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Swimsuit for Kids


Swimsuits for kids

At Kids-world, you can always find a wide range of swimsuits. We stock swimsuits from many brands and in an abundance of colours and patterns. We have swimsuits of many designs.

We have swimsuits with spaghetti straps, flouncy swimsuits, smashing styles and stylistically consistent designs. Should you little girl want a swimsuit for a cosy trip to the beach, or perhaps a sports swimsuit - well, you don’t have to look any further; we have all sorts of swim wear right here at Kids-world.

The benefits of a swimsuit

Almost all kids love to play on the beach in the summer, swim in a lake or play near a pool. But when kids play, for them it is only about having fun, and not about sun protection.

Fortunately, there are an incredible number of options in terms of swimsuits for parents to choose from, and many offer everything from sun protection, fun and beautiful designs to good quality materials.

It is important to consider which swimsuit is appropriate for your kid's age, activities and what they will use the swimsuit for. Eg. a baby needs total sun protection because they are extra sensitive to the sun. Always make sure that your kid is well lubricated in sunscreen when they are out in the sun.

Your baby's swimsuit will last longer if you wash off sand, salt and sunscreen immediately after they finish wearing it. A swimsuit should also be air-dried only, and not in the machine.

A vast selection of swimsuits in many sizes for girls

We strive to have a vast and exciting selection of swimsuits in lots of sizes for kids. We usually stock swimsuits for babies and kids in brands such as: adidas, Arena, Bonton, Calvin Klein, Christina Rohde, Color Kids, Creamie, Danefæ, DKNY, EA7, Emporio Armani, Fixoni, Freds World, Hummel, Katvig, Kenzo, Knast by Krutter, LEGO® Wear, Liewood, Mads Nørgaard, MarMar, Michael Phelps, Mini A Ture, Mini Rodini, Molo, Petit Crabe, Reima, Roxy, Small Rags, Småfolk, Sofie Schnoor, Soft Gallery, Speedo, Splash About, Stella McCartney Kids, Wheat, Wheat Disney and Young Versace.

UV swimsuits for kids

When going on a summer holiday to the tropics, Central Europe or Southern Europe it is a good idea to pack swimwear. Naturally, relaxing and enjoying the warmth of the sun is wonderful, however, it is also very important to think of the sensitive skin of your baby or kids. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a UV swimsuit for your precious little one(s).

At Kids-word, we always have many styles for the sunny days on the beach, in the garden or when you and your kids want to splash about in the public swimming pool. Perhaps you have a kid that do swimming on a competitive level? We also have many smashing swimsuits of professional quality.

Swimsuits with legs for kids

We stock swimsuits with legs and long sleeves as well. Swimsuits with legs for kids are usually mid-knee in length, but you can also find knee-long swimsuits.

It is important to point out that a swimsuit is NOT the same as a diving suit; swimsuits won’t keep your kid as warm.

Swimsuits for girls - big and small

Everyone who takes to water like a duck will be able to find swimsuits of many designs at Kids-world; flounces, wrestlers back swimsuits, patterns and plain-coloured swimsuits of both dark and bright colours, lively and loud colours and finally, muted colours.

Naturally, we stock swimsuits from a vast number of brands for kids of all ages.

Swimsuit with skirt for kids

A swimsuit should stand out a little and have a little dress over it. That's why you can get a swimsuit with a skirt for kids - or a swimsuit with a skirt, as some will also call them.

When you choose a swimsuit with a skirt, there is a little skirt around the hips, which hangs down over the lower set of the swimsuit, so that the kids get a little skirt on when they go out and swim.

A swimsuit with a skirt is especially popular with the little ones, where such things as water resistance and so on do not come into play at all, but that you like to look like a little princess when you have to swim in the water or play in the swimming pool.

You can get a swimsuit with skirt for kids from a long of different brands. You can easily see what the different brands have to offer by selecting the individual brands - or several of them, in our filter. This way, you will see swimsuits from the selected brands, so you can easily see what they offer when it comes to swimsuits with skirt.

Swimsuits for girls

No matter what colour, style or brand you are looking for, there is the opportunity to find swimsuits for girls with every taste.

We always have several hundred swimsuits for girls in stock, so you can easily find exactly the swimsuit that will make the summer good.

In our large selection of swimsuits for girls you will find hundreds of different swimsuits from a long range of the most popular brands when it comes to swimsuits for girls.

Swimwear for the trips in the water

One should never underestimate how large the swimwear is, how comfortable one feels in the water. Therefore, it is important that you find the right swimwear, whether it is a trip to the swimming pool, water park or the beach.

We have a large selection of swimwear, which includes swimsuits for kids, bikinis, swim trunks and much, much more, so you can find all the swimwear needed when the kids need to be ready for a trip in the water.

You will find swimsuits for girls on this page, while you can find the others items in our categories for the different types of swimwear.

Swimsuits for girls from many brands

We have filled our range with swimsuits from a long range of strong brands, so you will find swimsuits for girls from a long range of the most sought-after and popular brands when it comes to swimwear for kids.

You can easily find swimsuits for girls from just the brand you are looking for or which is the large hit at home. You can use our filter to quickly view swimsuits for girls from both a single brand or several selected brands.

Swimsuits in many different colours

Whether you are looking for a single- plain or multi-colored swimsuit for kids, you can find it here at Kids-world. You will find black, white, blue, yellow, little, green and red swimsuits for kids.

