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Swim Tops for Kids


Swim T-shirts and tops with UV-protection for babies and kids

Swim tops and swim T-shirts with UV-protection are sensible to put on your baby or kids in order to protect them against the rays of the sun.

At Kids-world we have a wide range of swim blouses and swim T-shirts for babies and kids from many well-known brands.

We usually stock swim blouses and swim T-shirts from brands such as Color Kids, Danefæ, Didiksons, Freds World, Hummel, Katvig, MarMar, Mini A Ture, Molo, Petit Crabe, Popupshop, Reima, Scubepro, Small Rags and Soft Gallery. The designs come in many styles and colours.

We have swim blouses and swim T-shirts for boys and girls - both in neutral colours, patterns and loud colours.

The selection of swim blouses for kids is big and therefore, we are convinced that you will succeed in finding a swim blouse for your boy or girl that he or she likes.

The benefits of swim tops

In addition to providing a good protection against UV radiation (most of our swim tops have a UV50+ protection, which is the highest you can get), they are extremely comfortable for kids to wear.

The kids can feel safe wearing a swim top when you are travelling south to extra hot summer weather. Kids can move around freely in the swim tops, which have a good and comfortable fit, both inside and outside the water. They will also dry fast in hot weather. The swim tops do not irritate the kids's sensitive skin, so you do not have to worry about buying a swim top here.

Swim tops are also good if you are going to snorkel, surf or do other kinds of ocean sports, or maybe just swim long distances. This is because your kid will be extra exposed to UV radiation when doing these kinds of water sports, but with the swim top you do no longer have to worry about the sun, but can focus entirely on the sports activity. 

Swim blouses and swim T-shirts with UV-protection

Kids love playing outside in the nice and sunny weather where they can splash about and feel the sand between their toes.

The rays of the sun can be dangerous to your kids, therefore, it is important that the swimsuit and/or swim T-shirt is UV-protective.

The kids's skin is well protected with a swim top or swim T-shirt, even after the sunscreen has either been washed off in the water or has lost its effect after a couple of hours. With a swim top, you can easily let your kid play all day long on the beach without having to worry about sunburns on the upper body.

Many of the swim blouses and swim T-shirts in our selection have the important UV 50 protection - a brilliant feature when it comes to protecting kids and babies against the rays of the sun.

Remember to always apply sunscreen on the places of your child's skin which are not protected by the UV swimwear

Multiple number of sizes of swim blouses for babies and kids

We try our best to have a wide range of swim blouses and swim T-shirts of many sizes, so you will not be in vain when looking for a such.

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