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Ball Pits for Kids

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Misioo ball pit and balls

Misioo ball pit is of Danish design in navy with stylish sea influences, and this toy is created to stimulate the minds of all kids. Thanks to the simple and stylish design, they fit in great in the playroom, and it is a popular toy that can be used by both young and older kids.

Misioo ball pits are a big hit among the kids. The ball pit from Misioo is ideal for active games with balls and the kids can roll around in a sea of balls.

Nowadays it's hard to find entertainment without a screen, but it changes with this ball pit. Both little and large can jump and play in the ball pit, where both motor skills and senses are challenged. 

A ball pit for both boys and girls

The focus of the ball pit is that it is a simulator in connection with the kids development of motor skills and senses. In addition, the ball pit is fun for both girls and boys.

The ball pits are made in foam and covered with cotton, so it is soft and flexible, while keeping the shape during and after play. Fill the ball pit with the balls provided and let the play start. 

The ball pits are available in different sizes, colours and shapes, so there is an opportunity for you to find a Misioo ball pit that suits your style. They are available in square and circular shapes.

2 different ball pits

A Misioo ball pit is both fun, decorative, and practical to manage. When the ball pit is full of balls, it is ready for play, both for little and large

Misioo ball pit is available in two different models, one square and one round, and they come in different colours, so whatever your décor is, you can find a ball pit that suits.

Decorative ball pit for the home 

The design is Danish, stylish and trendy, which has made it extremely popular with parents, as it can easily be included as a fixture in the living room or in the kids’ room.

One of the great advantages of the smart ball pit is that they are easy to move around. They do not weigh much, and if you have guests, the ball pit can be stored against the wall or in the corner without spoiling the look of the room.

Ball pit for training of motor skills and senses

The ball pit provides the opportunity for lots of fun, challenging the motor skills and senses, and the kids can at the same time practice throwing, grabbing and jumping.

Misioo ball pit invites fun and play when filled with balls. Set the Misioo ball pit up in the cabin, in the playroom, or in the kids’ bedroom and let the kids jump around and party away in a pool of balls.

The ball pit can of course also be used without balls for, for example, storing toys or as a small cuddly corner, and it is not only babies who can use the awesome ball pit, it is for kids of all ages.

Wide selection of ball pits etc.

We generally stock lots of toys from popular and famous brands, and the designs in our range are always stylish and trendy so that they fit into any home or house. You will find toys designed to be motorically challenging and inspire your baby. 

Furthermore, creativity and curiosity is created when the kid is allowed to use his imagination. Our products are made of good, solid and cool materials, which are of course always CE-marked and approved, so that kids can use them without health risks.

Buy extra balls for your Misioo ball pit

All the ball pits are delivered with grey and white balls, but you can buy extra balls, and turn the ball pir into a colourful oasis of fun. If your baby's ball pit needs more balls, you can buy more. The balls are available in black, white, light blue and pink.

Many choose to buy extra balls when buying the misioo ball pit. One of the reasons for this is that it may be nice to be able to replace the colours according to need and desire. 

The most popular colours are the neutral colours white, grey and black, which are usually also the colours that are delivered with the ball pit. However, the colour green has also proved to be quite popular. 

Misioo ball pit with a washable cotton lining

The ball pit is practical when it comes to cleaning. The clothing is made of cotton and can be removed and washed as needed at about 40 degrees. The design is timeless, and fit perfect in most people’s homes.

Misioo ball pit - convenient for storage

Not only are Misioo ball pits nice to look at and have fun in, they are also convenient for storing toys and other things in. 

If your kid wants a break from playing in the ball pit day, the ball pit can instead be used as a decorative and neat storage space. It can also be decorated as a cuddly corner in the bedroom.

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