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Sandals for Kids

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Sandals for kids

All feet are unique and different, and of course, so are kid's feet. At Kids-world, you will find a huge selection of sandals for kids. In our range of kid's sandals, you will find both classic kid's sandals that provide good support and comfort, and light kids’ sandals made of compressed foam rubber, which are perfect for a hot summer day. Our range is packed with different varieties of sandals for both boys and girls, whether their feet are wide, narrow, or if they have high or low arches.

We have sandals from a toe split to strapped sandals with a stylish buckle closing. The most popular sandal in our entire collection, are the ones with multiple straps over the instep with one or two classy buckles.

Our collection of sandals are made by fine materials, which makes the footwear comfortable for your kid to walk in all day. With our collection of sandals, there is a good chance that you will find the perfect pair for your child.

We try our best to have sandals at home in all sizes. You will usually find sandals in sizes 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 , 40 and 41

We offer a huge selection of sandals for boys and girls from well-known brands such as Mikk-Line, adidas, BOSS, Bundgaard, Color Kids, Hummel, Pom Pom, En Fant, Molo and Angulus. Sandals are especially practical for when the feet need to be aired in warmer weather.

We have a huge selection of colours in sandals, where you can find kid's sandals in the colours blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, metallic, multicolored, orange, rose, red, black and turquoise.

Sandals for boys and girls

One of the reasons why many kids loves to wear sandals, is because sandals let fresh feel of air circulating between the toes. And if it is a bit chilly outside, just loosen the buckel abit, and then there is enough room for wearing a pair of warm socks.

Thus, you can find sandals that are designed specifically for your kid’s preferences as to whether the pair selected should be in feminine colours, with patterns, flowers and pearls, or if they should be some extra cool sandals with camouflage, animal motifs and much more.

We have an exciting range of fashionable sandals with lots of fun details on them and in all the colours of the rainbow. Search through our entire collection of sandals for boys and girls of all ages here at Kids-world.

Sandals for active kids

You can very easily find sandals that meet your kid's needs and support their daily activities. If your kid is playing in the garden and climbing trees, sandals with velcro closures would be the obvious choice, but for an older girl playing with girlfriends on the road, a pair of fine sandals with buckles will fit perfectly.

There may be a difference as to how long girls and boys wear closed toe sandals before switching to open toe sandals. It might be that your kid continues to wear closed toe sandals until they turn four years of age, but possibly all the way up to the age of eight. On the contrary, they might be ready to wear open toe sandals before the age of four.

Depending upon the activity level and what it’s to be used for, if kids have to play on the road, both types of sandals can be worn, but if they play in the sand or play football, then a pair of closed toe sandals is usually the most comfortable to have on.

Choose the right size kid’s sandals

When purchasing sandals for your kids, it’s important to choose the right size. Of course, the sandals shouldn’t be too small, but it also doesn’t help to buy them too big, as many people mistakenly think that the kids just have to "have something to grow in.”

If the sandals that they’re wearing are too big, their feet slip around and the sandals are not able to provide the support they are designed to, and it doesn't make it easy for them to run around and play in the sandals. When purchasing sandals for kids, as a rule of thumb, it’s best to add a growth allowance of about 1 to 1.5 centimeters in the closed toe sandals and about 1 centimeter in the open toe sandals.

You can possibly use the forefinger width method, which works relatively well, by placing your index finger at the end of the longest toe between the end of the front of the shoe. For the vast majority of sandals, this method makes it easy to see if there is the correct amount of room for the toes.

Closed toe sandals for kids

Classic sandals are a closed model that is usually closed with velcro closures over the ankles, or with buckles around the ankles and tops of the feet. The options for tightening and loosening the velcro closures and buckles make the sandals easy to adjust to the feet. Closed toe sandals also provide protection for the toes, while at the same time provide stability and support for little ones, ensuring that their feet don't slip around in their sandals.

Many of the boys’ and girls' sandals you’ll find here at Kids-world are padded with leather inside, and come with goods soles on the bottom that conform to kid's feet. 

Open toe sandals for older kids

When your kid turns 4 to 5 years old, it’s typically about the time to choose an open toe sandal. At this stage, kids no longer require the same toe protection that a closed sandal provides. Under the age of 4 to 8 years, it’s always a good idea to choose sandals with a closed heel cup, but an open heel cup is a better solution for older kids. As with a closed sandal, it’s still important that the sandals adjust and support around the ankles so that the feet remain stable, and don’t slide around. A possible option in the beginning is to choose open toe sandals that allows you to adjust at the heels.

Many open toe sandals at Kids-world come with adjustable straps. They provide good flexibility with straps so they can be accurately adjusted to your kid's feet. By choosing straps with velcro, it’s easier for kids to close the sandals themselves. In addition, many sandals come with adjustable flexible straps that go over the feet and ankles. This way, the sandals can be adjusted to support the feet entirely..

