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Winter Boots for Kids

Shoe Size
Color Kids Winter Boots - Fudge Color Kids Winter Boots - Fudge 33,21 €
Originally:  73,80 €  
Color Kids Winter Boots - Phantom Color Kids Winter Boots - Phantom 33,17 €
Originally:  73,70 €  
Pom Pom Winter Boots - Tex - Deep Rouge Pom Pom Winter Boots - Tex - Deep Rouge 78,52 €
Originally:  120,80 €  
Wheat Winter Boots - Dowi Prewalker - Tex - Black Flowers Wheat Winter Boots - Dowi Prewalker - Tex - Black Flowers 45,23 €
Originally:  100,50 €  
Wheat Winter Boots - Dowi Prewalker - Tex - Red Flowers Wheat Winter Boots - Dowi Prewalker - Tex - Red Flowers 45,23 €
Originally:  100,50 €  
Sofie Schnoor Girls Linned Boots - Black Sofie Schnoor Girls Linned Boots - Black 39,20 €
Originally:  60,30 €  
Viking Winter Boots - Tex - Spro High GTX - Pink/Grey Viking Winter Boots - Tex - Spro High GTX - Pink/Grey 41,00 €
Originally:  91,10 €  
Viking Winter Boots - Tex - Espo High 2 WP BOA - Black Viking Winter Boots - Tex - Espo High 2 WP BOA - Black 53,69 €
Originally:  119,30 €  
Viking Winter Boots - Tex - Bjork Warm GTX BOA - Black Viking Winter Boots - Tex - Bjork Warm GTX BOA - Black 63,32 €
Originally:  140,70 €  
Naturino Winter Boots - Tex - Arrows - Army/Neon Yellow Naturino Winter Boots - Tex - Arrows - Army/Neon Yellow 48,33 €
Originally:  107,40 €  

Winter boots for girls and boys

Get the kids joyfully stomping through snow and puddles in winter boots that combines practicality and style.

They are the perfect choice for keeping your kidss feet warm and dry when winter weather really begins to bite. Our selection offers flats- and heel boots with many design options to fit every foot type and give a good balance between softness, flexibility and durability.

Get their playground wardrobe up to speed with colourful winter boots from Kids-world.

Ankle and mid-calf winter boots for kids

You will find many boots desings for boys and girls in our online shop. From ankle boots to mid-calf.

Picking a height that works for your kid is key. Ankle- and mid-calf boots will always be in style. Ankle boots have been around for ages and are very popular. This shape goes with everything, and mid-calf boots with wool socks and leggings will always be fashionable - plus they gives a little extra more warmth.

Which ever you'd prefer, we have many of those two styles to choose from.

Winter boots in many sizes

It is very important that the winter boots fit the kid properly. However, sometimes it can be difficult to get the kids to join you when it is time to buy winter boots. Therefore, we have made it as easy as possible to find the right size by measuring all our winter boots on the inside. 

By measuring your child’s feet at home, it will be easy to find the right size, which fits your child. We know it is not always easy to find the right boots, when the kid does not want to try them on first.

This is why we have made sure that you get all the necessary information regarding the boots, before buying them. This could be information about the material, the fit, use or a size guide 

All of our winter boots have been measured with a professional foot measurer, which means that our measurements are as accurate as possible. All of the boots have been measured the same way and with the same tool.

If the boot has a removable sole, we measure the full length of the removable sole. This ensures that your child’s feet will fit the boots with the soles inside.

Velcro or laces?

Winter boots with laces and velcro closure can be adjusted both in width and instep. Winter boots with velcro closure is a great option for very young kids. The velcro makes it simple and quick to put on your kid's boots, and with time they can learn to put them on and take them off on on their own.

Winter boots with laces have more adjustment possibilities. Winter boots with laces are designed in a way that the laces do not squeeze the foot, but simply help ensure that the boot is flexible with a great fit.

It is a good idea to choose a closure which fit your child’s foot type. Some kids have narrow feet or thin ankles, and this typically requires that the boots can be tightened a little bit extra in order to ensure a tight and good fit. 

