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Flip Flops for Kids

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Flip flops for kids

If you are looking for a pair of amazingly handy flip flops for your kid, you have come to right place. We have a wide range of flip flops for kids. Lots of brands, too!

Flip Flops are perfect for the beach and summer house, for a quick trip to the kiosk or for the entire summer. Flip flops are super easy to just jump in and are well suited for hot days, where feet can feel a bit stuffy in a pair of regular shoes.

Explore our large selection of many different flip flops for kids of all ages.

Flip flops for kids in all sizes

We offer flip flops for both small and large kids with foot sizes 21, size 22, size 23, size 24, size 25, size 26, size 27, size 28, size 29, size 30, size 31, size 32, size 33, size 34, size 35, size 36, size 37, size 38, size 39, size 40, size 41 and size 42.

As with all our other shoes on this page, we have measured the inner length of all our flip flops. You can feel free to just measure the length of your kid's feet and thereby easily find the flip flops size that fits them perfectly.

We know that it can be difficult to find the right shoes for kids when you donít have the opportunity to try them on. Thatís why we strive to give you all the knowledge you need about the flip flops before you purchase them. You can find all sizes and size guides inside each product.

We measure all the different flip flops, to ensure you already know in advance that they will fit your kid's feet. We measure with a professional shoe gauge, to make certain that our measurements are as accurate as possible, and all shoes are measured with the same method and same tool.

Remember that you can always go to the top of the page to filter by sizes, to get an accurate overview, and easily order flip flops in your kid's size.

Flip flops for hot and sunny days

Flip flops for kids are a great solution on a hot summerís day. Often, feet get too warm in a pair of closed (and perhaps too tight shoes). Sandals are not everyoneís favourite either, therefore flip flops are quite ideal when you need to get somewhere in a hurry as they are very easy to slip into.

Many of the flip flops in our selection fit this purpose because they are designed with a single strap between the toes making it very easy to put on/take off the flip flops.

Of course, we also have a wide selection of flip flops that include heel straps for the little ones, who may have a little difficulty keeping the flip flops on.

Many different flip flop styles for kids

Flip flops for kids are very different from each other. Our selection consists of a great variety; from plain flip flops in various colours such as black, brown, red, green, yellow, white, purple, orange, turquoise, navy blue, pink etc. to flip flops with cool stripes, printings and motives.

Should your boy or girl want a pair of flip flops with cool prints and motives such as ships, flowers, superheroes, superheroines or perhaps he or she prefer lively and loud colours - well, this is the category in which you find them!

Flip flops from many brands

A pair flip flops are worth their weight in gold, not only on summer vacation, but also if you are going for a quick walk in the garden or just want to free your feet from the cold floors of the home.

At Kids-world you will find some of the large in products for sun and beach. That's why you'll find both Havaianas flip flops, Billabong flip flops and Quicksilver flip flops. You can also find BOSS flip flops and Emporio Armani flip flops, which let the brand name adorn the solid backgrounds on the flip flops.

If you are more into the well-known sports brands, you will also find Hummel flip flops and adidas flip flops right here.

Flip flops deals

You can find really cheap clippers for kids here in the category or inside our sale page. Do you already know that the kid has grown out of sine flip flops and will definitely be happy to get a pair new ones? Then it is an excellent idea right now to slip past our sale category, where we also have a really nice selection of cheap clippers at a reduced price.

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