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Footballs for Kids


High quality Footballs for kids

If you need a new football for your active child, you will find a large selection here at Kids-world. We have footballs from different brands and in different sizes, so there is something for kids of all ages. Whether it's for fun matches in the farm with friends, in the garden, or for training, we have a large selection of different footballs for kids.

How to choose the right type of football

There are different types of footballs for different purposes. So depending on what your kid is going to use his new football for, you should consider which model to choose. There are footballs for artificial grass that are durable, footballs for play, footballs for indoor use, footballs for match and training, and extra small balls for play and the youngest kids.

Having a good ball from the beginning will help your kid learn and understand the game quickly, and make it more fun and easier to develop their skills and technique. Choose a ball from a reputable brand of good quality so that it can last a long time. Some balls are waterproof and others are not, so check the specifications before buying.

Take good care of the new football

In order for the ball to last as long as possible, you or your kid should remove soil and dirt from it after it has been used outside, with a damp cloth. The football should not be cleaned with anything other than water, possibly a mild soap. Your kid should also not sit, stand or lie down on the ball, as this can make it flat quickly and possibly also crooked and worn.

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