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Rattles for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)
Fabelab Rattle - Horse Hildur - Chestnut Fabelab Rattle - Horse Hildur - Chestnut 15,73 €
Originally:  24,20 €  
Filibabba Rattle - Linen - Carrot Filibabba Rattle - Linen - Carrot 13,07 €
Originally:  20,10 €  
Filibabba Rattle - Linen - Horse Filibabba Rattle - Linen - Horse 13,07 €
Originally:  20,10 €  
Lil' Atelier Rattle - NbnOlano - Wood Ash Lil' Atelier Rattle - NbnOlano - Wood Ash 17,42 €
Originally:  26,80 €  
Lil' Atelier Rattle - NbnOlano - Rain Drum Lil' Atelier Rattle - NbnOlano - Rain Drum 17,42 €
Originally:  26,80 €  
Liewood Rattle - 2-Pack - Willy - Sandy Liewood Rattle - 2-Pack - Willy - Sandy 16,58 €
Originally:  25,50 €  
Liewood Rattle - 2-Pack - Willy - Tuscany Rose Liewood Rattle - 2-Pack - Willy - Tuscany Rose 16,58 €
Originally:  25,50 €  
Liewood Rattle - 2-Pack - Willy - Garden Green Liewood Rattle - 2-Pack - Willy - Garden Green 16,58 €
Originally:  25,50 €  
Liewood Rattle - Corrina Rattle - Sea Blue Mix Liewood Rattle - Corrina Rattle - Sea Blue Mix 15,34 €
Originally:  23,60 €  

Rattles for babies

At Kids-world we have a wide range of rattles for babies. Rattles are often amongst the first toys we give to a baby.

Rattles come in many different colours and shapes and numerous sizes.

Browse our large selection and see if you can find the perfect rattle for your baby.

Soft and hard rattles

Soft rattles and hard rattles each have their advantages. The soft rattles such as crocheted rattles and rattles in plush are nice to touch and cuddle up to, while the hard rattles are good to play with and bite in when the teeth are starting to find their way out through the gums.

We have rattles in all shapes and colours and shades. This means you have plenty of opportunity to find one or more rattles which would fit perfectly to your kid and you will also find rattles which fit together with the pram, the colours of the kids’s room, the child’s bedding or the interior design as such.

Rattles with sound and structure

We also have rattles with sound. Some rattles have one sound only, while others have many different kinds of sounds which the kid will find entertaining and at the same time stimulate its senses.

Try for instance one of our rattles shaped like an animal, in a sea of colours, different structures and different sounds which can help stimulate your child’s fine motor skills, sense of touch and hearing.

We have rattles with rings and rattles which are shaped like different animals or things. The different shapes train the child’s hands and grapple mechanisms in different ways, which means that it is always a good idea to have a selection of different rattles at home.

It is extremely important to stimulate and encourage the child’s fine motor skills and senses, so why not start as early as possible?

Rattles in beautiful colours

Many small kids love beautiful colours which is why we offer rattles in all the colours of the rainbow. You can easily get an overview of rattles available in different colours by using the filters at the top of the page.

We generally have the colours blue, brown, grey, green, yellow, white, purple, multi-coloured, orange, rose, red and turquoise.
Check out our large selection of rattles and see if you can find one which would be just perfect for your little sunshine!

Plush rattles and crocheted rattles for babies

We have rattles of several types of materials such as plush and cotton terry cloth. We also have many sweet, crocheted rattles that have been amongst our most popular rattles for a long time.

Rattles shaped as swans, bears, stars, Bambi, elephants, crocodiles, lions, iguanas, cats, dogs, cuttlefish and squids and many other types of animals.

If you are interested in getting more information about the different rattles and their materials, then you always have the option to look under each product description to get know more.

Here you will also find a full description of materials, sizes and other information you may need to be able to continue shopping in peace and quiet.

In case you can’t find the information you are looking for, then do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Rattles with cute animals

Animals are among the first things kids learn to recognize. Therefore, we have made sure to have a sea of rattles shaped as different animals.

We have lions, bears, donkeys, owls, monkeys, rabbits, mice, elephants, cats, skunks, dinosaurs, cows, rhinos, zebras, elks, polar bears, peacocks and lots of other funny and exciting animals.
In case animals aren’t your thing, then check out the rattles available in other cute shapes.

