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Skateboards, Penny Boards, and longboards for kids



skate is a great hobby for kids, teens and adults. Skateboarding helps develop good balance, coordination, and motor skills. It also helps kids become both physically and mentally stronger - although it can be a risky sport and protective equipment is therefore necessary, skate can teach your child to believe more in themselves and thus gain lots of confidence.

There are many benefits to skate - one of them is that your child trains his whole body. Both arms, leg, upper body and feet are included. Since balance is a large set of skate, especially the upper body and leg will be trained. When your child tries and learns different tricks, such as an ollie or a kickflip, muscles and led work together so that after some time they will become stronger.

It is hugely challenging also mentally to skate. When your child tries new tricks and positions and gains new experience, they are attentive and active. When they fail and keep trying, they become more resilient.

Patience is a virtue when skateboarding

Skateboarding as a sport requires that you develop strategies to be successful. It can take 100 attempts to learn a trick - and when it finally succeeds, it is enormously rewarding for that child. They learn patience and that practice makes perfect. When they overcome challenges and keep going, it's all worth it. They learn to stay calm and clear so they can analyze what went wrong when a trick fails and how they can improve it on the next try.

Hanging out in the skate park with others kids creates a strong unity and is a hobby that many kids use to create their identity. Your child will have the opportunity to be with others skaters, and thus develop their social skills. Skaters support each other and your child will surely find new good friends and acquaintances.

Your child will become more courageous by skate - they will quickly learn to understand that skateboarding requires courage and discipline. When they first start skate, it is of course quite normal for them to be nervous or scared. There is always the fear of falling and getting hurt. But they soon find out to let go of the fear with the support of their friends and parents. If your child is good at skate, they will also quickly learn to stand on rollerskates and skates, as well as others demanding sports.

So to sum up, skate is a fun, educational, physically and mentally demanding hobby that can give your child a lot of tools, fun, knowledge, abilities and new friendships.

Skateboards for kids

There are several different types of skateboards, and which one you choose depends on your child's age, experience and what type of skateboard they are interested in. We have made a card overview of the different types so you can get an idea of what will fit best for your child.


Longboards are a longer type of skateboard. They are best suited for rejse from place to place, but are not good at doing tricks on. They are suitable for kids for approx. 9 years of age and up. Your child can easily use them to drive tray, on flat roads in the city and in the countryside, and to take from one place to another when the weather is suitable for it.


A cruiser boards are slightly shorter than a longboard, and thus easier to carry around and maneuver, but not as stable as longboards. This type of skateboard is also suitable for kids from 9 years and up. They are also primarily intended for driving on without doing tricks.


A mini-cruiser board is exactly like a cruiser board - just smaller. This makes them a popular choice for younger kids and beginners, or skaters who just want a cruiser board that fits in their backpack.

Double- kick

A double- kick board is the classic and most well-known skateboard, with ends that bend slightly upwards at each end. Thanks to these, a skater can use the board to do tricks on either side of the board. There are double- kick skateboards for kids and adults of all ages.

These can be run on, used in the skate park and on ramps, as well as to do tricks.

At Kids-world we have a wide range of these different types of skateboards for kids.

They are available in all sorts of different designs, sizes and colours, with cool, cute, raw and exciting motifs on the underside. Here you will find many different boards that suit your child's personality. Take a look at our large and cool selection of different types of skateboards and find a board for your child's new upcoming favorite hobby.

Beginner skateboards for kids

If your child is a beginner, there are several things you need to take into account. A board with a wider deck is best as it provides more stability when the kid is standing on it.

Your child's age, height and shoe size are also all factors that come into play when choosing a skateboard. You also need to know in advance what your child intends to use the new skateboard for. Is it for tricks or to drive home after school?

In addition, skateboards are available with different types of tires in various materials, ball bearings, wheels and quality. In our range you will find many good beginner skateboards that most kids will be able to start strong with.

Skateboards for kids aged 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7+ years

Whether your child is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 years or older, you can find a skateboard with us.

Skating is a hobby and sport for everyone, and regardless of your child's age, you can find a skateboard for them in our large assortment.

We have skateboards in all sizes and shapes and for all ages, so that both toddlers, kids and teenagers can participate.

Skateboards for tricks and ramps

If your child would like to spend many hours in the local skate park or at the ramp, it is necessary that they have a skateboard designed for the purpose. This is where the classic double- kick skateboards come into the picture (the standard model for skateboards).

They are available in a multitude of designs and sizes, and at Kids-world we have lots of skateboards that are well suited for doing tricks on - both for beginners and easily practiced.

The story of skateboards

The skateboard was first invented by Bill Richards in 1958, when he attached wheels from rollerskates to a wooden board. He called this product "The Roller Derby Skateboard". These were enormously thick boards with wheels made of Clay, and were difficult to maneuver.

Later, Larry Stevenson invented a skateboard with?? kick- tail??, that is, the ends pointed upwards. This changed the entire industry as it allowed skaters to have more control on the board and perform tricks.

In the 1970s, Alan Gelfand invented the ollien - probably the most famous skateboard trick, where skaters jump while standing on the skateboard. These three men helped create skateboarding and make it the sport it has become day.

The first skateboarding competition took place in 1963 on Hermosa beach. That same year, 50 million skateboards were already sold and then the rest is history!

Remember the protective equipment for when the kid is to skate

Protective gear is super important, especially for beginners. Skateboarding is a sport that can easily lead to injuries and physical injuries, but fortunately there is plenty of protective equipment for kids of really good quality.

The most important thing is a helmet to protect the head, but both knee pads, wrist protectors and elbow protectors protectors can save your child from ugly accidents when they are on a skateboard. See our large selection of protective equipment and set here at Kids-world. Also, make sure that your child has a pair of good flat sneakers that are well suited for skateboarding and let your child stand firmly on their skateboard.

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