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Scubapro Swimwear for Kids

Scubapro Swim Top L/S - Harmony Rash - UV80 - Grey/Pink Scubapro Swim Top L/S - Harmony Rash - UV80 - Grey/Pink 23,45 €
Originally:  33,50 €  

Scubapro swimwear

We would like to present this season's range of pretty Scubapro swimwear for girls and boys in this category if you are to enjoy part of the summer holiday in the swimming pool or at the beach.

We hope that you find Scubapro swimwear to your liking.

Scubapro swimwear is a must-have. When summer is coming, the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, Scubapro swimwear is lovely for many occasions, like holidaying, when swimming in the pool or going to the beach.

Great selection of swimwear by Scubapro

Boys and Girls loves playing outside in the summer running in the warm sand and swimming in the beach.

Having fine Scubapro swimwear in the wardrobe is convenient and lovely when summer weather is near.

Some boys and girls want simple and plain-coloured swimwear. Other kids like many colours with or without prints of some kind or the other.

As a parent, you know that kids love to select for themselves what to bear. That is why, we recommend that you let your kid have a say when you are to buy cool swimwear for her or him.

The right care will prolong the life of your swimwear from Scubapro

Swimwear is hard-wearing in many ways, nevertheless, a trip to the beach or to the pool can be tough on your swimwear from Scubapro.

Sunshine, chlorine and saltwater wear the material that swimwear is produced of.That is why, we recommend that handle your swimwear by Scubapro with good care.

Cleaning swimwear requires very little. A drop of shampoo or hand soap and some cold water. Wash your swimwear as soon as possible after use. Avoid using fabric softener Fabric softener has a negative effect on the elasticity of the Scubapro swimwear.

Whether your kids like swimwear with neutral colours or lively colours, the Scubapro swimwear category shows them.

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