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Ice skates for kids

Shoe Size

Skates for kids

The icy cold of winter invites the kids outside to speed, tricks and beautiful pirouettes on the deep-frozen lakes, fjords and street ponds as well as the ice rinks on the town squares.

Skate is one of the most fun outdoor activities the winter season has to offer. Every child should therefore own a pair of skates so that they can whiz away with friends when the frost sets in and transforms the wetlands of the landscape into mirror-shiny playgrounds.

At Kids-world, we know that many kids love to skates. We therefore have a number of delicious, cool, colorful and even luminous skates for kids. Kids-world sells children's skates in many different sizes, so we can supply skates for kids of all ages. In addition, we have several adjustable skates for kids, so the skates have the perfect fit from the start and will continue to fit for a long time.

So whether you need children's skates for the little ones, adjustable skates for the older kids or maybe skates for yourself, we at Kids-world strive to have the right pair of skates in stock.

Which skates should I buy? Here is your guide to buying skates

At Kids-world you can get a number of different skates in several beautiful colours and with smart functions. If this is the first time you need to buy a pair of skates, the question may be? Which skates should I buy?? quickly sign up.

Classic skates

If you need a pair of good, classic skates, you actually only need to decide on the different colours, patterns and designs and find out which skates you think are the coolest.

Next, match your favorite skates with the size or sizes you are looking for. Skate sizes fortunately follow shoe sizes, so if you know your child's shoe size, you can use the filter at the top of this website. Here you simply select the size or sizes you are interested in seeing, and then the filter helps you find the skates that suit your child. We also have smart, adjustable skates, which span several sizes and will fit the kid's foot for a longer period of time.

Begins skates

For the kid who has never tried skates before, you may want to look for a pair of beginner skates. All types of skates can basically be used by anyone, whether they are beginners, experienced or professional in skating. A bid for a beginner Skate could be a pair of ice hockey skates as they have a rigid shell, are well padded and provide good support, which is why they are suitable for beginners. When the beginner becomes more practiced, the ice hockey skates can still be used, as they with their short, curved blade allow for rapid acceleration on the ice, which is just important in a sport like ice hockey.

Ice hockey skates

As the name immediately reveals, ice hockey skates are specially made for the sport of ice hockey. The short and curved blade of the skates is optimal for speed and acceleration, while the protection with the rigid shell, padding and support takes into account the strokes and twists that come in a fast-paced sport such as ice hockey. Ice hockey skates are thus not only good for the insecure beginners, but also for the experienced sprinters on the ice hockey field.

Figure skating

If you are very skilled in Skate on the slippery ice, then you may have tried to do various tricks, jumps and arts. It is very difficult to perform these actions on a frozen surface, but with the right skates it can be done if the abilities are also there.

It requires a pair of figure skates, which are used for the impressive sport of figure skating, where figure skating, freestyle and ice dancing compete in the disciplines.

Figure skates have toe choppers at the tip of the blade, and it is with their help that it is possible to set off on the ice and make pirouettes, spring and others arts. Figure skates typically have really good ankle support and are hard in the boot.


It's not only fun to Skate in the winter, but actually all year round. But unless you live near an ice rink, your child could enjoy a pair of rollerskates/skates, which are a kind of hybrid boots, where you can put both a skate blade or wheels for rollerskates on.

That way, your child can skate through the countryside all year round.

You are welcome to review our range and get the inspiration, e.g. from our many K2 skates. Should you have any questions, our friendly customer service will always be happy to help.

Protective equipment

When kids are skates, there should be speed across the field, but when it takes place on a mirror-shiny, wet and slippery surface, accidents can easily spoon. Whether you are standing still, skates calmly or strapping around at a high pace, there is a risk of falling, which is why it is very important to wear the right protective equipment.

Kids-world has a large selection of protective equipment in stock from brands that have many years in the industry, such as K2, Head, Fila, Impala and Triple Eight. We sell both knee pads, elbow protectors protectors and wrist protectors as well as protection set sets, where all the equipment is gathered in one pack.

In addition, you can also find a large selection of helmets on our website, which with recommendation can be used as crash helmets when the kids are on slippery. With a protection set set and a crash helmet, your kids are protected from top to toe when they skates. You will find the protective equipment under our range of sportswear and sports equipment.

Adjustable skates kids

Adjustable skates are the perfect solution for kids, as children's feet are constantly growing. With adjustable skates, the skates can grow with the kid, so you do not have to invest in a new pair every season.

Adjustable skates are typically designed for kids and can be used both as a beginner Skate and for kids who are already experienced in skates.

Skates size

Just as is the case with all other footwear sold by us here on the website, we have of course measured the skates with a special shoe gauge. In the product description under each product, you can therefore not only see the size of the skates but also the length of the insole in centimeters. If you are in doubt about your child's correct size, just measure your child's feet at home. That way, it is easy for you to find the right size for your baby.

Skates for kids in different colours

Skates for kids are of course available in a multitude of colours. It is not only important with the right size and the right features. The skates simply also have to look drone-smart, which is why we have children's skates with several different patterns and designs, whether they are adjustable skates, beginner skates or ice hockey skates.

We have several models with details in sharp and eye-catching colours and have several skates for kids who have light in, which really looks cool when you whiz away at high speed on the ice.

Skates price: How much do skates cost?

The price of skates varies and is available in several different price ranges, just as is the case with so many others items. Price and quality are usually closely linked, but all our skates are in good quality and from well-known brands such as K2 and Supreme.

We have both beginner skates, adjustable skates, ice hockey skates and children's skates as well as models in adult sizes in different price ranges. Our range varies according to supply and demand.

Where to buy skates? Buy skates at Kids-world

You can buy skates at Kids-world, whether you need beginner skates, adjustable skates, ice hockey skates, children 'skates or models in adult sizes.

All our skates are from well-established brands such as K2 and Supreme, which are known for making both skates and rollerskates in an excellent quality.

If you need help buying skates, or have questions in connection with your purchase, do not hesitate to contact our customer service. Our customer service staff is ready to help you further with your purchase of skates.

Skates offers

At Kids-world, we have ongoing offers on both skates and our many others products. There will be offers on beginner skates, adjustable skates, ice hockey skates, figure skates, children 'skates and models in adult sizes.

Here on our website you can sign up for our newsletter, so you are always up to date on our offers. In the newsletter you will also get all the exciting news first, information about new brands, special discounts, fun competitions and the opportunity to get ahead of the sales. The newsletter is sent out several times a week.

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