For holidays and trips on the beach, kids’ slippers, beach sandals and other footwear without a heel cup are quite perfect, but footwear for kids without a heel cup or heel strap is certainly not good for them to walk in. They’re perfectly fine for a trip to the pool or a walk on the terrace, but otherwise they can’t be recommended for little feet, over extended periods of time. 

The fit of kids’ sandals is important

Kids have different feet, and therefore it’s important that their sandals have a good fit so that they’re able to quickly and easily adapt to your kid's feet. As a general rule, the sandals should not be adjusted so tightly so that the feet have very little opportunity to move.

The area where the foot is located is called the footbed, and it’s important that the feet are located in the footbed, neither too far forward nor backward. When adjusting the heel straps, it’s especially important that they’re not adjusted too tight, as feet can get pushed too far forward in the footbed, and can create great discomfort for kids when wearing the shoes.

Sandals in many different colours

The choice of color often plays a role when choosing sandals for girls and boys. That's why you will find a large selection of sandals in different colours here at Kids-world. See more about our sandals in different colours below. Remember that you will find sandals from a long number of large brands on this page.

Stylish and smart white sandals

When it comes to some of the classic large festive events in the summer, white sandals are just an obvious choice for some smart footwear that can both look elegant, while you can enjoy the heat of the sun.

You will find a long variety of white sandals for kids here. We have several different white sandals from different brands, so you can easily find a pair of smart white sandals, no matter what brand or design your white sandals should be in.

Check out our large selection of white sandals. You can easily find all our white sandals by using our filter. Here you can filter our sandals by color, so you can quickly and easily view all our white sandals.

Beautiful gold sandals

If there is to be a party, gold sandals or sandals with glitter are something that hits the little ones, where the girls can really bring out the princess feeling.

See both our gold sandals and sandals for kids in others beautiful colours. There is something for every taste, whether it is gold or glitter, which is a hit at home.

Blue and light blue sandals - The safe hit with the boys

Sandals for boys do not have to have neutral colours. You can also get blue sandals that can easily fit into the wardrobe of the boys' room. With a pair of blue sandals, most boys can be well on their way to a fun summer where the activities take place outside.

Blue sandals come in several varieties from a long range of popular sandal brands. Therefore, you will easily find both blue and light blue sandals that will best suit the boy at home.

We have both blue sandals with open and closed pointy, so you can easily find the blue sandals that best fit the summer that you want. The same, of course, applies to our selection of light blue sandals.

Green sandals for girls and boys

Green sandals go really well with earth tones and dark colours, but you also Sheep green sandals with much more flashy colours, so they can be the one that completes the look for a smart summer set.

We have both green sandals for girls and boys. So whether you have a boy or girl at home, it is easy to find some chic green sandals here in our large assortment of green sandals for kids.

Smart red sandals

A pair of chic red sandals is almost an eternal classic when it comes to summer footwear for kids. Red sandals are both colorful and neutral at the same time, so there is nothing to say that they are so popular and the safe choice when buying kid's sandals with colours.

You will find red sandals with both closed and open pointy, so you can easily find a pair of smart red sandals here, no matter what type of kid's sandals you are looking for.

Fresh and summer-smart yellow sandals

Summer, sun and yellow sandals. There is nothing like a pair of yellow sandals that say summer has come. The yellow sandals almost signal that there is high sun and summer, so the shoes can be replaced by a pair of smart sandals for kids.

Yellow sandals can easily be paired with some smart summer clothes when a pair of sandals is needed for fine use. Therefore, they are ideal for festive occasions during the summer months.

The freshness of the yellow sandals means that they can just be what spice up the summer look a little extra, so they can be what just gives the last to the look.

Silver sandals for kids

Silver sandals, or sandals with metallic colour, are something that can be used for both daily use and for festive events. A pair of smart silver sandals both have a bit of the flashy effect that gold sandals have, but are still a little more subdued, so they can also be used for others things than fine use.

With silver sandals, you are thus guaranteed a kids's sandal that can be used for almost any occasion. That's why you will find a long range of smart and different silver sandals here at Kids-world. We have collected a long number of beautiful silver sandals from well-known brands, so there is a large selection of silver sandals for you.

Colorful orange sandals

They can both be very flashy, but they can also be very subdued and neutral. Of course, these are orange sandals that we are talking about. Orange sandals in leather can almost have a brownish colour, so they become very neutral and subdued in their look.

You will also find orange sandals, where the orange colour has been increased to such an extent. Here, the orange sandals become very prominent and to the extent something that can spice up every look, as they just catch the eye right away.

If you have a kid at home who loves colorful clothes, then a pair of orange sandals is a really good offer for footwear for the summer.

