible, so you can purchase kid's shoes and baby shoes online and have them delivered directly to your doorstep.

To make it easy for you to purchase shoes for kids online, we have taken the time to measure the inside length of all the shoes. So all you have to do is measure the length of your kid's feet to quickly and easily find the shoe size that fits properly. We know very well that it can be difficult to find the right shoes when you donít have the opportunity to try them on. Thatís why we go to great lengths to provide you with all the knowledge you need about the shoes before you make the purchase. We have provided detailed information about the material, fit, and use all in the form of a size guide.

We measure all kid's shoes and baby shoes on the inside, so you already know in advance if your kid's feet will fit in the shoes. We utilize professional shoe gauges, to ensure that our final measurements are as accurate as possible, and that all shoes are measured with the same method and with the exact same tool. For all shoes that have soles that can be taken out, we measure the full length of the removable sole. Therefore, you safely know that when you receive your kid's shoes, your kid's feet will properly fit the soles of the shoes.

Kidsí shoes and baby shoes for boys and girls

Are you looking for kidsí shoes for tiny feet, or perhaps a pair of sandals or boots for the season? Rest assured, you have come to the right place. Within this category, you are able to find a vast range of kidsí shoes and baby shoes.

We have kidsí shoes and baby shoes that fit every occasion and every style. You will find loads of different colours, brands and types and off course, there are shoes for both boys and girls to choose from. It is of utmost importance that shoes for babies, toddlers and kids fit the feet perfectly and are nice to wearÖ but most kids like to wear footwear that looks cool and great, too!

Kidsí shoes and baby shoes must be comfortable to wear, but they must, at the same time, be smart to look at. Thatís why we always have a large selection from many different brands and models, to ensure you are able to find nice shoes for your kids that meet your expectations and the requirements of your kid's feet. No two feet are alike, so itís always important to find a pair of kid's shoes or baby shoes that offer the correct fit and support.

Therefore, we have plenty of shoes for kids and babies - there is something for everyoneís taste. Glittery shoes for girls, cool shoes for boys OR perhaps a pair of unisex shoes - you find them all here!

Popular brands

Living KitzbŁhel Rubber Duck New Balance
2GO UGG Havaianas

Kidsí feet grow constantly

When purchasing shoes for kids, it is of great importance to have in mind that kidsí feet develop all the time. Therefore, itís important to make sure that kids always wear shoes that fit perfectly. Shoes must fit both the length and the width of the feet. When shoes fit, the feet are supported correctly. Kids who have worn shoes that fit, avoid getting problems with their feet later in life.

Many types of kidsí shoes and baby shoes

Looking for superb sneakers? Classic designs from New Balance in wonderful colours, and classic Hummel and crazy Skechers and Reebok - they can all be found here!

The adidas brand have designs such as adidas Originals and adidas Performance in this category as well. Both designs deliver amazing sneakers for everyday use.

We have a vast range of kidsí shoes for both boys and girls who are active during the day when running and playing outside while in day nursery, kindergarten, in the school yard, the playground or other sports activities. For babies and toddlers, you will also find a wide range of shoes that fit their little feet perfectly.

We keep kidsí shoes that fit any season and every occasion. Whether itís summer or winter, whether you need to find boysí shoes, girlsí shoes or baby shoes. Shoes for parties and everyday shoes. Whatever type of shoes you need, this is the place where you find them!

If you already have found the perfect set of clothes for the birthday party, Christmas Eve or for any other special occasion, you probably need the right pair of shoes to put the icing on the cake. In this case, it is always a good idea to take a look in this category, because weíve put together a huge selection of all kinds of shoes for both big and small kids.

In this category, you will find many types of shoes, especially sneakers for kids, as we have lots of them. If you are more into a retro look or seeking classic leather shoes, then this is where youíll find them. They are typically made of either leather or suede and have a durable, flexible sole of natural rubber. Of course, they are also available with both laces and velcro straps, so there is always something for everyone. Remember that velcro is often a good choice for some for the less dexterous kids.

Kids and baby shoes in beautiful designs

As with kid's clothing, itís just as important that their shoes are looking good. With many types of shoes, kids are able to wear them for several months in a row, and therefore itís important that they are not only comfortable to wear and fit well, but also that the kids like them.

Itís often easier to get kids to put on practical footwear if they love their shoes. Thatís why we have a large selection of beautiful shoes for kids and babies, to ensure you can find exactly the ones that your kid will enjoy wearing.

We have kidsí shoes and baby shoes in many different shapes and colours. Perhaps they should be green or rose, or maybe your kid requires a particular supportive need. Please feel free to take a look at our large assortment to find the shoes that go perfectly with your kid.

Maybe you need a pair of shoes for a special occasion such as a birthday or wedding? It may also be that your kid is attending a new sport that requires them to have certain shoes. We offer a huge selection of different kinds of kidsí and baby shoes, to ensure you can find exactly what your kid requires.

Shoes in many different materials

Kidsí shoes must be able to stand up to constant wear and tear, as well as be functional at the same time. Typically, your kid's shoes should allow their feet to breathe properly and be of a weight that doesnít impede their movements.

In addition, itís important to consider that each kid may have different individual requirements. It could be that itís important that the shoes are waterproof or it may be that you want to avoid certain types of materials. Thatís the reason why we have a large selection of shoes for kids and babies in all different types of materials.

On this page, you will discover both shoes in leather with a nice finish and shoes in textile, which are light and flexible. With us, you always have a multitude of options and a huge selection of kidsí shoes and baby shoes in several different materials.

A kidís first pair of shoes

Within this category, you will find shoes that are well-suited as a first pair of shoes for your kid. Shoes that fit perfectly and ensure an excellent beginning of walking on two feet. Brands such as Pom Pom and Bundgaard are easily found here, as well.

As we know, kidsí feet grow all the time. Therefore, itís important to keep an eye on the growing feet; the main thing is to notice when itís time to get a bigger size. With us, itís easy to find the right size shoe for kids, toddlers and babies.

Every kidsí shoe and baby shoe in our stock have been measured. This makes it easy for you to measure the length of the feet and therefore, itís easy to choose the right size. We recommend that kidsí shoes and baby shoes have extra space of 1-1Ĺ cm, providing room for feet to grow.

However, this growth allowance is only a recommendation and a general rule of thumb, so it'll be necessary to assess these needs on the basis of each individual kid and each pair of shoes whether they are a suitable size, and if there is ample room for the kid's feet to grow.. Otherwise, you might have to hunt for a pair of shoes in a size or two larger.

In the case of soft slippers, a growth allowance of 1 cm should be sufficient, where more room is required when there are thick, lined boots. There must also be room for feet to expand slightly when kidsí feet get too hot. 1Ĺ cm can be a very large growth allowance when considering baby shoes, while itís perfectly acceptable when it comes to shoes for larger kids or teenagers.

Use our filter to help you find the right kidsí shoe or baby shoe

When you know which shoe size your baby/toddler/kid needs, itís easy to find the exact type of kidsí shoe or baby shoe you want. Our filter helps you search for brands, types, sizes, gender and price.

Doing this, provides a quick overview of kidsí shoes or baby shoes from our vast assortment that match your wishes.

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