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Swim Pants for Kids


Vast selection of swim pants for kids

At Kids-world we are quite certain that this will be the site where you are most likely to find the next pair of swim pants for your kid.

Our selection contains of many designs from many brands; adidas Performance, Arena, Color Kids, DYR, Fixoni, Hummel, Katvig, LEGO® Wear, Liewood, MarMar, Michael Phelps, Mini A Ture, Mini Rodini, Molo, Paul Smith, Petit Crabe, Popupshop, Small Rags, Småfolk, Soft Gallery, Speedo, Stella McCartney Kids and Wheat.

Please feel free to explore this site to see if you can find the perfect swim pants for your kid.

UV swim pants for kids

Kids love to play when it is warm and sunny outside, however it is important that you safeguard your kid from the rays of the sun.

Therefore, a pair of swim pants with UV-protection is an excellent choice. Many of our swim pants have the essential UV 50-protection which will safeguard your kid from the harmful rays of the sun. You also have the opportunity to mix and match swim pants with a swim blouse or a swim T-shirt.

Swim pants for kids - many sizes to choose from

We try our best to stock a vast number of sizes at all times - we don’t want you to browse Kids-world in vain when you are looking for swimsuits for your kid.

If you would like an overview of what we have in stock in exactly your kid's size, we recommend that you use the filter at the top of the page.

Swim pants beautiful colours for kids

On our site, you will find swim pants for kids in many different beautiful colours. There is something for everyone and plenty to choose from. You can typically find swim pants in the colours blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, orange, rose, red, black and turquoise.

You can, therefore, easily find a pair of swim pants in your boy or girl's favorite colour. We offer both solid-coloured swim pants and swim pants with fine patterns. It could be that your kid would rather have a pair of neutral colour swim pants, or maybe they’re interested in a fun print or a wild colour.

If you are looking for a pair of swim pants in a certain colour, please feel free to use the filter at the top of the page. You can easily combine different filters to ensure that you, for example, only see red swim pants in size 116 or black swimming trunks in size 152.

Swim pants with wonderful patterns and details

If the swim pants are to be fun and colourful, then, as mentioned above, we also have swim pants with beautiful patterns and details. It can easily be swim pants with a drawstring at the waist, swim pants with logos, swim pants with stripes, swim pants with palm trees, swim pants with animal prints, swim pants with waves and swim pants with fish, just to name a few.

In addition, you can typically also find swim pants with famous characters such as Mickey Mouse, Spiderman and Peppa Pig. These are always a major hit among many kids, as they often feel that, by wearing this swimwear, they’re dressing up as their beloved characters.

In short, there is something for everyone, whether the swim pants should be cute, sporty, smart, simple or something completely different.

Short and long swim pants for kids

Some kids like short swim pants, where their entire legs are free and there can be plenty of movement. Others prefer swim pants that are a little longer and go to the middle of their thighs, all the way down to their knees or maybe even to the ankles. Here at Kids-world, you can find it all.

You can find swim pants that have the shape of panties or so-called Speedos, swim pants that have the shape of shorter or longer cycling shorts, swim pants that have the shape of long, loose shorts and swim pants that have the shape of leggings, namely bathing leggings.

All of these can be worn alone or combined with a swim top or a bikini top.

Swim pants for kids from well-known brands

You will find swim pants for kids from a wide range of different Danish and foreign brands. In fact, we have swimwear for kids from over 30 different brands. With such a large selection of brands, you always have something to choose from when it comes to fit, design, colours and prices.

You can find swim pants for kids from not only sports brands such as Hummel, Speedo and Adidas, but also from reputable kids’ clothing brands such as Color Kids, Molo, Liewood, Mini A Ture and MarMar.

If you would like a comprehensive overview of all our swimming trunks from a specific brand, please feel free to use the filter at the top of the page.

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