Neutral beige sandals

If, on the other hand, you have a kid at home who is more into the neutral colours, then a pair of beige sandals may be a better choice than the orange sandals.

Beige sandals are both neutral and stylish at the same time. In this way, they are a safe choice, as they are suitable for both fine use and everyday use. See our large selection of beige sandals from a number of well-known brands when it comes to sandals for kids.

Princess sandals: Pink, pink and pink sandals

What colour are princess sandals? They are of course pink, pink or pink. If you have a little girl at home with a little princess in her belly, then a pair of pink, pink or pink sandals can very well be a huge hit when buying summer shoes.

You will find pink, pink and pink sandals for both fine use and for active kids who want to wear pink, pink or pink sandals when the summer is to be enjoyed with play outside.

Whether you are looking for pink sandals with velcro, pink sandals with straps or pink sandals with buckles, we have it all in our large range of sandals for kids.

Use the filter at the top to quickly see the many pink, pink or pink sandals that we have in our range. That way, you only get to see them.

You can also drive through our entire range of kids's sandals and see our entire huge selection of sandals for kids.

Purple sandals

It's not just pink sandals that are a hit. There are also little sandals. You will find purple sandals in both strong colours, where they are reminiscent of pink, or muted versions, where the lavender-colored purple sandal is almost more reminiscent of the completely light colours.

That is why we have many different types of purple sandals for kids. You can therefore be sure that you can easily find many offers for the next purple sandals for the little one at home in our range of sandals for kids.

Our many purple sandals come in a long variety of different versions, so you will find purple sandals that are just ready to put on or that have straps so they can fit snugly when the holiday calls.

Black sandals - The safe choice

If there is one colour that works for pretty much any others colours, then it is black. With a pair of black sandals, you are therefore in a really good position, no matter what you need or what others colours the clothing style contains.

Black sandals for kids are therefore a safe choice if you are in doubt about what they should be used for. Black sandals are stylish and therefore very flexible, no matter what spoon during the summer. You can therefore give the kids black sandals to wear, whether you are going to the city or whether it is a walk on the beach or just a walk on the playground.

You will find black sandals with both open and closed pointy, so you can easily find just the black sandals that best suit the smallest feet in the home.

If you use our filter, you can easily find all our black sandals. You can also use the filter to find black sandals from the exact brand you want sandals from.

Black sandals are one of the most common colours when it comes to sandals for kids. That is why you will find many different varieties of black sandals. The large selection is to your advantage, because you Sheep many more choices when you choose black sandals.

Leather sandals

The choice of material is very different from sandal to sandal when it comes to sandals for kids. One of the classic materials for kids's sandals is leather. Leather sandals are a classic where the straps on the sandal are made of leather.

We have leather sandals from a long range of brands here at Kids-world. Therefore, take a look at the many leather sandals in different colours, so you can find just the leather sandals that fit the little feet at home.

The selection of leather sandals counts both kids's sandals from the very small sizes and up to teenage sizes.

If the design teases in relation to whether you can see if it is leather sandals or if it is others materials, then you can always see if it is leather sandals by reading the product descriptions for the individual sandals. It says what materials the different sandals are made of.

Have a comfortable summer with soft sandals

When buying comfortable sandals, it makes very good sense to look at some soft sandals - especially if they are to be used for active kids or in connection with holidays where the kids are expected to walk a lot.

Soft sandals Sheep kids a better suspension and shock absorption when they run or walk long distances. It helps to provide some comfortable sandals so that the kids do not Sheep sore feet when the sandals are on for many hours at a time.

Therefore, consider both the use of the sandals and your kids's activity level when choosing sandals for kids. You will make your kid happy if it is some comfortable sandals that do not hurt the feet.

You will find soft sandals in our large assortment of comfortable sandals for kids on this page. In the product description for the individual sandals, you will also find a description of the sole, so you can easily see if they are soft sandals or if the sole in the sandal becomes a little harder.

Wide sandals

If you have a kid with wide feet, then wide sandals can be a really good choice when shopping for sandals for kids. If the sandals become too narrow, you will easily find that you have a kid who complains that they are gnawing or not comfortable to walk in.

Therefore, make sure you know how wide your kids's feet are before finding a pair of kids's sandals. If your kid has wide feet, you will find comfortable sandals by choosing a pair of wide sandals.

See the measurements for the individual sandals in the product description. Here are the measurements on the individual sandals. That way, you can easily find out if it is a pair of wide sandals or not.

Sandals for boys and girls

Sandals are a hit with most kids in the summer. That is why you will of course find both smart sandals here at Kids-world, regardless of whether you are looking for sandals for boys or girls.

We have both sandals for boys, sandals for girls and unisex sandals in many different colours and designs. You can both use our filter to find sandals for boys or girls, but you can also choose to see the complete selection of sandals for kids.