Winter boots which are easy for the kid itself to get on and off can be a good choice for the small kids. Some kids learn quickly to tie the shoes while others feel more comfortable closing their shoes with velcro or buckles. 

Winter boots with wool lining

Winter boots are meant to last all through winter, therefore it is important that they warm those little toes. Our winter boots are isolated with soft lining. From wool to synthetics.

Wool is a great choise as it not only provides warmth for your childs feet, they are also breathable which provides a level of comfort for your child.

Under each product description you can read which materials have been used to make the winter boots. Here you will also find information about whether the boots are waterproof or not, as well as the inside measurement of the boots. 

In addition to wool linings, we also have winter boots lined with fleece, fur and other types of textiles. The different types have different advantages which are good to take into consideration. As an example, most fleece linings can be machine washed.

Is your kid playing outside no matter what the weather is like? Then, it may be a good idé to look for a winter boot with snow-cuffs or a lining which closes tightly around your child’s leg.

Waterproof winter boots

Most of our winter boots are waterproof, but never the less, it is always a good idea to threat the boots with waterproofing spray.

Many of our winter boots is covered with TEX membrane. TEX membrane is an ultra-thin layer between the boots upper material and the inner lining.

It prevents the water and snow from entering the boot. Therefore the TEX-membrane helps to keep the your childs feet dry and warm throughout the cold and wet winter months.

A well cared for pair of winter boots will keep your childs feet comfortable during winter, when your kid needs warm and dry feet the most. Take the time to clean the boots and you will see just how easy it is to maintain a great pair of winter boots. 

When you buy a new pair of winter boots, it is always a good idea to ensure that they keep as nice and tight as long as possible. On this page, you can also find different kinds of shoe care products.

We have products specific for leather and suede care, for eliminating odours or for general shoe care. Take a look under the category ‘Shoe Care products’.

Winter boots for different occasions

It is a very good idea to consider what the winter boots will be used for, when you choose a pair of winter boots for your child. If you often go on ski holidays, it may be a good idea to choose winter boots which are extra warm. 

If the boots are to be used by an older kid who does not play outside for hours, it may be a good idea to choose a winter boot in a lighter material which has extra space for a sole or a warm sock on the cold days. 

If the winter boots are to be used by a small kid who is still learning to walk, then it may not be so important whether or not the winter boot is 100% waterproof, rather it should be light, so that the kid can move without problems. 

Stylish winter boots

Here at Kids-world you will always find a huge range of winter boots for boys and girls. We have winter boots in many styles and colours by exciting brands like Angulus, Bisgaard, Bundgaard, Columbia, EMU Australia, En Fant, Hummel, Mikk-Line, Molo, Moon Boot, Move by Melton, Polo Ralph Lauren, Pom Pom, Reima, Rubber Duck, Sofie Schnoor, Sorel, Submarine and UGG.

Choose the pair of winter boots you like the most for your child, whether it be suede, patent leather, metallics, glitter, leather or in colours like brown, blue, black, pink and more, you will find it all in our online shop.

Winter boots in beautiful designs 

We know how important it is that the kid likes what he or she is wearing. Clothes and shoes should not only be comfortable and practical, but also reflect who the kid is.

Some kids love colours, some love patterns, while other kids are more minimalistic in their taste. On this page you will find a vast variety of winter boots for kids of all ages. 

We have more than 25 different brands to choose from, and we have winter boots in different price ranges, which means that we have something for every taste no matter if your kid loves to dress up, explore the world, always feel cold or something else. 

Winter boots for older kids

Not only do we have winter boots for the small kids, we also have a wide variety of winter boots for older kids and teenagers.

The older kids typically do not spend hours on the playground when there is sheet, snow and mud, and may therefore not need winter boots as practical as those needed by the small kids. 

Also, older kids and teenagers typically care a little bit more about what their winter boots look like. After all, they will have to use them for a lot of months.

