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Diving Fins for kids

Shoe Size
Aqua Lung Diving Set - Hawkeye - Black/Blue Aqua Lung Diving Set - Hawkeye - Black/Blue 42,21 €
Originally:  60,30 €  
Liewood Diving Fins - Gustav - Peppermint Liewood Diving Fins - Gustav - Peppermint 28,14 €
Originally:  40,20 €  
Aqua Lung Diving Fins - Fizz Jr - Black/Grey Aqua Lung Diving Fins - Fizz Jr - Black/Grey 20,65 €
Originally:  29,50 €  
Liewood Diving Fins - Gustav - Tuscany Rose Liewood Diving Fins - Gustav - Tuscany Rose 28,14 €
Originally:  40,20 €  
Liewood Diving Fins - Gustav - Whale Blue Liewood Diving Fins - Gustav - Whale Blue 28,14 €
Originally:  40,20 €  
Aqua Lung Snorkeling Set - Nabul - Black Aqua Lung Snorkeling Set - Nabul - Black 59,22 €
Originally:  84,60 €  
Aqua Lung Snorkel Set - Nabul - Sand/Olive Aqua Lung Snorkel Set - Nabul - Sand/Olive 59,36 €
Originally:  84,80 €  
Scubapro Diving Fins - Jet Sport - Black/Blue Scubapro Diving Fins - Jet Sport - Black/Blue 42,14 €
Originally:  60,20 €  

Diving fins for kids

Are you looking for some diving fins for your junior? Don't worry - you are in the right place. At Kids-World, we have a fine and versatile selection of diving fins for kids of all ages. We have many different colours and models to choose from.

We have diving fins made of natural rubber as well as diving fins made of rubber and hard plastic.

Check out our range and see if there is a pair of diving fins that suit your kid's needs and desires.

Diving fins for kids in various sizes and forms

Diving fins on our page are available in several different sizes and fits, so there should be a pair of diving fins that fit your kid's feet perfectly.

Diving fins are more or less indispensable when summer announces its arrival. It is so wonderful to swim around with a snorkel so you can explore the underwater world. 

Observing the life that unfolds at the bottom of the sea has always been fascinating for many of us. With diving fins and snorkel sets, it is easier than ever to float on the surface and observe fishes, crabs, seaweed plants and the rest of life that hides from us below the surface of the sea.

Typically we have diving fins for kids in the following sizes: 26, size 27, size 28, size 29, size 34, size 35, size 36, size 37, size 38, size 39, size 40, size 41, size 42, size 43, size 44, size 45, size 46 and size 47. You can use the filter at the top of the page to easily and quickly find fins in your kid's size.

Give your water dog some diving fins

Diving fins are, as mentioned, the perfect equipment for both big and small water dogs. Whether you are going south during the summer holidays or going to enjoy the summer on the Danish coasts, we can recommend you grabbing some diving fins and possibly snorkel for your kids. By doing so, you will enable them to see the life that unfolds below the surface of the sea.

Diving fins make it easier to swim, as they help to propel while swimming. Your kids will love it.

A joy of swimming is such a great gift to give to your kids. At the same time, the kid will also learn to have respect for the water and its powers.

High-quality diving fins

We have beautiful diving fins that are made of natural rubber, with peach-coloured or light-green fins. The diving fins have a lovely print with nice little dots all over. They have a closed heel cap and opening for the toes.

Under the sole, there are practical pads that provide a firm and secure foothold. The rubber used for these fins is recycled rubber, which makes each pair unique. The fins are streamlined, so they provide a good starting point when floating through the water.

These diving fins are available in the following sizes:

- 26-29 (19 cm)
- 30-33 (19.5 cm)
- 34-35 (20 cm)

We also have a lot more than diving fins

Besides diving fins, we also have lots of diving kits consisting of a diving mask, a snorkel and diving fins. The diving mask is equipped with shatterproof PC glass which has been through an anti-fog treatment, meaning that the glass will not get mist up. The snorkel has a so-called breakwater top, which prevents water on the surface from getting into the snorkel itself.

There is also a practical, one-way valve at the mouthpiece that helps when you or your kid needs to empty the snorkel of water with a hard breath. We have snorkel sets, which are recommendable for kids over six years old. Snorkel with a valve is recommendable for kids who are up to 150 cm tall.

The smart thing about opening on the toes is that the fins can grow with the baby.

We recommend you to check out the size guide before ordering diving flippers for your child, as the sizes may vary from brand to brand.

For example, in addition to the above mentioned, we also have the following sizes;

- size 28-29 (17.5 cm)
- size 30-31 (18.5 cm)
- size 32-33 (19.5 cm)
- size 34-35 (20.5 cm)

Diving fins are also available with an open heel, which can be tightened behind the heel. The plates themselves have practical holes, which provide optimal propulsion and power, preventing fatigue.

Diving fins that one can grow in

On this page, we also have diving fins that your kid can grow in. These flippers come from Scubapro and are part of the Wake collection. This type of diving fins is open on the heel and has a strap that can be tightened or loosened as needed. That way, this type of fins are a little more flexible than flippers with a closed heel.

Find size guides for diving fins

If you are in doubt about what size flippers would be suitable for your kid, then you can always look at the size guide available under each product. The size guide is our way of making online shopping much easier.

Under each size guide, you can see how many centimetres the different sizes are. Therefore, just measure your baby's feet to find the right size. Simple and easy!

Diving fins for kids in beautiful colours

We have a fine and diverse selection of diving fins in different colours and shades. We have diving fins in transparent blue, blue and lime, pink and turquoise, turquoise and green, black, black and grey, yellow, red, white and blue, transparent turquoise, white and blue and black.

Not all diving fins from our selection are available in all sizes, but we recommend that you use the filter at the top of the page to either search for sizes or colours to get an easy overview of what we have in stock.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, you are of course welcome to contact our customer service. They will do their best to help and guide you.

Diving fins for snorkeling, diving and exploration

Diving fins can be used for more than just going out diving or snorkelling. They are incredibly versatile and provide many hours of active fun in the water, whether it is on the beach, in the swimming pool, in the lake or the river.

For example, it can be fun to use diving fins to explore the coast when you are in your holiday home or somewhere in the south. Besides, a pair of diving fins are also a good excuse to get out there and get active.

Other equipment for snorkeling and diving

If you are looking for other equipment for snorkelling and diving, you can also find it here at Kids-World. For example, you can take a look under the categories Swimming Equipment, Swimwear, Swimming Goggles or Swimming Vests.

Check it out and see if you can find everything your kid needs for snorkelling, diving and swimming.

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