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Tops and T-shirts for kids

Under Armour Top - G Crossback Mid Solid - Water Under Armour Top - G Crossback Mid Solid - Water 15,67 €
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Sport tops and T-shirts for kids

If your kid is in need of a new sports T-shirt or top, you have come to the right place. We have a large and varied range of sports T-shirts and tops for kids. You will definitely find a sports T-shirt or a top that suits your kidís requirements and needs. 

We have sports tops and T-shirts from many well-known brands and the common factor between them all is that they are manufactured in high quality materials. 

Kids need to be on the move

Kids love to be active and it is extremely important that we as parents help to give our kids the joy of an active life. A kid who has an active childhood is healthier and the right choices in childhood also lays the foundation for a long and active life. 

It is therefore important as a parent to show our kids that there is great joy in an active lifestyle and be a role model for our kids. Kids love to do what their parents do so give your little one something to strive towards. 

Be active in playing with your kids

As the parent, try to take your kid to places like parks and playgrounds, engage actively in play with a ball or by playing chase. It can also be as simple as getting your kid in the habit of daily walks.

Regardless of the activity your kid will see you move and enjoy it and as a result your kid will then associate movement and activity with something positive.

Sports T-shirts and tops in awesome designs

Our range includes a large assortment of sports T-shirts and tops in many different colours and shades. For example, we have T-shirts in the colours pink, purple, light green, black, olive green, blue, neon pink, burgundy, red, grey, yellow, and light brown. We have tops in light and dark shades, in many more colours. 

We have sports tops and T-shirts in several different patterns and with different prints, including animals and flowers. We also sell sports tops and T-shirts with camouflage patterns in grey, blue, or green shades.

Sport T-shirts with different sleeve lengths

We sell sport tops with both long and short sleeves. Long sleeves are practical for outdoor sports during the chillier autumn or spring months, but a thick sweater is too warm.

We also have tops without sleeves that are suitable for sports like basketball. Our range of tops are also perfect for other sports, such as football, handball, badminton, and floorball and more.

Sport tops for all shapes

In our range we have tops in plain models and form-fitting models. We also sell sports T-shirts that are form-fitting suitable for sports like gymnastics.

Last but not least, you will also find a variety of training tops that are suitable for everyday use, especially for those hot summer days when the kids spend the day running and playing in the garden.

The sizes may vary, so we recommend that you check out the size guide. We know that it is annoying to order a product and find that it does not fit, and you have to return the item and you end up with a disappointed kid.

Sports tops and T-shirts in the best materials

The sports tops that we sell are made from only the best materials which makes the clothes perfect for working out and sweating. Clothing used for activities need to be sweat-absorbing and must breathe. 

These T-shirts and tops all fulfil these requirements. Polyester and elastane are the most popular textile types used in the production of exercise and sportswear. 

All our sports products have these characteristics. There are also some brands that use their own names to describe these characteristics, such as: climacool, dry fit, quick dry and more.

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