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Swim Sets for Kids


Swim set for boys and girls

Get ready for the summer with stylish swim sets for boys and girls. Our selection of swim sets come in a variety of colours and styles. Stretchy fabrics and soft linings helps to keep your kid comfortable in and out of the water. Comfy designs, fun print and built-in UV protection is what our collection of swim set is all about.

Here in this category, you will find swim sets for kids that have a matching top and bottom. Swim sets often cover more of a kid’s body than traditional swimwear and are, therefore, suitable for protecting your baby's delicate skin. In addition, a UV-protective swim set is sensible to use, as it protects a kid's skin from the sun's direct UV rays.

Always remember to protect your kid's face by including a good sun hat along with their swim set.

Swim sets with long and short sleeves

Here at Kids-world, you will find swim sets for kids with both short and long sleeves. Swim sets with long sleeves are a good choice if you want as much coverage as possible for a kid’s skin. However, a swim set with long sleeves can be too warm for a kid to wear, especially if you’re on holiday in the south.

A swim set with short sleeves can be a good middle ground, where a kid can feel nice and cool, but most of their body is still covered. Both short and long sleeves definitely offer different advantages, so which solution you choose is ultimately up to you.

Swim sets in beautiful colours

You will discover swim sets in many beautiful colours and designs on this page. We usually have swim sets for kids in the colours light blue, dark blue, rose and pink.

Swim set from different brands

Here at Kids-world, we have several different swim set for kids who love to swim, play and have fun in the water. It is possible to find a swim set not just from one but several different brands, so we undoubtedly also have a swim set that will suit your child's taste.

The Swim sets in our range are from brands such as Speedo, BECO, Lil' Atelier. Ticket To Heaven, LEGO® Wear, Stella McCartney, Noa Noa miniature, Color Kids of Name It.

Explore our selection on this page and find your children's next swim set. You will find swim set in great colours and with good UV protection for both boys and girls.

You will always find a fine selection of swim set for kids at Kids-world. You are always welcome to write or call our customer service department if you have any questions.

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