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Bicycle Helmets for Kids


Bicycle helmets for babies and kids

Cycling is healthy and a fantastic way to spend time with your kids. Whether the kid is sitting behind you in a bicycle seat, riding his own bike on two or three wheels, it is incredibly important to protect little ones' heads - therefore, it is important to invest in a good bicycle helmet for your kids.

Here at Kids-World you'll find a large selection of bicycle helmets in different sizes, colours and models. We have solid-coloured and neutral bicycle helmets, but we definitely also offer colourful and fun bicycle helmets.

Browse our selection. Hopefully you will find a bicycle helmet which feels just right for your child.

Good bicycle helmets in smart designs

In our online shop we have gathered a nice and varied selection of bicycle helmets for kids in different styles and colours. We also have additional equipment that can make the bike bicycle helmet even cooler.

When your kid first learns to ride a bike, there are almost no limits to how far he or she wants to cycle in. Cycling is usually associated with a sense of freedom and the kid can quickly get up to speed by just stepping on. This means that safety is incredibly important.

Kids do not just move at speed on a bike and the bicycle helmets are not just for cycling. A bicycle helmet can be used for roller skates, skateboards, segboard, scooters or other types of ride-ons for kids.

In our online shop you'll find bicycle helmets in many nice designs. We believe that wearing a bicycle helmet doesn't necessarily have to be an unpleasant experience. A bicycle helmet can easily become a cool accessory which the kid is looking forward to wearing when he or she is going to ride the bike.

Popular brands

Save MyScoot and RideCrazy Safety

Safety above all

First of all, as a parent, you should make sure that the kids are kept safe from unnecessary dangers. This applies regardless of whether the kid is at full speed on a bike or any other ride-on, or is still learning to ride on a balance bike or a classic three-wheeled box bike.

Of course, we think that mum and dad also should wear a bicycle helmet - after all, who would look after your kid if you got injured in traffic because you did not wear a helmet?

It is therefore a good idea to make it a habit that both kids and parents are wearing a bicycle helmet when you are moving in traffic on two or three wheels. This also applies, of course, if the kids are in a bike seat or trailer.

Remember that the bicycle helmet only works when you are actually wearing it. It is a big plus if you find a bicycle helmet which your kid also thinks is nice. This will make it more likely that your kid will also use it when he or she isn't with mom or dad.

Put on the bicycle helmet and get out in the open

The bicycle helmet should be a natural part of riding a bicycle. The bicycle is typically a child's first means of transportation, and when the kids get older, the bicycle becomes a great opportunity to get to football training, the recreation club or to their friends' house, by themselves. The bicycle is therefore often synonymous with independence, and it is important that your kid understands that these new opportunities require responsibility - both for themselves and for others. This is why it is important that the kid gets used to wearing a bicycle helmet from an early age, and it actually isn't that difficult. Here at Kid, you'll be able to find a large selection of beautiful bicycle helmets.

Lightweight bicycle helmet in a cushioning material

Most bicycle helmets are lightweight to avoid creating pressure on the little ones head. We have bicycle helmets in classic designs, which are made of two layers; ABS plastic on the outer layer and an internal layer consisting of foam lining with interchangeable pads. The ABS plastic is shock absorbing and makes sure to transport any shocks away from the head.

This bicycle helmet has practical ventilation holes that stops your kid from head- sweating during the ride. These bicycle helmets can of course be adjusted at the neck and tightened under the chin with adjustable straps and a plastic buckle.

Other models also have magnetic locks and fleece at the chin strap, which is soft and suitable for the delicate skin on the chin. Some models have a red LED light at the back for increased safety in traffic. Extra important and practical when darker evenings set in.

Cool helmet

It can be a challenge to persuade yourself or others to wear a helmet. Many just do not think it is cool to wear one. However, we all think it is pretty uncool if there is an accident and injury occurs due to lack of helmet.

With our large range of cool, nice, simple and patterned bicycle helmets, you won't find it hard to find one that your kid will wear with pride. The bicycle helmets are available in the colours cream, steel, shades of blue, pink, dust green, dark green, pink, white, red.

If you are looking for a bicycle helmet in a specific colour, then don't forget to use the filter at the top of the page.