The range also includes striped and two-piece swimsuits in many colours, so no matter what swimsuit for kids you are looking for, you will find it here at Kids-world.

Read more about the different swimsuits for kids below and let yourself be inspired to find just the swimsuit that will make the trips to the beach, the holiday or the trips in the swimming pool perfect for the kids.

Stylish and classic black swimsuit

You never go wrong in the city with a black swimsuit. The black swimsuit is incredibly classic and stylish in it, so it is almost always the safe choice when choosing a black swimsuit.

You will find both plain black swimsuits and black swimsuits with colours, whereby you can also get multicolored black swimsuits, where the black colour is the consistent and dominant. See our entire selection of black swimsuits from different brands on this page.

White swimsuit

In our large assortment of swimsuits for kids, you will also find white swimsuits. With a white swimsuit, you get a light swimsuit for girls, which can be used for both the beach trips, trips in the swimming pool and during the summer holidays, if the trip goes south.

You will find white swimsuits from a long number of different brands, so you can easily find just the white swimsuit that will bring out the large smiles at home when there is a view of a swim.

Fresh blue swimsuit

If a black swimsuit gets too dark and you want a little more colour, then a blue swimsuit is a good bet for an alternative. You will find blue swimsuits for girls on this page, where you can easily find exactly the swimsuit in the size you need via our filter.

Summer smart yellow swimsuit

Of course, a swimsuit does not have to be in dark colours. Kids are usually also more open to wearing clothes with colours, especially if they are colours that they love. Here, a yellow swimsuit may be what sets the tone for the summer holidays.

You will find a long number of different swimsuits on this page. Of course, you will also find yellow swimsuits, so you can easily find a yellow swimsuit for the girl at home, no matter what size it should be.

We have yellow swimsuits from a number of different brands, so you can easily find several different yellow swimsuits, so there is always something to choose from.

Purple swimsuit

Besides pink, purple is also a colour that we experience is very popular among especially girls. Therefore, you can also find a smart purple swimsuit for girls in different sizes.

You can find a purple swimsuit from a long number of brands here on our page with swimsuits, so there are several different purple swimsuits to choose from.

Princess in the water: Buy a pink swimsuit here

There's just nothing that says princess more than pink does. Therefore, of course, you can also find a pink swimsuit here.

We have a long range of pink swimsuits, both with different designs and from different brands, so you can easily find a pink swimsuit that makes the little princess at home happy when it comes to trips to the swimming pool, to the beach or on summer vacation.

Swimsuit in green

In addition to black, red, white and blue, we of course also have swimsuits in green in our large assortment of swimsuits for kids. You can therefore easily find a green swimsuit for your girl so that you can swim and bathe, whether it is by the beach, in the pool, the water park or the swimming pool.

If you want a quick overview of our green swimsuits, then you can apply our filter and choose green under colours. Then you will see all our green swimsuits. Here you will find all our green swimsuits from all the many brands that we have.

Smart swimsuit in red

If you have a little Baywatch star at home, then a red swimsuit may be just what is missing for summer to be a hit when the temperature says bath time.

You will find swimsuits in red from a long number of strong brands here, where you can easily use our filter to find a red swimsuit - or a swimsuit in a different colour, in exactly the size you are missing.

See our selection of red swimsuits and see our large selection of swimsuits here.

Set color to your swim with a striped swimsuit

Should there be color in the summer? If the summer does not get as sunny as you could wish for, then a striped swimsuit can help to add a little colour to the summer's beach trips or holidays.

We offer a wide selection of striped swimsuits from a long range of different brands, so you can easily find just the striped swimsuit, which will be a hit with the little ones when it comes to either the summer holidays, a trip to the water park or just a trip to the swimming pool.

You will find our selection of striped swimsuits on this page, where you will also find both single-colored swimsuits and two-piece bathing suits.

Two-piece swimsuit

A swimsuit does not necessarily have to be as you know them. You can also find a two-piece swimsuit.

If it is a two-piece swimsuit that will create happiness at home, then consider seeing our different varieties of swimwear - including bikinis for kids. They are basically always two-piece and a good offer for summer swimwear if you are looking for a two-piece swimsuit.

Swimsuit for teenagers

Whether you are looking for a swimsuit for large or small, we have a long range of beautiful swimsuits to choose from - this also applies to swimsuits for teenagers.

We have swimsuits in up to size size 188 from a long number of strong brands when it comes to swimsuits for teenagers.

You can find both a plain swimsuit for a teenager or multicolored swimsuits. So you can easily find something for everyone - even when it comes to swimsuits for teenagers.

Swimsuits on sale

Swimsuits on offer are always popular, whether you are looking for a kids swimsuit or just a swimsuit for slightly older kids. On this page you will find all our current swimsuits. You can also always see all our swimsuits on offer here, as well as see how much the individual swimsuits on offer have been reduced by.

If you want to be sure to get a children's swimsuit on offer, then you can always sign up for our newsletter. That way, you will always be informed when we run with offers - this of course also applies to offers on swimsuits.

Last, but not least…

We hope that you find the perfect swimsuits for your kids right here at Kids-world.

Should you, contrary to expectations, not be able to find exactly what you were looking for, please, do not hesitate with sending a request to our customer service who will be happy to help you.

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