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Roxy Swimwear for Kids

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Roxy Swim Trunks - Surfing Free - Navy/White Striped
Roxy Swim Trunks - Surfing Free - Navy/White Striped 249,95 DKK Save 74,99 DKK
174,96 DKK 

Roxy Swim Trunks - Surfing Free - Black
Roxy Swim Trunks - Surfing Free - Black 249,95 DKK Save 74,99 DKK
174,96 DKK 

Roxy swimwear for kids

Spending time on the beach this summer? Of course, you are. Roxy swimwear is perfect for the beach and for the swimming pool. Hopefully, you can find the right swimwear for your kid from the Roxy collection, if not, you are very welcome to browse for swimwear amongst some of all the other brands at Kids-world.

Roxy swimwear is a must-have when you decide on an outing to the beach or to the public swimming pool. Roxy swimwear is perfect for strolling down the beach - that’s how comfortable Roxy swimwear is to wear.

Smashing Roxy swimwear for kids

As you know, most kids enjoy spending time outdoors in the summer. One of the reasons why this is so, is that swimming and splashing about in the sea or the swimming pool is a natural part of staying outside in the summer. Having Roxy swimwear ready in your kid’s wardrobe.

Finding the right swimwear can be trying because there are so many great designs to choose from - and if you choose for your kid instead of with your kid...Ask your kid to help choose the right swimwear for him or her.

Handle your Roxy swimwear with care

Swimwear is usually hard-wearing, however, the sun, saltwater and chlorine are elements that are hard on swimwear and shorten its lifespan. Therefore, we recommend that you handle all your swimwear with great care:

  1. Wash your Roxy swimwear as soon as possible after use
  2. Use cold water
  3. Add a drop of shampoo or hand soap
  4. Avoid/Do not use fabric softener - fabric softener is bad for the elasticity of your swimwear
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