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Baby Walkers

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Recommended Age (Toys)

Bright Starts Baby Walker - 3-in-1 - Step'n Ride Lion Bright Starts Baby Walker - 3-in-1 - Step'n Ride Lion  100,40 € 


Haba Baby Walker - Wood - Multicoloured Haba Baby Walker - Wood - Multicoloured  120,50 € 


BRIO Toddler Baby Walker - Black BRIO Toddler Baby Walker - Black  53,50 € 


Mamatoyz Ride-on - Cute Monster Mamatoyz Ride-on - Cute Monster  124,50 € 


Mamatoyz Walker & Ride-on - Racer Mamatoyz Walker & Ride-on - Racer  147,20 € 


Done By Deer Baby Walker - Croco - Green Done By Deer Baby Walker - Croco - Green  93,70 € 


Janod Baby Walker - Tool Janod Baby Walker - Tool  127,20 € 


Krea Baby Walker - Red Krea Baby Walker - Red  52,20 € 


Janod Baby Walker - Red w. ABC Janod Baby Walker - Red w. ABC  107,10 € 


Moover Baby Walker - Red Moover Baby Walker - Red  66,90 € 


Moover Baby Walker - Wood w. Red Wheels Moover Baby Walker - Wood w. Red Wheels  66,90 € 


Baby walkers

A baby walker is a pretty powerful accessory for kids when they need to learn to walk or practice their walking technique. First steps are always a big deal and when it comes to that, a baby walker can be of great help.

Besides, a baby walker is also quite a fun toy to have and your kid will probably use it over and over again - even after he/she has learned to walk.

The baby walker can be used to transport teddy bears, dolls and other toys so the child can bring them all along for an excursion around the living room.

On this page, we have a selection of several baby walkers from various brands. That is why we are pretty sure that you will have something to choose from when you are about to find a stroller for your little boy or girl.

Explore our range and see if there is a stroller that suits your child's needs and preferences.

Beautiful baby walkers with lots of storage space

Most baby walkers from our range come with large storage space which makes it possible for your child to take their favourite teddy bear or dolls out for a walk. The handles are solid so there is something to grab for and get a solid grip.

There is nothing more fun for your little boy or girl than taking a walk around the apartment or a house, together with all his/her favourite toys.

For children who are learning to walk, it is a great achievement to be able to move around the house on their own. Therefore, the baby walker is an excellent toy, which is both educational and fun.

When the child wants to fill its walker with toys and other stuff, the child also learns something about spaciousness, weight, sizes and shapes.

Walkers provide fun and educational experience, finding out that the walker gets heavier when you put something in it or that you have to choose between different toys because there is no room for it all at once.

A baby walker gives confidence to your little one

Besides being a fun toy, a baby walker can also boost your kid's confidence. The walker helps the child keep their balance when trying to walk, which means they fall a bit less. Also, walkers train the child's general motor skills and understanding of his/her own body.

When a child gets comfortable with the walker, it also does not take too long before he/she starts walking on their own, because they have trained the balance, muscles and movements beforehand.

With a walker, your little boy or girl can also move much faster than on their own, giving increased self-confidence and sense of the adventure. In short, there are many benefits of a baby walker, and we know that it is a huge hit with many kids out there.

A baby walker gives a bit more options

The great advantage of a baby walker is that it helps your child to walk around by himself. When the child learns to walk by himself, it gives a nice feeling of independence and typically it also frees the parents' hands to do something else.

Before buying a baby walker, you should consider whether your child will be able to use it safely, and whether there is enough space for the walker in your apartment or house.

For example, it can be a bit hard to use a baby walker if you have many doorsteps or stairs.

If you have many stairs that you can not close off, it may be a good idea to buy your child a grid to protect your child from falling down the stairs while trying to walk with a baby walker.

That said, many children also get a lot of fun using a baby walker, even in a small apartment.

Baby walkers in beautiful colours

On this page, you will find baby walkers in many beautiful colours, which will bring the smile on both children' and adults' faces.

Usually, you can get baby walkers in the following colours: blue, brown, yellow, white and red. You can find both solid-coloured walkers and walkers in several colours or motifs.

For example, you will find baby walkers that look like a bus, walkers with funny faces on or walkers like little artisan car.

No matter what kind of baby walker you are looking for for your little one, we guarantee that you will always have something to choose from here at Kids-World.

Check out our selection or use the filters at the top of the page to easily narrow down your search.

Baby walkers with wheels that do not scratch the floor

Before you choose a baby walker, it might be a good idea to look at what kind of wheels it has, so that you do not get scratches on the floor.

On this page, most walkers have rubber wheels or wheels with rubber edges, so that they do not make too much noise and at the same time scratch the floor as little as possible.

You can always read more about the specific baby walker in the product description provided under each product. If you have any questions about any of our products, you can also write to our customer service, who is ready to help and answer all your questions.

Baby walkers with extra equipment

In our range, you will also find baby walkers that can be used for more things. For example, there are walkers from Mamatoyz, which can also be used as a balance bike, a pushcart or a storage box.

Besides, some walkers come with toys down in the barn, which makes them extra fun and interesting.

Baby walkers from famous brands

We think that it is important that you always have something to choose from. That is why, on this page, we offer baby walkers from various brands.

In our range, you will find strollers from Brio, Janod, Krea, Mamatoyz, Moover, PlanToys and Sebra, among others.

The different brands make various walkers, with many different expressions and functions, but one thing in common for all baby walkers on this page is that they are made of quality materials with the main focus on your child's development and well-being.

If there is a special brand of baby walkers that you would like us to bring here at Kids-World, then you are of course more than welcome to contact us.

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