Stimulate the gums with a rattle

Rattles are not only a great piece of toy, they are also great when the kid starts to get teeth and suddenly find it more exciting to put things in its mouth to bite on and thereby stimulate the itchy gums.

In addition to the regular rattles we also offer the so-called foot rattles and rattles for the wrist.

These kinds of rattles are ‘tied’ around the child’s wrist or feet, and the kid will try to figure out where the sound the rattles make are coming from. The child’s hearing and visual sense will thereby be stimulated.

We also have traditional teethers, which are also super great for growing teeth and itchy gums.

Gift boxes with rattles

In addition to our regular selection of rattles, we also offer gift boxes and sets with rattles. The gift boxes come in many different versions. Some contain several different rattles, some contain a rattle and a bib, some contain a rattle and a baby swaddle and some come with a rattle and a little blanket.

No matter which version you choose, you can be assured of the quality of all gift boxes and then they also make for a super great baptism gift, name giving gift or maybe as a gift at the baby shower.

Oeko-tex 100 certified rattles

Many new parents are extra aware of harmful chemicals. This is why many of our rattles are Oeko-tex 100 certified. With the Oeko-tex 100 certification you can be sure of getting a product where attention has been given to dangerous and harmful chemicals in the production of the rattles.

A rattle with an Oeko-tex 100 certification is completely free from harmful and allergenic chemistry.

When you buy a rattle which is Oeko-tex certified you can be assured that the rattle and all of its materials have been tested at a laboratory and don’t contain harmful substances and dangerous chemicals.

Rattles in organic cotton

If you care about organic products at home, then you don’t need to compromise when it comes to toys. Here at Kids-World you will find rattles which are made of organic cotton and bamboo.

You will find rattles made of organic materials from brands such as Cam Cam, NatureZoo and Fabelab. If you aren’t sure of what the rattle has been made of, then check out its product description.

Wonderful rattles

We hope that you have found the rattle for your kid, boy or girl, that lives up to your expectations.

However, should this not be the case and you didn’t find the rattle you want, please do not hesitate with contacting customer service - Our customer service will be able to answer any questions you might have and they will also be able to answer whether or not we will get that specific rattle in our selection soon.

Set sound to the play with rattles with sound

Rattles with sound are toys that fascinate kids with their colorful shapes and soothing sounds. These little rattles allow little hands to explore textures and develop grasping skills.

The sounds, whether soothing tinkling bells or fun noises, stimulate the kid's sense of hearing and promote attention. The Rattles are not just play, but also educational tools that support early learning.

With each rattle with sound, kids explore not only sound but also basic concepts. A rattle with sound creates an engaging world for your child's journey of discovery.

Baby in wood rattles

in wood Baby rattles are a beautiful and sensual introduction to the world of toys for the little ones. in wood Baby rattles are often created with carefully selected wood, so they offer a natural experience for little hands.

The surface of the wood invites touch and at the same time strengthens the kid's senses. The gentle sound of the rattle when it moves is both soothing and stimulating for the baby's sense of hearing.

With colorful details and shapes, these in wood rattles are not only entertaining but also an aesthetic pleasure, supporting the kid's early development in a beautiful and sustainable way.

Cute crocheted baby rattles

Crocheted baby rattles are gentle and charming playmates, made with love for the little ones. These unique rattles combine art and function by encasing soft, crocheted textures with colorful patterns and toy figurine.

The soft fibers invite little fingers to explore and at the same time strengthen the kid's sense of touch. With subtle bell elements or light rattles inside, the crocheted baby rattles create a gentle sound that captures attention without overwhelming. Every handcrafted detail exudes care and encourages creative play, making these crocheted baby rattles a special and personalized gift for the youngest members of the family.

Try the popular Oball rattles

Oball's rattles are a ground-breaking fusion of innovation and play. The unique design approach makes use of distinctive holes and curved lines, making the rattles easy to grip for small hands.

The Oball rattles are made with durable and flexible material, so the Oball rattles inspire sensory exploration and at the same time develop the baby's fine motor skills. The light colours and fascinating textures stimulate the sense of sight and encourage curious play.

With light rustling sounds inside, Oball adds an auditory dimension to the play experience. These rattles from Oball represent a harmonious balance between function and fun and are a reliable companion in the kid's early development.

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