Sandals for boys are often in dark colours such as black, blue or green, while sandals for girls are often in the light and more colorful colours.

We have sandals for boys and girls from size 18 and all the way up to size 42, so you can regularly find new sandals here, regardless of whether your kid skips a shoe size once in a while.

See our several hundred sandals for boys and girls on this page, where we continuously add the latest models from the many strong brands that we sell here at Kids-world.

Sandals with strap

When it comes to adjustable sandals, sandals with straps are one of the first things that most people think of. The vast majority of sandals are therefore sandals with a strap, where you can either tighten the strap via the buckle or via the velcro closure that is on the sandal and the strap.

Of course we also have sandals without straps. Scroll through our large selection of sandals and find just the sandals with straps that will fit your kid perfectly.

You will find sandals with straps in many different designs and colours, so there is a large selection, no matter what colour you want your sandals with straps to have.

Sandals with lace

Sandals can actually have others closures than a strap. If you are looking for something other than sandals with straps, then we actually have it too.

You will also find sandals with lace here at Kids-world. When you buy sandals with lace, the kid must close or tighten sine sandals with the laces - a bit like you know it from a pair of sneakers.

Sandals with lace give a somewhat different look than the classic sandals with straps. They can easily be more reminiscent of sneakers - without them they are. See our different sandals with lace here and see if there is not a pair that will be a hit with the little ones at home.

Summer shoe

What are a pair of good summer shoe? A good pair of summer shoe is some footwear that you can feel comfortable in during the hottest months of the year.

For many kids, sandals are what they will call good summer shoe, as they can get the same comfort and functionality that they have with a pair of sneakers when choosing a pair of good sandals for kids. Find the next summer shoe for kids here, where we have several hundred sandals to choose from.

Here you will find good sandals

A pair of good sandals can be what guides your kid well through the summer and the many activities that a summer vacation can offer.

When you need to find some good sandals, it is important that you look at the needs of the kid's and not least what the sandals are to be used for. It is therefore a good idea to be clarified with whether you are looking for a good pair of sandals for an active kid, or whether it is important to find some good sandals for a party.

However, it is worth noting that kids often run around more than adults do. This also applies when they are wearing sandals. So a pair of good sandals can quickly be based on whether you have a very active kid or not, because if you have an active kid, then a pair of good sandals will be some that have a good shock absorption, so it does not give sore feet.

To help as many as possible find some good sandals, we have gathered a huge selection of sandals for kids here in the shop.

Sandal offers: Sandals for kids on offer

If you are looking for some good sandals for kids on offer, then you have come to the right place. You will find our entire range of sandals for kids here. So you can always see our current sandal deals here on the site.

You can also find sandals on sale in our sale category, where you can also see our others offers on discounted items.

If you do not want to miss out on a sandal offer or one of the many others offers that we regularly send out to our customers, we recommend that you sign up for our newsletter. In this way, you regularly receive current offers on sandals and others products directly in your inbox.

Cheap sandals for kids

How do I find cheap sandals for kids? You do this by using our filter and sorting our several hundred sandals for kids by price. That way you Sheep to see the cheapest sandals.

You can always find cheap sandals here at Kids-world. Also when we do not have special offers on sandals. So keep an eye out for our large category of sandals. It is constantly updated, where we add sandal news and the latest smart sandals from the most popular brands.

A kid's sandal for everyone

We are certain that you’ll discover a fabulous pair of sandals that suits your kid, regardless of whether they’re to be used for everyday or fine occasions. We strive to make it easy for you to filter through the many sandals from brands such as adidas Performance, Angulus, Billabong, Birkenstock, Bisgaard, BOSS, Bundgaard, Color Kids, Creamie, En Fant, Hummel, Michael Kors, Mikk-Line, Molo, Move By Melton, Pom Pom, Quiksilver, Ralph Lauren, Reebok, Reima, Sofie Schnoor and Stella McCartney Kids.

How to clean and maintain kids’ sandals

Summer offers lots of play and activities, and kids enjoy running around in their sandals and allowing their feet to breathe. For the very active, this can make both open and closed kids’ sandals very dirty. Luckily  it's pretty easy to clean them.

Robust materials mean that sandals can stand up to a little of everything, and with the right care,  they will look great all summer long. When the sandals need to be cleaned, you can simply use a wrung-out cloth to remove dirt and grime.

For kids' sandals made in leather, a good shoe polish can easily and quickly make them look nice and give them a fresh-looking colour. It’s also recommended to give leather sandals a little beeswax, as it retains the flexibility of the leather, and freshens up the sandals.

Suede sandals are also easy to restore, but here you need to remember to use a suede brush when brushing the sandals and as well as a liquid fabric colour in either neutral or a colour for the suede.

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