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Rocking Horses for Kids

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Recommended Age (Toys)

BRIO Ride On - Dachshund BRIO Ride On - Dachshund  124,50 € 


Sebra Rocking Horse - Rhinoceros - White/Grey Sebra Rocking Horse - Rhinoceros - White/Grey  133,90 € 


PlanToys Rocking Horse - Wood PlanToys Rocking Horse - Wood  187,40 € 


Bloomingville Rocking Horse - Scooter - Grey Bloomingville Rocking Horse - Scooter - Grey  93,70 € 


Janod Rocking Horse - Wood Janod Rocking Horse - Wood  160,60 € 


Moover Rocking Horse - Wood Moover Rocking Horse - Wood  107,10 € 


Moover Rocking Horse - Red Moover Rocking Horse - Red  107,10 € 


Rocking horses for kids

On our web page you can see our selection of smashing and cool rocking horses - a timeless classic, so to say.

Our collection of rocking horses does not only consist of classic rocking horses, but we also have rocking horses that have a modern look presented as i.e. rabbits and mammoths.

A rocking horse is a stable toy that has been built to last and to be played with. Several of our rocking horses in our collection come with a safety handle preventing your kid from falling off the rocking horse while playing.

Below the ‘saddle’ there is room for the kids to place their legs. This makes it easier for them to keep their balance while rocking.

Rocking horses from well-known brands

Our rocking horses are from well-known brands that have produced classic rocking horses for a long time. These brands have done their best in order to create wonderful rocking horses that fit very well with any decor, so you can have it standing freely in any room. In short you get a very hard-wearing toy with safety handles and room for your kid’s feet that looks great in your home as well.

The rocking horses are made with excellent materials to make sure that they can be played with in a rough manner as well. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the rocking horse going to pieces as the manufacturers have done their utmost to make a solid and hard-wearing toy to be played with over and over. Safety is a top priority with these companies!

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