Bicycle bicycle helmet covers

Looking for something brighter or does he or she want different designs to choose from? It might be a good idea to buy some different bicycle helmet covers. The cover is easily pulled over the bicycle helmet and suddenly the bicycle helmet has been transformed.

We have bicycle helmet covers with eyes, various floral prints, graffiti, dots, stars, flames, and much more. Maybe you want to spruce up your bicycle helmet with a small fruit stalk?

Make yourself comfortable and see if you can find the perfect bicycle helmet for your boy or girl.

Bicycle helmets in different sizes

Not all kids's heads are the same size, and the kids's heads also grow. We have therefore made sure to have bicycle helmets in many different sizes. The size of the bicycle helmet is typically measured in cm, and in order to find the right size, you just need to measure the circumference of your child's head with a measuring tape.

The bicycle helmets generally fit heads of slightly different sizes, and we suggest that you buy one which is a few centimeters too big. This way you avoid that your kid outgrows the bicycle helmet too quickly.

You can see the different sizes of the bicycle helmets under the product descriptions.

Multi-sport bicycle helmets in our range

We can also offer multi-sport bicycle helmets that can be adjusted to fit every head, regardless of width, length, etc. Multi-sport bicycle helmets are for the brave and are perfect for sports, both in summer and in winter.

These bicycle helmets are also approved for skiing, skating, kite-surfing or wakeboarding. If you buy a multi-sport helmet, you will get a comprehensive bicycle helmet that protects your or your kids head.

How to find the best bicycle helmet for kids

Looking for the best bicycle helmet for kids? At Kids-world, we have made it easy for you to find the right helmet. We have a wide selection of helmets for kids from recognized brands that are known for their quality, comfort and safety.

Our range includes helmets in different designs and colours, making it easy to find a model that will appeal to your child. A nice helmet can also help motivate your child to always remember to use it.

While design can make all the difference, remember that the best bicycle helmet for kids takes into account that safety is paramount. When you choose a bicycle helmet for your child, you can therefore be sure that all our helmets meet the necessary safety standards, so that your child's head is well protected during the bike ride. Safe cycling.

Bicycle helmet for kids - Which size to choose?

Choosing the right size bicycle helmet for your child is essential to ensure optimal protection and comfort. A helmet that is too large cannot provide the necessary protection, and a helmet that is too little will be uncomfortable to wear.

Head circumference is the most accurate measurement to use when choosing a bicycle helmet. This can be measured by placing a measuring tape around your child's head just above the ears and eyebrows, parallel to the floor.

At Kids-world, we are dedicated to ensuring that your child has the best and safest bike ride. We are ready to guide you if you need help finding the right size bicycle helmet for kids. With the right bicycle helmet for your child, the bike ride will be both fun and safe.

Helmets for kids from different brands

There are many different brands of helmets for kids, and one of the most popular brands is Abus. Known for their high quality, durable materials and innovative design, Abus offers a wide range of helmets designed to suit children's different needs and preferences.

Abus for kids helmets come in a wide range of colours and patterns, making it easy for your child to find a helmet that suits their personal style. But in addition to just a good look, Abus helmets are full of smart safety features, such as adjustable straps and cushions to ensure a perfect fit, as well as reflectors for extra visibility in traffic.

With an Abus bicycle helmet for kids, you can have ro of mind when your child goes on a bicycle trip, knowing that your child is protected with a helmet that meets the highest safety standards. Check out our selection of Abus helmets for kids at Kids-world today.

Helmets for kids aged 1 year

Learning to ride a bike is a large milestone for any child and it's never too early to start. If you must use a bicycle helmet for kids aged 1, it is important to ensure that the kid is well protected when he or she begins his cycling adventure. At Kids-world, we have a wide selection of helmets designed especially for the youngest cyclists.

A bicycle helmet for kids aged 1-2 years has a smaller design that fits the kid's smaller head. They come with soft padded inserts and adjustable straps to ensure the helmet fits securely and comfortably. Each helmet is also equipped with ventilation to keep your child's head cool, even on hot days.

