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Hickies Shoelaces - Elastic - Infrared Hickies Shoelaces - Elastic - Infrared 14,82 €
Originally:  22,80 €  
Hickies Shoelaces - Elastic - Neon Yellow Hickies Shoelaces - Elastic - Neon Yellow 17,42 €
Originally:  26,80 €  

Shoelaces for kids shoes 

If you are looking for new shoelaces for your kid then you have found the right place. We offer a wide selection of shoelaces for both kids and adults.

It is practical to have more than one set of shoelaces since shoelaces have a tendency to break at the worst time.

Different shoelaces for the same shoe changes the look of the shoe drastically. 

You have probably seen a kid who is unable to tie their shoe because the shoelaces are broken. Maybe you have been in that situation with your kids even more than once.

Here at Kids-World you will find a nice selection of different kinds of laces in many styles and colours. Browse around to see if you can find a pair of laces or two, which fit your child's shoes.

Shoelaces in cotton and elastic 

We offer regular shoelaces made in cotton at different lengths, elastic shoelaces, and also the practical Hickies shoelaces. Shoelaces in cotton and the elastic shoelaces are available in white and black. 

The options for the Hickies shoelaces are wider and we offer white with colored buttons, blue, navy, black, burgundy, pink, yellow, mixed neon colors, greyish brown, grey, anthracite grey, black with gold, black with neon colors, black with greyish brown, grey, black with silver, and beige. 

We offer laces for your child's shoes, no matter whether you are looking for laces for the sneakers or the boots. Remember to choose laces in the right length so that they fit with the amount of holes in the shoes. 

Shoelaces at different lengths 

The most important feature of shoelaces is that they keep the shoe on the foot. It is an added bonus if the shoelaces look good. We have white and black shoelaces in a flat woven structure at three different lengths which are 65cm, 80cm, 90cm, and 100cm. 

Shoelaces with the length of 65cm is best for shoes with 2 to 4 sets of holes. The shoelaces at 80 cm are suitable for shoes with 4 to 5 sets of holes.

If the shoes have 5-6 sets of holes then 90cm is better and for shoes with 5-7 sets of holes you will need the 100cm shoelaces. 

These flat, woven shoelaces are perfect for everyday use. The ends are reinforced with a wide plastic end, which prevents them from getting worn out. 

Elastic shoelaces at different lengths 

Elastic shoelaces are round and available in black or white. The shoelaces are available in 65cm or 80cm which works best for shoes with 2 to 4 sets of holes. 

These shoelaces are thicker and along with the elastic benefit these shoelaces create a comfortable and flexible fit. The shoelaces have a wide plastic end which ensures that they will not be worn out. 

Popular shoelaces in cool colors 

Last but not least, and as previously mentioned, we have a large selection of so-called hickies shoelaces in all different colors and color combinations, The packages contain 14 pieces. 

Hickies are incredibly smart and practical and they are a perfect replacement for the standard shoelaces which can be challenging for younger kids. 

Most kids come to a point when they can to do everything themselves. It will take longer but it is the way that they learn. There might also be situations like in the changing rooms when you as a parent are not around. Also kids are proud when they can take care of things themselves. 

Shoelaces in elastic material

Hickies are elastic bands which are inserted into the holes for the shoelaces and they turn the shoe into slip-ins or the idea of loafers. This is possible thanks to the so-called Memory Fit material which follows the foot's motion.

This will improve the comfort and fit for the kids. The material is also durable and retains its elasticity. 

These shoelaces are available in one-size and they will automatically adapt to the width of the foot. It is recommended to use hickies for kids under the age of 8 years old.

Buy cool spiral laces 

We also offer cool spiral laces. The laces are 15 cm long and they work differently than regular shoe laces. With the curly shape of the spiral laces there is no need to tie the laces.

They automatically ensure that the shoe stays where it should and easily shapes itself according to the different foot shapes. This will make it possible for the kid to get its shoes on and off by itself, which is a big help in daily life, especially when you have to leave the house in a rush.

The spiral shoelaces are not only practical, they are also super cool and come in the colours black and white. 

Shoelaces for kids in different price ranges 

You can find shoelaces for kids in different price ranges. This means you will find both cheap shoelaces as well as the more expensive versions.

No matter which one you choose, you can be assured of getting a nice pair of shoelaces in a good quality. If you are looking for shoelaces in a specific price range, then try to use the filter at the top of the page. 

When your kid is learning to tie the shoelaces 

Sometimes it is difficult to tie the shoelaces. Some kids learn it quickly while others find it more difficult.

Spiral shoelaces can be a good alternative while the kid is still small, or the shoelaces from Hickies are also a great choice. However, at one point the kids will have to learn to tie their shoelaces on their own.

It is important to stay patient when the kid is learning to tie the shoelaces. Make sure that the shoelaces have the right length and that they aren't frayed. This will make it easier for the kid to handle the shoelaces.

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