On this page we have sizes up to 40, and in many different styles. You will find long winter boots, short winter boots with patterns, winter boots with velcro and winter boots with zippers.

In short, almost everything your heart desires. Remember that you can always use the filters at the top of the page to get a quick overview of the specific type of winter boots you are interested in. 

When should you buy winter boots for kids?

The winters can be both long and harsh. Therefore, it is recommended that you already start looking for a pair of sensible winter boots in the autumn. At this time, the new winter collections from various brands have already hit the market, so it is certainly possible to find a pair of perfect winter boots for your kid already there. 

Which winter boots are best for kids?

It is so important to choose the right winter boots for your kid. Their feet must be able to stay warm and dry, but it is also important to choose boots that are practical and easy to put on and take off so that your kid does not get frustrated. Of course, it is also always an advantage that your kid actually likes the way their new winter boots look.

To choose the perfect winter boots, there are some things that you should pay extra attention to. First of all, the new winter boots must be waterproof. Your kid must have good opportunities to play in puddles and heavy snow. Breathability is another important factor - sweaty, damp feet are hard to keep warm. The Boots will quickly start to smell bad if they are not breathable. 

Good winter boots are of course also well insulated. This is of large importance, even if your kid will only be using them for a card trip. The main purpose of winter boots is that your kids can have warm and dry feet regardless of the weather conditions. Also choose winter boots with a solid, non-slip sole so that your kid does not slip on the ice in winter.

How large should winter boots be?

One of the most important things to pay attention to when buying winter boots is that the size is exactly right. This is important as it has a large influence on the boot's durability and comfort for the kid. If you buy winter boots that are too large, your kid may risk getting blisters on the heel. If, on the other hand, they are too small, they can also be painful to walk with. It is a really good idea for your kid to try on the winter boots with the socks they wear most often. In this way, you ensure that you choose a pair of winter boots that fit your kid perfectly.

It is also a really good idea that you check your kid's foot length at home before you order a pair of winter boots. 

How much extra growth in winter boots?

Of course, the vast majority of parents want the new winter boots they buy for their kid to fit well for as long as possible. However, Kids grow quickly, so it is also important that the boots are not so large that the kid does not swim in them. If you don't mind changing winter boots often, it is simply recommended that you buy a pair of winter boots that fit perfectly when your kid wears them with the socks they usually wear. 

If, on the other hand, you want the new winter boots to have a little extra growth, you can go up a single size. This will also allow for the use of thick winter socks. If the boots are a set too large, you can use an insole until your kid's foot has grown.

How should boots fit?

As previously mentioned, it is important to consider the size of your kid's new winter boots. Winter boots that are too small can cause cold feet. The same applies if they are too large. It is a widespread misconception that it is the boot itself that warms the foot. In fact, it is the heat produced by the foot that warms the boot. A good winter boot retains this heat - that's how insulation works.

This means that a certain amount of space is needed to keep the foot warm. If the boot is too little, it will not keep the heat. However, it is more often a problem that parents buy boots that are too large, as you of course want the kid to be able to walk in the boots for as long as possible. However, it is a large disadvantage to buy boots that are too large, as these will not be able to keep the heat either. Your kid must have a pair of winter boots that fit perfectly.

When should kids use winter boots?

When your kid should start wearing winter boots depends entirely on the type of winter boots you buy for your kid. In general, winter boots are recommended when the temperature is below 7 degrees. As the weather and seasons tend to be capricious, you can advantageously buy winter boots already in autumn. That way, they are ready as soon as the cold and snow announce their arrival. 

If your kid starts walking in their new winter boots while it is still warm, they will wear down faster on the asphalt. If the temperature is mild, it is better with a pair of robust rubber boots - they are also more breathable in warm weather.

When do you shift away from winter boots?

Real winter boots are padded and aim to keep feet warm, even in very cold weather. Therefore, it depends entirely on the weather and temperature when your kid can start walking in their normal shoe again. During very cold winters, your kid can enjoy their winter boots from October to March.

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