Choosing the right helmet can make the difference between a child who is excited to ride a bike and one who is nervous about the challenge. With our selection of helmets for kids aged 1-2 years, you can help your child get a safe and fun start to their cycling career. See our selection for the little ones today.

Bicycle helmet for kids aged 2 years

Finding the right bicycle helmet for your child is essential for safety, especially when your child is 2 years old and ready to take sine first bike rides. At Kids-world, we understand the importance of making sure your child is safe, which is why we have put together a large selection of bicycle helmet for kids aged 1-2 years.

These helmets are designed to fit small heads perfectly, with an adjustable fit and extra padding to ensure comfort and safety. They are easy to put on and take off and have ventilation to give your child's head air on hot days.

Safety is always the number one priority, but that doesn't mean your child's bicycle helmet has to be boring. Our helmets come in many different colours and designs so your child can cycle in style. Regardless of style and colour, you will find your bicycle helmet for kids aged 2 years at Kids-world.

Bicycle helmet for kids aged 3 years

For the little cycling enthusiasts aged 3, Kids-world has a wide selection of helmets that ensure both safety and style. We know that your child's safety is your number one priority, which is why we've put together a selection of helmets that meet all safety requirements and are designed to protect your child in the best way possible.

A bicycle helmet for kids aged 3 must sit comfortably and securely on the head. Our helmets have adjustable straps and padding so they can be adjusted precisely to your child's head. They are light and have ventilation so your child's head stays cool during the bike ride.

But a bicycle helmet can also be fun. We have helmets in different colours and, so your child can proudly cycle around wearing his favorite helmet. Visit our range to find the perfect bicycle helmet for your 3-year-old.

Bicycle helmet for kids aged 4 years

Finding the right bicycle helmet for your 4-year-old child can be a challenge, but at Kids-world we make it easy. We have a large selection of helmets that are perfect for 4-year-old kids, regardless of whether they have just started their cycling journey or whether they have already gained speed under the wheels.

Our helmets are equipped with adjustable straps and pads, which provide a comfortable and secure fit. In addition, they are designed with ventilation holes to keep your child's head cool on hot days.

At Kids-world, you can choose bicycle helmet for kids aged 4 in different colours and styles to match your child's personality.

Bicycle helmet for kids aged 5 years

A bicycle helmet is an important safety measure for kids of all ages, but especially for 5-year-olds who are often more adventurous on their bikes.

At Kids-world, we have a wide selection of helmets designed especially for 5-year-old kids. These helmets are not only safe, but also comfortable, making them a favorite among parents and kids alike.

With adjustable straps and a secure lock, you can be sure your child's helmet fits perfectly every time. Shop bicycle helmet for kids aged 5 today.

Bicycle helmet for kids aged 6 years

6-year-old kids love to cycle around and explore, and in order for them to do so safely, it is important that they have a good bicycle helmet. At Kids-world, we offer a wide selection of helmets designed especially for 6-year-old kids.

A bicycle helmet for kids aged 6 has a comfortable fit and is equipped with safety features such as reflective details and adjustable straps. With a wide selection of colours and designs, we have a helmet for every taste.

You will find helmets for girls and boys

At Kids-world you will find the wide selection of helmets for girls and boys that you need. Are you looking for a beautiful bicycle helmet for your girl? We have a varied range, ranging from pink helmets to colorful patterns and princess motifs. You can find the perfect bicycle helmet for girl that combines safety and style.

But of course we haven't forgotten the boys. Our selection of helmets for boys includes everything from cool shades to cool motifs and patterns. With our helmets, your boy can feel both safe and cool on the bike ride. So whether you are looking for a bicycle helmet for boy or helmets for girls, you can find it in our selection at Kids-world.

How to get offers on helmets for kids

At Kids-world, we understand that it can be a challenge to keep up with your child's growing needs and still ensure his or her safety without going over budget. That's why we make sure to give you the best offers on helmets for kids.

By signing up for our newsletter, you will receive the latest updates about our offers directly in your inbox. Not only that, you'll also be among the first to hear about our latest products, events and more.

From the most popular brands to our own personal favourites, you can find a helmet that not only fits your child, but also fits your budget. Sign up to our newsletter today and don't miss out on our fantastic for kids' bicycle helmet deals.

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